What Home is For Me

The utter and complete immersion into the beauty and natural essence of the amazingly powerful divine sweetness that is me as I share this energy with those around me. In this sharing, I am welcomed exactly as I am for who I am…as others feel comfortable dipping their tickly toes into the tumbleweeds of the juices of our merged auras, painting rainbows against the sky. The heavens are warmed by this co-creation of light, sending love in soft rays down upon our heart chakras, opening the windows of receiving and giving more and more to encompass unconditional love beyond human comprehension. Who you are, who I am, who we are melts into one another and we look into the mirror of our beings to see that we are not separate, that we don’t need anything for our happiness of aliveness to be felt in all its laughing luxury, luminescently shining, lyrically whispering its melody of peace within our hearts. Home to me in all its potency is me, sharing me with you sharing you, as we are sharing together, as the lines of individuality become blurry ceasing to matter anymore.

(Please feel free to share your creative feelings of what home is like for you!)

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