The Puzzle Piece is YOU

I am at the mercy of the tenderness in the essence of you my sweet

On bended knee, I lift my hands up to the light

Do you remember how we danced on the clouds,
squeezing hands,

Laughing at the awkwardness we felt before we knew of the plan we orchestrated,
how we loved each other more than we even understood love.

We heard the whisper of the one with every name,
awareness emerged between us as we knew the greater scheme of what is,
and what will be.

Yet the sweetness of bliss seeped through our hands,

We knew the balance,
the line,
between being and knowing,
seeing and allowing,
visions and what is deemed real, by the majority,
that nudging of attention to real as relative.

Stretching my arms out to you in gratitude dearest other

Remember feeling the connection of all that is?
We were ushered into the room of emotion,
saw the infinite colors separating,
then coming back together,
creating new colors.
Again, separating, coming back together.
Even though we witnessed the separations,
there was never separation,
and here we are,
trying to explain the unexplainable, the un-understandable.

Yes, your laughter tickles my skin,
my humanness emerges,
and fades away,
all in the same instant.
We are a funny lot,
yet funnyness we crave,
we bathe in the vibration of its echo throughout eternity.

Innocence escapes,
floating above our forms.
We acknowledge that it is a perception,
knowing how delicately we will lose our grasp on the free spirited freedom we feel right now.
This is not to be feared,
as nothing is to be feared.

How can we fear what we have created ourselves,
especially the excitement we hold in experiencing our creations?

The darkness is also a perception,
but if you view darkness as an opportunity to help manifest light,
to consciously choose to see the light,
then darkness is our friend.

Our heads spun,
How can we remember all of this,
as we are told we would forget,
what does that mean?
Is this part of the separation,
the coming together,
the “no such thing as separation” thing?

Can we merge the knowing, the forgetting, to come back to knowing again?
AND can we do this while we swim in our humanity?

Our spirits will release these bodies when it is time to continue to be, another way

Breathed into our throats were the voices to share these messages,
the messages of knowing, forgetting, remembering
because we didn’t think it was fair to wait for our spirits to converse without our bodies,
looking back on the steps.
We thought it would be fun,
we knew we were strong enough to do it,
connected to the human side of being.

Remember sweet one,
how we played together,
ducking underneath the clouds,
pretending to hide,
yet knowing it was impossible to hide from vision that sees all that is…
this vision,
of seeing all that is,
can be awakened as you are breathing,
There is no more waiting,
unless we desire to wait.

Forget the forgetting,
remember the knowing,
and choose the merging,
the seeing,
the beingness of it all.
Let’s dismantle the puzzle together,
and put it back together,
recalling that it is already here,
in one piece,
as a whole,
we are,

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