How to Know Your Twin Flame

Q. How do I know if someone is my twin flame?

A. There is an inner knowing of who your twin flame is that once you tap into, there is absolutely no doubt. It is not something that you think about, but rather you feel it, and then it becomes a knowing. However, your soul has always known the essence/energy of your twin flame, and your consciousness becomes aware of it through feeling, then understanding. There is a perception within society that you have to get to know someone before you know that you love them and can commit to them. I am here to tell you in the matter of twin flames, this knowledge of who the person is (their deepest desires and how they are, how they feel, etc.) already exists within you. When you see the physical form in front of you, you recognize the soul dwelling within the body, and there is no doubt.

What are some experiences you will have regarding your twin flame? You will begin to have dreams and they may become very detailed, with an energy of someone that you love intensely, offering support, connection and communication. There is depth to the love that you feel for this other that your mind cannot logically explain though it can’t be denied. You are a mirror for each other, what you feel is in alignment, what you are passionate about matches, how you treat others is the same. The energy around you is similar, you will have similar physical features, especially in the eyes. You will have shared many lifetimes together, therefore healing any fears that may have been taken in, together.

You will find that you can read each other’s thoughts, finish each other’s sentences, end up feeling what the other is feeling even when you aren’t in physical contact, know what the other is thinking, be able to deeply read between the lines of the words expressed and communicated. There is this inner depth of emotion to join all of yourself with your twin, all of the aspects of who you are.

Many twins start to become aware of who this person is even before you know what they look like because the truth is that you exist within each other, you are a part of each other, as your twin holds the same vibration as you but balances you. The male and female aspects become one when joining together.

There is an inner knowing of who your twin flame is that once you tap into this, there is absolutely no doubt. Do you feel it right now? Do you remember the energy of the one that you know you are already connected to? Do you have this feeling that when you meet this person, you will just know? If so, where is that knowing coming from? It comes from within you…and yes, you DO already know…have faith in that, trust in it. You will know, and then watch how the feelings are right there along with the knowing.

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  1. Joana says:

    Teo, all my past lives I remember, I had been a woman. I read that souls chose to be one gender more than the other. I believe in my case I chose to be a woman frequently. I just remember two lives where I was a man. I was a catholic monk who lived long life in one, and the other, I was a young pirate who was kill, I remember my death in that past life. So, how I would feel if my TF would be a woman like me in this life time, I don’t know, maybe I would love her the same…Love does not have limitation as Gabriella said.

  2. Janique says:

    I wanted to share a poem I wrote about my Twin Flame journey. I hope this poem helps and inspires and maybe offers insight from one person’s experience thus far:

    I looked up and you were there
    Time did not exist
    You stopped your rhythm
    I stopped watching the balloon fly away
    I knew you and you knew me
    You touched my skin with Light in your eyes
    You grabbed my hair with a roughness I have yet to experience again
    It was fantastic
    Went to kiss your cheek
    Caught you off guard
    You were aiming for my lips
    You rested your strong hand on my chest while we kissed
    Something was waking up in me
    It was something that was asleep for probably centuries
    It lay dormant from the torture faced by those who did not know their own magic
    I knew mine, so I used it. They put a stop to it
    I followed the path of least resistance for some lifetimes
    This time around, I was ready to wake up
    See my magic again
    And then you came back
    My wizard
    My Gandolph
    Your magic swept away the cob webs
    I began to see visions when you held me
    When you took me in your arms
    You grabbed my hair
    You slid your hands down my back
    Touching my lace resting on my skin
    I work so hard to make sure your hands
    Feel like they just stroked silk when they touch
    My skin
    Mission Accomplished
    You knew exactly how I liked it
    You took it with an assertiveness
    I had not seen in this lifetime before you
    Yet my body remembered
    You knew what I liked
    I don’t even know if you realize
    Re-joining that dance we left lifetimes ago
    I was scared
    I was timid
    My mind didn’t trust what my body and my heart already knew
    They remembered
    As you held me
    Touching every part of my skin
    We stood at my door
    For 20 minutes
    Re-joining that dance we knew so well
    I saw us making love
    I had memories of us together
    In the sweetest and most erotic places
    Yet, it didn’t happen yet
    My body helped me remember what we did lifetimes ago
    Or did it help me remember what we will do lifetimes to come
    I remember singing for you
    It calmed you down
    Your nerves have always been an issue for you
    My voice has always been your medicine
    I guess in this lifetime, you needed to find your own
    I forgot how you like to be touched
    You helped me remember
    Gently placing my hand on your neck
    You don’t like you face touched
    I forget when I loose trust
    I forget when I start to doubt
    This dance we seem to know so effortlessly
    But oh, when we remember
    My head rests on your chest
    Exactly how I have desired my whole life
    Your arm holds my waist so tight
    Yet you know me
    I need space
    You give me freedom to dance
    I felt your heart pounding on my back when we lay
    Your body was calm
    Your teeth bit hard on my finger
    There is a strong boundary
    I seem to have forgotten in this lifetime
    I crossed it
    But not before my hands stroked your body
    You wanted to offer support
    Like you always did
    This lifetime, however
    You chose a different path
    Destiny and Free Will
    Yes [Twin]… Still remember
    Though there is so much I have forgotten

