Time Before Twin Flame Reunion

Q By changing things in our lives for the better (ex. diet, positive thinking, getting rid of things we don’t need anymore, etc.) this will help us attract/bring us closer to our twin flame? Also I have a question…while I know what I’m doing to make myself a better person/change my life around somewhat..is there a way to know what my twinflame is doing/going through for us to be reunited/together?

A Yes it is important for us not to get focused on the “waiting” aspect of being physically reunited with our twin flames, that we are to connect with the “now” so that we can take action in releasing that which isn’t serving us: behavior patterns, beliefs, emotions that are not in alignment with the twin flame energy. As we do this, we are sending that growth and spiritual development to our twins as we are always connected and growing with each other, even when physically apart. This does then bring you more in alignment with the energy vibration/frequency of the twin flame energy, hence attracting you towards the twin flame in a more stronger sense.

Reminder: one of the main messages here is that the romance, the connection, attraction, magnetism to the twin flame is out of service, your mission your souls have intended to create together and accomplish together in service to humanity whereas soul mate relationships are focused on the relationship and things to be released in preparation for union with twin flame. This is one reason why it is SO important to be taking care of you as you resonate in a “happy” space in the time before reunion.

How to know what your twin is doing in the time before reunion? Open your heart, open your energy fields to receive communication from your twin, through your thoughts, your emotions, your dreams as these are ways that your twin will communicate with you. In addition, be open to the songs, books, people around you, numbers you see, etc. There are SO many ways that we receive guidance and messages from our higher self, angels, and our twin flame. 😉

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  1. Lili says:

    I smiled when I read that “be open to the songs (…) There are SO many ways that we receive guidance and messages from our higher self, angels, and our twin flame. ”
    I’ve been pushed by the Universe to meet physically again my twin flame last month. It seems very simple huh? :p But in fact, we’re not a couple as human beings, I live in South America, he lives in USA and has a social status that makes things a bit complicated… ^^ Nevertheless, signs pushed me to go and meet him again (we saw each other for the 1st time in Europe earlier this year, that’s from where I really understood who he was to me) and the signs were so strong (I have had to do kind of accelerate healing and other things), that I thought that was time for our physical reunion. Well, my ego thought that….
    But a week before going there, I was pushed to learn a new tune on piano and I learnt it so quickly that I couldn’t believe it. I noticed that the lyrics had a great meaning for me but as my ego wanted to be the time for physical reunion, I didn’t pay attention. I thought: we’re gonna be fully reunited during THIS trip…. Which didn’t happened…

    The song was : I guess that’s why they call it the blues from Elton John…
    I just understood it a few days ago… My twin flame told me BEFORE i was going to meet him again physically to be patient… That would not the time yet…
    BTW, it seems that this trip was necessary for my twin to recongnize me physically…

    Much love xxxx

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