Sharing Dreams with a Soul Mate

Q Can I have dreams with a soul mate too and not just a twin flame?

A Yes you can have dreams with a soul mate and not just a twin flame. I like to refer to the ladder of love here. If you envision the image of a ladder, you see how there are rungs (relationships) and that you need one to get to the next one, as they get higher, and they bring you higher as you grow within unconditional love for yourself and those you have relationships with. So, this being said, you have more than one soul mate in your lifetime, many actually. As you get higher on the ladder of love, your relationships will reflect your growth and become stronger, the connection being more intense. When the connection you have with another soul grows, increasing the love frequency, you become more aware to the connection, the communication that is always occurring. One of those ways is in dreams, and it is through dreams that we can help each other release the ego as well as what does not serve the highest good for us as we move forward in love. Enjoy the dreams as they are special!

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