    I choose to share my journey to help offer encouragement to those who have experienced the crazy intense and spontaneous meeting of their twin flames. Mirror image indeed. I see me just because I see you. It is a beautiful sight, yet intensely painful because I see not only My Light in your eyes, but also My Dark. I am learning to own where I am and why am where I am. It is not a Hollywood love story so please do not try to romanticize it. If you meet up with your twin, it will drive you crazy yet inspire you all at the same time. Your life is NEVER the same again because now you have seen your opposite, yet your exact mirror image. You just naturally know how to bring them closer to the Light and you just naturally know how to tear each other down, drawing them closer to the Dark. It takes time to not abuse this knowledge and power. It takes confidence to understand that my actions INDEED can harm a person to the core and vise versa. To whom much is given, much is required. Wisdom, Balance, Insight, Letting go, Holding on, Embracing one’s own Light and Dark and everything in between.

  3. Theo says:

    What if I hear him, we talk, A LOT. and I have no psychological disorders so I am sane. But, when we were together in person we hated each other passionately, like no other. When I left, he was in my mind non-stop, and then I just began to hear a woman named Annie in my right ear, who told me to go back to him, but I described my sitch and how I was at home for good, and she told me that he was my flame and he wasn’t ready is all. He frequently tells me he hates me still, and then my guide makes us share intimate moments, and he loves me passionately, then he snaps out of it and says he hates me. I am so confused, also some soul is in my aura who ain’t welcome. She is lingering and claiming to be his flame, when she isn’t, and hurting him. He says he doesn’t hate me, he just hates love. I feel so sad when he says it, but its okay. We made love before too, and I felt a familiar embrace when he held me, and I just feel this small bit of doubt that I always feel. Like how I question my own sanity, my own faith, I just feel like I’ll never know unless he shows me it’s real in physical form. So I ask him to add me on FB and he never has yet, but he has other info that seems true so far, and I dunno. He is the only one in my left ear. and the guide lady is in my right, and she usually deals with the lingering one who bothers my flame and I. HELP please?

  4. Joana says:

    Theo, you are not insane maybe your angels are talking to you, hope Gabriella can answer your questions.

  5. Teo says:

    Yeah. Hmph. I am almost sure he wasn’t my flame. False flame haha. However, my flame said he keeps taking personas of people I met in life to help test me for my reunion. He says he resembles that boy (whos name was Eli) and its weird cuz now I keep seeing 11s, and my birthday in time. also I am sick of this. I am so irritable. I know my flame, I have felt him so many times in the guise of another. I know he makes me feel secure, he tolerates my sassiness, and is masculine. he protects me from myself, and knows how to make me laugh in times of stress. but where is he… I feel so alone, even though my inner guidance says he is close. I just don’t know.

