Happy Thanksgiving

As I reflect on Thanksgiving and all that I have experienced this last week leading up to it, I have been feeling various emotions, all in such depth. It took me a little while to try to formulate all that I have been feeling and receiving in the form of words to offer to you during this time. This past week, I have been once again in the physical presence of my twin flame and our energies have been merging through dreams, emotions, thoughts, etc., as we continue to heal from previous lifetimes together so that we can consciously choose to come together physically to move forward on our mission to continue to assist humanity in this consciousness shift. But, in addition to this, and helping others who are experiencing deeper connection as well as communication with their twin, my uncle was in the hospital. We have received information that his health is not doing well, bringing to my awareness rather strongly how important it is to enjoy each moment to the fullest, to choose to spend time with those that you love, to express how much you do care every chance that you have. I know this and always feel this but when situations come up like this, it just brings this way of believing right to the forefront, as we are reminded that the essential thing to life is love, being, and choosing what creates happiness in life.

Since my uncle has been released from the hospital, I have been spending time with him and my grandmother, watching feel good movies, sharing about life, basking in the energy of laughter, love, and connection. As we were watching a movie yesterday, my grandmother rested her head on my shoulder and fell asleep. What a special moment it was for me to have her resting on me, just being…as she has always been there for me. This is what home is for me, this is what life is for me : to be able to spend moments of life away from whatever “responsibility” the mind can create in the arms and space of those souls whom I feel closest to and who love deeply. As we share this space together, we then increase our energy to be able to extend it out to others who come along our path. This is what I desire to step into now with my twin flame, as we create the messages within our hearts together and also extend this to the world.

At this time of Thanksgiving, I offer you my thanks for continuing to give me the opportunity to share in your journeys with you as I share mine with you. Thank you for giving me a constant reflection of who I am and how I choose to be as you share who you are with me. May you spend this holiday with your loved ones, expressing your love, sharing in your love, and choosing love in each moment.

2 comments on “Happy Thanksgiving
  1. John says:

    Great post Gabriella! It’s all about the special times with our loved ones. Which reminds me of my favorite song by Kim DiVine called “Little Things.” Just today in fact she released this cool video. She had asked her fans to send in photos of the little things that they loved the most. I sent in a picture of my cat Tigger sleeping. You can see him at 3:15.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXEoJfXZSK0 Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. MyLinna says:

    Very sweet my precious friend. I am so happy that you had a beautiful thanksgiving. Love the picture!

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