Is It Ever Too Late to Find Your Twin?

Q I was wondering if you can find your twin later on in life? My date and I were discussing this and we both seemed to notice twin flames seem to find each other young and spend their lives together, but at our age that doesn’t seem the case.

A Yes, you can connect with your twin flame later on in life. The illusion is that twin flames are separated from each other, and it may seem that way because it doesn’t seem like you are able to embrace each other physically. The truth is that within your hearts, you are always and have always been connected and have always been communicating through your thoughts, your emotions, and your dreams. The time in between physically emerging into each others lives is the time for you to have other relationships, to heal, to release all that does not serve you: your behavior patterns, emotions, beliefs, etc. In addition, through this time, you are also able to connect with your divine life purpose and fulfill your side of the mission to align with your twin flame, creating in your life what you desire to experience, holding the vibration of energy that will align with your twin to draw that soul to you in the physical. Know that no choice is a mistake, no experience or relationship is a waste of time, and all moments are here for you to embrace, to learn from, to grow within, helping you to rise higher and higher on the ladder of love, easily stepping closer and closer to the soul that mirrors your own. There is no such thing as time or separation with the soul to soul connection that is always present with twin flames, as right now you are together and as you allow yourself to know this, to feel this, to believe in this, you create an attracting energy to stand in the direct presence of this other. Technically, you have always been spending your life with your twin if you look at it from this perspective. 😉

2 comments on “Is It Ever Too Late to Find Your Twin?
  1. Joseph A. Brost says:

    never alone…anything that has to do with relationships G.H. points to detachment more than attachment which i the dog gone healthiest secure state of being we will ever know

  2. avatar1111 says:

    I found my twin when he was 52 and I was 51, last year. He is 10 months older than me, and although our genetic heritage is different (we are Americans: he is Irish and I’m a German blend) we look like brother and sister. We’re both taller than average, and our names are the same except for one letter. We have the maturity and wisdom to not ruin our relationship, but we are in separation. We come together for short times and then the Universe parts us. It’s painful, and yet I’m coming to accept this journey of unconditional love and just go with this flow. Neither of us is married. We found each other through an on-line dating site, so it’s especially difficult for me to go on and date others. I’ve learned to be pretty steady in loving him with no strings attached, and the less I “need” him, the closer he comes. It’s paradoxical — I want a partner, I found the perfect partner, and we aren’t together. So, I heal myself, and in doing so, we are both healed. This is a powerful, painful split to heal from and to emerge as an open-hearted, loving person. This is an amazing journey.

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