  6. kay says:


    Thank you so much for your blog…I have learned so much from it. Usually check it daily. It’s kept me somewhat leveled during a chaotic time.

    I have a question about twin flames connecting in dreams.

    A little history first. My twin flame and I met almost 20 years ago. He said it was love at first sight. When I first met him… a feeling of completely knowing him came over me and somewhere deep inside me said, “oh, it’s him.” (matter of bells going off or whistles..just matter of factly) But, being in my early twenties and never even knowing about the concept of twin flames or that soul mates experienced symptoms when they met…I blew it off as just being silly. Even though I was totally in-love with him. Our relationship lasted for a year.. only because we lived on two different continents! We never had one fight and we kept in touch for years afterwards…and looking back now I realized it was the truest and purest love I’ve ever had, as I truely always only wanted the best for him, no matter what happened between us. (that selflessness was a miracle for me at the time:)

    Fast forward 18 years…another miracle brought us back together this year. Still living across the world from each other…we somehow found each other again. The love was even stronger than before and I realized my most beautiful moments of my life have been with him. He has mentioned words to describe our relationship that closely match those that describe twin flames…such as karma, free will, magnitism, feeling of coming home, telepathy, connection, feeling as no time had passed…But still do not know if he actually feels we are. Unfortunately our relationship, this time, is not so easy going. We both have scars and there has been a lot of fear and turmoil. My major fear is that I know I never stopped loving him (for 20 years…and he said the same) so my fear is that if we don’t work out this time…I know what’s in store for the rest of my life. (still loving him but not being with him:(

    My question about twin flames connecting in dreams is…does at least one partner have to be aware of the twin flame connection to communicate with each other in dreams? How does that work? For example, a few years ago I kept having dreams of this mystery man who completely and totally loved me like no other love. In my dreams, I felt the love in my heart chakra …just like it feels now when I connect with my twin flame. But I was not aware of the idea of twin flames then, so I just thought it was a beautiful, unatainable (lol) dream. My twin flame told me that he was looking for me a few years ago..around the same time I was having these dreams. Would he have to be aware of this twin flame connection in order to communicate with me in my dreams (or send love) or is it a soul thing..out of our control?

    Long story short. lol.

    Thanks again, sooo much, for the blog!!!!

  7. Joana says:

    Dear Kay, I love your story. I have the same questions like you. I dream and feel that there is telephatic communication with my TF, but since we do not talk to one another, I don’t know if he is concious, yes or not. I have recurrent dreams where I was meeting him in a room, and yes I saw him in the university library. The other time I saw him was in the airport, and I was imaging that something like this will happen.
    Waves of love to you and everybody

  8. Delphina says:

    Dear Kay and Joana,

    I have the same question as well.

    I guess the answer is that it is not relevant whether your twinflame is conscious about any of it as we are so much more than our physical bodies like Gabriella always says.

    I think the consciousness will only allow to become conscious what helps us right now to know and keep the rest subconscious. And if it is good for our twinflames not to consciously think about the twinflame relationship, I think then this will be the case. But this doesn’t say anything about the level of the heart and the soul.

    And how could a twinflame on the level of the soul not be aware of their twin? Dreams are things on the soul level, so I think twinflames may well communicate with us on this level even if not aware of it in the 3D.

    I would also love to hear what you think about it, dear Gabriella 🙂

    Waves of love to everybody
    and a sweet twinflame angel for all of you bringing you season’s greetings from your twinflame in at least one dimension, and maybe more 😉 if the angels allow for it

