Illuminations of Love and Connection

Today, November 15th, Josh Groban’s album Illuminations is now out in stores for you to purchase. I have my copy coming to me in the mail and I am excited to have the actual copy. Many of you may have sampled the album on facebook while it was available for streaming. This album is an absolute tribute to love in all its aspects, the love of coming home shown in “War at Home,” the love of a place that connects to the feeling of being home as in “Bells of New York City,” or in the many songs of reconnecting with a romantic love, including one titled “Galileo,” that breaks down the barrier between science (logic and mind) and emotion (feeling and heart) as it focuses on the idea that Galileo dreamed of a love that he breathed into tangible form before him.

I am an avid promoter of those whose work and messages I feel resonate with the reunion of true loves (twin flames and soul mates) as well as all of the aspects of the journey that go along with it. This album is a myriad of words woven together to symbolize the power that love has on the heart as well as the motivation for connecting with another that truly complements you and flows with the natural essence of who you are.

There are many messages within each of the songs but the one thing that they share in common is that there is a calling out to one who is already known, whether that be from an inner knowing or a conscious one, a calling out to connect on a deeper level, to choose love instead of fear, to let the “old” ways go so that one can enter into the “new” way of being, of loving. In order to choose love, one needs to release old patterns of behavior, thoughts, beliefs and anything that doesn’t serve the highest intention and desire for a relationship. You can’t love when you are feeling weighted down with fear because it clouds your perception, your emotions and your capacity to give as well as receive.

Some of the lines from the songs to show this are as follows:

Bells of New York City

“…The bells of NYC tell me not to go…
stay with me, stay with me, refuge from these broken dreams,
wait right here, awake with me on silent snow filled streets…
the bells of NYC calling me to stay.”

(This is a home calling as the energy of NYC magnetizes the voice in this song to stay, to awake right there…there is an awareness and awakening that is happening…awakening is a process and it needs to occur step by step as we honor the path of our journey, each step as important as the next).

Galileo (Someone Like You)

“Galileo fell in love as a galilean boy
and he wondered what in heaven, who invented such a joy…
who puts the rainbow in the sky,
who lights the stars at night,
who dreamt of someone so divine,
someone like you and made them mine.”

(I like how this song bridges the gap between logic and emotion by bringing in Galileo’s emotions of love since he was considered to be of a “scientific” mind. Twin flame, true love, is always known on a soul/heart level since birth as it is not surprising that Galileo fell in love as a boy and dreamt of someone that he already knew the energy of…this is how twin flames discover each other before they recognize each other and choose to come together, “to ..make mine”).

L’Ora Dell’Addio (Time of Farewell)

“It hurts me deep within having to leave,
and to know that you suffer as I do.
When it is time for the farewell,
If you sometimes believe that my choice is a sign that I don’t love you…
everything reminds me that you’re a part of me…”

(Through the journey of reuniting with your true love (twin flame), there are pieces of the puzzle, steps that need to be taken before this fully manifests. There may be times when you physically come in contact with your twin but then you need to part to continue laying out the path before uniting together to continue your path with each other, but through that time, you are always continuing to be a part of each other. There is no way that you can ever be separated. Through these “having to leave” moments, there is a suffering that occurs for it is like you are shedding a piece of yourself, and both of the twins feel it within their heart. It helps to know that even though this is part of the journey, it does not mean that love is not present, as it always is.)

Hidden Away:

“Holding out for someone I believe in,
all I really need today,
I want to feel your love,
can you reveal your love,
please don’t keep your love hidden away.
I want to free your heart,
I want to see your heart,
please don’t keep your heart hidden away.”

(Twin flames have always been connected in the heart and soul which has extended from lifetime upon lifetime of many physical incarnations. The love felt within is merely connecting to that inner knowing of who that person is. It then becomes a recognition when we see the physical form. When you become aware of this, then you are “holding out for someone” you believe in. This song is a calling out to that person to be revealed within you (remembering their essence/energy) and without (in person), to feel the love and in so doing, freeing both hearts. Twin flames are so much alike in energy and so connected that when one’s heart is freed, so is the other, and by being together, that freedom naturally follows).

Higher Window:

“Here I am the one man band with a song that’s meant for two,
There is a light from a higher window shining down on us tonight,
and the music floats on the breeze, bringing an easier time,
all of our cards are on the table,
tell me what you want to do,
just don’t tell me that it’s too late for me to love you.”

(This again, is a revelation of the yearning to unite with a love in the hopes that it has not been passed by, that it’s not too late. I see the “light from a higher window” as a reference to heaven/the divine shining the light, the energy of reunion down upon the two hearts. Heaven is absolutely in support of the coming together of twin flames as these relationships are deep loving ones that offer comfort and more love to the world in the form of creatively joining forces. “All of our cards are on the table,” is showing the path of reunion, how it is laid out, step by step, each twin individually following their destiny and then joining up to continue their destiny they share in together. It is never too late for love, and love is always present within twin flames, even when physically apart).

If I Walk Away

“Now comes the time when I’ll need your truth to see,
and if I walk away, please follow me,
let the fear fall away…
walk away and for the light of day,
follow a brighter way out of the cold and dark,
down to the warm bright spark,
futures that all might start someday.
So if I walk away, please follow me.”

(We have a choice, to choose fear or to choose love…and sometimes, love can be scary for relationships give us a chance to see parts of ourselves. We may not like all of those parts, and if we choose fear, we can walk away. The line, “please follow me,” is the heart of the one who wants to love but is overwhelmed by fear, telling the other not to give up, to continue to love, to continue to shine the light, to share the truth so that it can be seen. “Follow a brighter way out of the cold and dark, down to the warm bright spark.” Choose love and “let the fear fall away”).

