A Great Poem (To My Friends and Family)

written by Elizabeth Saenz
Elizabeth’s website

You don’t have to be my knight,

Rescuing atop his steed.

You don’t have to be my butler,

Anticipating every need.

I’m not looking for a savior,

To wash my sins away.

I don’t want a love slave,

To please my desires all day.

Roles of nanny, cook, and counselor,

Can be filled by ones with skill.

I’m not missing any pieces,

There isn’t a hole to fill.

So why am I here with you,

Sharing my time, heart, and soul?

Are you looking for a motive?

Must we have a plan and goal?

I only wish to experience,

The God of me and you.

The love that is between us,

There is nothing else to do.

It is the essence of your greatness.

The magic inside your breath.

Let us dance through life together,

And continue dancing through death.

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  1. Thanks for sharing my words!

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