  9. Gabriella says:

    Dear Kay,

    First, let me say that it is such a pleasure to know that you have been receiving from the blog and not only that, but now have extended into giving by sharing with all of us here! May you continue to do so as you feel guided. To answer what you inquired about dreams ~ absolutely, there does not need to be a conscious awareness of the twin flame connection in order to communicate, meet, share, love in your dreams with your Beloved divine counterpart as you are so deeply interweaved through your soul…yet this deep connection and eternal love moves so powerfully through your nighttime dreams into your waking ones, and brings with it a profound remembrance of your “other half,” and also awakens the passion within you for your own unique purpose in life…eventually, both twins will come into the knowing and acceptance of the connection if it is intended for your union within this particular lifetime experience. Just like in your experience…you dreamt him as a “mystery man,” and then he came into your awareness with a name and form…same happened for me…and with this, comes that depth of the recognition of the other piece of your ONE soul that can bring you into such a deep space of gratitude for being alive and experiencing such divine sacred sweetness! And your twin flame would not need be aware on a conscious level of such to communicate, meet with you, love you in your dreams. Enjoy each step along your path as it moves you into the beauty of each moment of this building of love…for it feels so limitless and unconditional, so pure and eternal, doesn’t it?

    Waves and waves of the deepest love from my heart to yours dear one!

  10. jenny says:

    I met a man a year ago who I belive is my twin flame. I see him every day because of our work. I remember the first time I met him I freezed. I literally thought to myself “What is HE doing here”? He seemed so familiar, I can´t explain it. He is good-looking and has unusual features, but his eyes seemed so familiar. Then I realised that it was because they look like my eyes! I have big and unusual eyes, with alot of emotion, and a special energy, and that´s what I saw in his eyes. But I snapped out of it that first day and said to myself “it´s nothing”. The next time I saw him I continued to feel nothing, as I was heavily supressing my feelings and going through a psychosis. Interestingly, at that time he seemed very cut of from the world too. His eyes/soul seemed to be miles away, like there was no way of getting to him. I don´t think he felt anything when he first saw me. He was numb, like me.
    However on the third day I saw him something drew me to go up to him and sit next to him, even though I didn´t know him. The way he started talking blew me away. He talked in a strange way, that reminded me of how I talk. I also talk in an odd way and people don´t understand what I´m trying to say alot of times. It was blown away because I heard someone talk my “my language”, and we never even talked before! I could tell that he felt the same, because when I said something to him he just stared at me speachless, like he´s seen an alien. It was so strange and scary and overwhelming and completely mind-blowing watching him and sitting next to him. I think both of us felt like we had been awakened from a long dream or something. We became so aware of eachother in that moment, because it was like both of us were looking at ourselves for the first time. That feeling is undescribable, but I´ll try to explain it – It almost feels like you´re sick to your stomach, like your souls leave your body and go up above your heads and start dancing with eachother ad unite. I remember thinking to myself “I have to stop talking to him now and run the hell away from here, or I will lose myself in him and never regain myself again”. So…
    I started to avoid him. He did the same. But because of our work we couldn´t escape eachother. We have seen eachother almost every day for a year. Oh my god what a year. It began with this electric sexual attration, obsession, and whatnot. We started playing games. We were brutal to eachother. I started going to therapy at that time.
    For a year me and him would stare at eachother an avoid eachother and play games, try to make the other jealous. We both became exausted emotionally and still – we were stuck with eachother and had to see eachother every day. He started to hate me, becausehe felt rejected. I never really rejected him, but I didn´t respond to his games.
    At that time, I started to pray to God for us to become friends. Fast forward a couple of months – Now he has started to show his feelings for me. We still don´t talk, but we don´t need to. I know how he feels just by one look, and vice versa. Sometimes he comes to work, just opens the door – we look at eachothers eyes and he leaves. I know that´s his way of saying “Good morning – I just want to see how you are feeling today”. I give him a look that tells him “fuck of/go away”. He knows me too well and he reads it as “I´love you endlessly, but I´m not feeling good today” and he leaves, feeling happy. If it was some other man, he would have thought that I´m a bitch, but my twin (I think he is) reads between the lines and understands me better than I understad myself. He doesn´t give up on me.
    Likewise I forgive him for his stupid ways too.
    Just recently he started to tease me. It´s funny how familiar his teasing seems! He doesn´t know me, and yet when he teases me I feel so understood, and loved. I feel an overwhelming belonging to him.