Love Only Knows

“Love only knows if we’ll give into fear and choose life undercover,
she said, love only knows if it’s special enough than we’ll choose one another, we’ll choose each other.
If you let go, will you reach out again…
And I can’t breathe without you and I don’t
and I can’t live without love and I won’t and I won’t.
We need each other…
and I can’t live without you and I won’t.”

(Again, this one brings out the choice of either love or fear. I wanted to bring out the importance of choice because we are always given free will. We can know who we love but we can choose fear and not allow ourselves to fully, deeply and completely love because of this or both twins can choose each other. Twins truly can’t live without love and without each other, for they do need each other as their essence is wrapped up in the other. They are “completed” in a way by just being in the presence of each other.)”

Voce Existe Em Mim (You Exist in Me)

“I’ve come to love you till the end…
Refuse the darkness, I love you,
Cry, what for?
To cry is the end
You exist in me.

I’ve come to serve love
and to land the angels of my poems
So that you never stop loving me?…
The storm has already gone and the solution is only you and me!”

(This is so beautiful…showing that the angels are orchestrating the messages within these words so that the listeners can not stop loving. If we look at this song as one who is sending messages to his true love, he is creating the words a certain way so that his true love does not stop loving him. This is not possible with twins for the love is so deep, it cannot be given up on within the heart but the irony here is that twins are always connected, they exist within each other, even when they are physically apart. Hence, there is no need for crying though of course the human side feels all steps of the journey profoundly. The solution, the end result is the reunion, and it will happen for it is inevitable, as it is meant to be).

Straight to You

“This is the time of our great undoing
This is the time that I’ll come running
Straight to you
For I am captured
Straight to you
For I am captured
One more time

And the sky will throw thunder-bolts and sparks
Straight at you…
The chariots of angels are colliding
Well, I’ll run, babe, but I’ll come running
Straight to you”

(What a beautiful way to end this album, with a song that very clearly shows the reunion of true lovers. This is the time…and may you all find such peace and comfort knowing that you are on the journey to joining who you are with the other part of that essence. You are both on your way to each other…”the sky will throw thunder-bolts and sparks straight at you..” this is the recognition, “the light from a higher window” illuminating the one who is your true love. To recognize this person, you need to open your eyes and see the truth).


They Won’t Go When I Go

“No more lying friends wanting tragic ends
All those bleeding hearts with sorrows to impart
are right here from the start, and they won’t go when I go.
And I’ll go where I’ve longed to go so long
away from tears.
Gone from painful cries
away from saddened eyes,
along with him I’ll bide
cause they won’t go when I go…
Since my soul conceived,
all that I believed,
kingdom I will see.
They won’t go when I go.
and I’ll go where I’ll go
No one can keep me from my destiny.”

(As I have mentioned many times, the twin flame journey of reuniting with your true love can be a lonely one at times, filled with many tears as the heart can feel the “separation,” even though the souls are always connected and intertwined. Now, if you take this and then you add those that are “wanting tragic ends” though they claim to be “bleeding hearts,” concerned for your welfare, this only increases the feeling of sadness and aloneness. Love, true love (twin flame love), breaks down all barriers of separation, including any perceptions of impossibility. When you are aware of your destiny and then you start taking steps towards that destiny, others can be challenged on their journeys as they watch you, especially if they don’t understand. But here’s the irony, they want you to be happy while they don’t see, with their words of discouragement for your dreams (disguised as keeping you from being hurt), they are offering you unhappiness. The last line is truth…”no one can keep me from my destiny,” as no one can, unless you allow them to. Please know that your destiny is for you, and if you choose to share it, understand that it is not your responsibility to make others see as you do. Your journey is for you, and nothing, no one can keep you from walking into your destiny).

Le Cose Che Sei Per Me (The Things You Are to Me)

“The things you are to me,
There are so many that I could not count
because you are the greatness.

You are the song that will reunite
in the summer wind that will bring
the wonder and mystery
that lets me see you in everything that’s there.

I would paint up there in the big blue sky
everything that you are.
I would draw of you an everlasting sign
that would show what you are for me.

You are the song that will reunite
in the summer wind that will bring
the wonder and mystery
that lets me see you in everything that’s there.

At night sometimes I fear that you are fruit of the imagination,
but then I wake up and you’re suddenly close beside me.
I see you next to me.”

*thanks to my dear Italian grandmother for the correct translation of this song, google translate wasn’t doing it ;-)*

(Gosh, my heart was pounding with uncovering the amazing beauty in these lyrics. If you have the album with the bonus tracks, I have to say that this one is a completely perfect way to end the album ;-), as this shows how the heart of the one calling out to his true love knows of this true love within, there is a connection there, a recognition before physical contact/reunion which can be felt at night before, during & after dreaming, and it still remains when the body awakens. My answer is that this knowing, the love that is felt is not fruit of the imagination, it is real, and it takes a choice to embrace it).

This album embraces me totally and clothes me within love, all of the songs and there is no way that I can choose a favorite. But this last one (Straight to You and Le Cose Che Sei Per Me)…get me…for I feel the reunion occurring and I see it, just a perfect way to end this album. The title “Illuminations” is also just as divine for each song is bringing to light the messages of choosing love instead of fear, revealing the love within you to yourself and to the ones that you love. This is one of the most important steps to experiencing love always, in all ways and it is a choice. What do you choose? Have you become illuminated? I believe you may find yourself feeling the light after basking in this album.

You may go into any store to purchase it Ok, so you can also go to Itunes to purchase it, you can go to Amazon or Josh’s website . Enjoy!

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