Note to Government: Surrender the Attack: There is Another Way

Some say I am an avid positive thinker and because of this, am not always in the “real world.” I believe that we can create what we want to have constantly in our direct life experience. We can choose what is in alignment with who we feel we are. Some aspects of the “real world” according to others do not flow with the energy I desire to remain in. I choose love and respect…this is two things I don’t see ever present within the political sphere. Now as we are being asked to choose certain politicians over others, it is important to bring this out…I have noticed for years now, that when a campaign is not doing well, the person who is running for a particular office will start to find things that could be considered “unattractive” or “unpleasant” to their opponent. I would turn the TV off when the ads would come on and then I just stopped watching the debates because quite frankly, they ended up turning out to be attacks.

I was passing by when someone was watching the news a few days ago, and there was an expression that caught my attention, “he is losing the campaign. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done other than trying to find something about the other person and bringing it out.” I was surprised at this expression but yet happy that this awareness was coming out. However, I disagree. Is there another choice other than attack when a campaign isn’t doing well? Sure, the candidate can look at what he/she is presenting, revamp it, ask what people want to be done, focus on what actions, emotions, and values he wants to bring out and not just to say things, but meaning that there will be action after the words. I’m sorry, but I am not going to vote for someone who makes a better attack. I want to vote for someone that I feel upholds the values that I find important, and honors the emotion I choose above all else, love; loving themselves as well as others. If I see how much they are willing to attack their opponent, what will happen to me if I perhaps at some point, disagree with what he/she believes, etc?

Yes, there is something that can be done other than attack…and it’s time we start choosing it.

Then again, the whole system promotes separation, and I’m into connection…ah but I guess that is another post at another time.

(These following lyrics are from the song Surrender by Trixter, which I have always loved. These particular lines I feel are perfect for what I am sharing above…it’s time to surrender…and there is another way.)

You use words as weapons
I use love as a shield
So tell me why
Are we on this battlefield
In a blaze of glory
Can we rise above these flames
In a world of anger
There’s got to be a way
Sometimes we raise our guns of pain
But I’ll be your defender
‘Cause if love means was
Baby I surrender
We’re just soldiers from the heart
And I ain’t no pretender
So lay down your arms
And baby let’s surrender

“The power of the mind lies in perceiving differences, the power of the heart lies in perceiving similarities.” ~John Penberthy

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