It’s Not Too Good To Be True Unless YOU Make It So (Radio Show)

On this show, I talk about the perception that it is too good to be true. You may have heard this before and perhaps you believe it. If you are consciously choosing to believe it now, whether it be because of your experiences, or you have been told this, you can choose to let it go, and therefore not continue to create the relationships, experiences and things around you to reflect this belief. Join me as I share with you how such a belief can affect your relationships, and how to release it. The honeymoon stage never has to end…this IS possible!

2 comments on “It’s Not Too Good To Be True Unless YOU Make It So (Radio Show)
  1. Teo says:

    Hello, my name is Teo and I was listening to your show and I have a question for you. I like your idea of not having expectations towards our partner but everyone of us is looking for some particular qualities in a person in order for us to be with them. If we have no expectations towards our partner, that means we can be in a relationship with any given person. And it is not the case as either there is no chemistry or they are not funny enough or smart enough…. How do you achieve not having expectations towards your partner. Or if they don’t show affection and they don’t make any effort to show they care, how do you know they really love you. Would you keep on loving them? Or you are speaking only once they have proven they have feelings for you….

  2. Gabriella says:


    You ask a great question and it is one that a lot of people have. I don’t like the word “expectation” for I feel that it places requirements and limitations on love being given in a certain way, and this is one of the aspects I am talking about on the radio show. Unconditional love is extending your love to another person because you desire to, releasing the feeling that this partner you choose to be with needs to express love to you in a certain way. There is a line here…between what you desire to experience in a relationship and what you desire (the qualities you speak of) in a partner. It is important to choose to share your love with someone who is in alignment with you, meaning the core essence of you is matched by this other person…I believe that is what you are talking about above…and the more you make your intentions clear, the more you will attract someone to you that mirrors what you desire in a relationship, rather than one that you wish would be a certain way. Relationships are about being who you both are individually, while sharing that being, that essence with each other.

    By releasing expectations of how someone should show you they love you, I am expressing the importance of noticing how who you are choosing to be with is sharing their love. We can have a tendency at times to desire for love to be given in a certain way and forget how many times and in how many ways our partner has shown love. But when we release the ego more and more, and we become more aware with each new experience in relationships, then we are able to see when the ego is coming up, requiring certain actions (expectations) that only limit love rather than increase it. Love to share more on this if you’d like…hope this has helped.

    Remember that extending love only when you are receiving it in a certain way is not unconditional love for then it crosses the line of being conditional, dependent on getting love in a specific way first before giving it out, make sense? Would you keep on loving? Of course, if you choose love…however, it is up to you to decide if the person you are in relationship with is in alignment with who you are…and when you are self aware, you can recognize this…and then take action if you feel it is needed.

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