November Giveaway Winners

The winner of Em Claire’s CD called Remembering of poems from her book Silent Sacred Holy Deepening Heart is Kat. She sent in a poem which includes all aspects of the three sections of Em Claire’s book, Remembering, Forgetting and Naked. Enjoy Kat’s creation!

As every path leads the continuing way
To the next crossroads of the day
With each direction you journey along
Revealing deeply buried memories that sing your song.
For that very existence as you know it
Is one you’d rather forget how you’d blown it.

Wanting to forget your past mistakes
The indiscretions you once did make
Only to be shown you did forget
The truth within that lives no regrets.
Why is it then?? the you, you dare to display
Is the one that lives in the most dismay??

As much as you try to turn a blind’s eye
Never wanting to admit you’ve gambled your life with a single die.
And pretending to each and every ending day
That life as you know it is still “okay.”
Until the day comes that something snaps from within
And the long lost connection of the truth comes in.

That place where it has been carried within your heart
Quickly making itself known as it becomes a part
Of the Awakened YOU that begins to stir
To remember the days that weren’t all a blur.
Trying to recapture the Beauty that always exist
Wanting to believe that dreams didn’t disappear in the mist.

You begin to remember the love that is always near
As work is done by letting go of all you fear.
Infusing the spark of long past dreams you once had
As well as forgiving all that once drove you mad.

As you make your way out from the inner darkness
Upon the trail traveled surrounded by all the mess
The brightness of another day that comes upon you
Shimmers with hope and shows the possibilities of new
That only you can truly choose
letting go of all the beliefs that you always lose.

For in believing that you deserve more
You begin to strive to create your own lore.
One of Beauty, One of Faith, One of Trust,
And now it’s not only one of Lust.
Your light within find it’s way to shine
And it all started within your own mind.

As you begin to recognize your own truth
Standing with confidence in your make-shift booth
It’s one that strips away all the old
To allow the new to begin to unfold.
It’s within the Nakedness that one is completely torn down
While a new creation built as if it’s your private town.

During the new process that you create
Your foundation then becomes the clean slate
It’s in this new design by which you decide to live
It’s in this new creation you choose who you are to give.

The second winner is Hedda. He is the winner of Em Claire’s CD of poems from her Naked section of her book Silent Sacred Holy Deepening Heart. Hedda wrote a poem expressing the aspect of nakedness. Enjoy his creation!


Here I stand
In presence of
My numinous reflection
Stripped away of
All of the bravado
In my fashion

Bearing imperfection
Without shame
Your accepting gaze
Ignites the flame
Of my compassion.

In this sacred space, let’s explore our vulnerability.
Return to innocence to the best of our ability.
If we can love with our eyes, and smile with our hearts
This infinite divide grows ever less and less apart.

The third winner is Minesh who won Dr. Craig Martin’s Book, Elemental Love Styles: Find Compatibility and Create a Lasting Relationship by clarifying what the Elemental Love Styles are: Fire, Air, Water and Earth.

Thank you to all those who entered. Please continue to watch out for more contests.

One comment on “November Giveaway Winners
  1. Kat says:

    wicked cool!!!!!!!!!!! :}}}}}} (thank you too!!)

    Congratulations extended out to Hedda, I loved your creation ….wow! powerful!

    Congratulations to Minesh! I bet that is going to be one great read!!!

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