Magnetized by Imperfection is Perfection

Josh Groban recently said this about his album Illuminations which will be released Nov 15: “I was not in a love song mood; I was in a mood for the imperfect moments. For me, it’s not the happy ending, but about being undeniably magnetized in an imperfect situation.”

Love has imperfections if we see moments that can bring us greater awareness to our self and what we may need to release as not being perfect. The stronger our relationships get, the more clearer a mirror for us that person we are in partnership with is, bringing to the table all aspects, parts of who we are. When we can release the eyes of the ego, the old way of being and seeing, in relationship with our love partner, then all of the “imperfections,” the challenges, the opportunities for growth are welcomed and there is this inner magnetism that exists between the two, drawing them ever closer together. When you have become awake enough to notice this, to truly adopt it within your psyche, then you are ready to be in a twin flame love relationship, and that call from the one that mirrors you is heard and answered in the absolute perfectly imperfect way. Keep your eyes open, for love is right in front of you. 😉

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