    But I have a question: The first day I met him I had a dream about him. He was with another man, and he was gay. His boyfriend was holding his hand, but he turned around and looked at me with this sad, longing look like it was saying “Help me”. Like he was trapped and he was´t happy with his boyfriend. Was that a psychic dream ? I later found out that he is a serial datr/ ladies man but he doesn´t love any of the ladies?
    In the dream it seemed like he wasn´t happy with his love life. Why did he look at me sadly? Is it because he loves me but feels like he can´t be with me? I still feel like that dream is my instinct telling me that he is gay. I feel so deeply that he is gay, he just doesn´t know it himself. Oddly, I am a tomboy and I behave like a man, I always felt like he is in love with my soul, but not my body. Although, it seems like his physical attraction to me is starting to grow even more.

    I guess I´m confused because of this dream. But at the same time I think twin flames are attracted to eachother no matter their gender. Even if he is secretly gay he still is attracted to me, because I´m his soul, in a way. I also feel attracted to women, but I am more attracted to him than anyone in my life.

  11. Joana says:

    Wow! Jenny, as you wrote: “or I will lose myself in him and never regain myself again”. This happened to me.

  12. Molly says:

    Hi -Janique I just wanna say thank you so much for sharing your beautiful poem. It’s so very inspiring and I can just feel the energy/ emotion from your words! I also love to write poems, especially when I was a teenager; I look back on them now and a lot of them are about love at first sight, or finding an everlasting love. What blows me away is that the guy who I think is my twinflame is also into poetry, there are through lines in his writing that are similar to what I have also written, before we even met. Also recently in art and photos.

    At the moment we are living in different countries and both of us have partners. After a period of intense confusion and personal spiritual growth and learning to trust my intuition, I have now surrendered to the love and support of the universe – and now feeling more balanced than ever, because in essence the love that we share is so pure it is found and reflected back to me in all things and people. Love to all on your journey

  13. Xara Charter says:

    Gabriella, I have a burning question to ask… Is it possible for a person to tap into the Akashic records to know the ‘future’of his/her twin flame union? Isn’t it a taboo? I practiced tapping into the records, and now I know a lot of things that I’ve always wanted to know… I know the year that I would die, what I would achieve, etc… But Gabriella, this worries me- I also know when my twin and I would achieve bi-gender balance and unite! Sometimes I feel afraid. Here I am, healing, releasing and growing to achieve the reunion yet I KNOW the friggin exact year that my twin and I would reunite! Am I not supposed to know this…

  14. Gabriella says:


    This is quite a profound question. It is absolutely possible, for you can move beyond the illusions and limitations attached to the human experience and way of perceiving things and being within this Earth plane. In this, you would move into and become the consciousness of all, becoming literally one with all and everything. Yet again, there is also the human aspects that are still there… I don’t feel that they ever truly disappear, for what would be the purpose of choosing to also be within this human body? Ultimately there would be a fusion or union of both this consciousness and the human sphere. You did say that you are also having a human experience as well, moving through healing, releasing and growing, etc.. yet there is some pressure released perhaps because you do know? There are no “supposed to’s” in the realm of Spirit. All things are possible. Many times there are some blockages as to the whole process so that the remembering can be received within the experience itself. This is the beauty of living within this human presence while swimming in our spiritual essence, to experience what the soul already knows, yet it is also exciting to merge both experiences by remembering things and watching them unfold. Feel into this… Does free will play a part here too? It is a very intense yet beautiful experience when you encounter your twin flame in the flesh, and you open to the layers of this merging, that the human aspects can be triggered. Even though the soul may know some things or all things regarding the reunion, can the human aspects make another choice and create another time for this to occur? This is just a perception to feel into…to see what resonates with you. I feel that if you have a strong destiny with your twin flame in this lifetime to reunite, it will be, for it just must be so. Continue to trust what you feel as your process unfolds. It must be quite an experience to know all that you know while still being within your human presence…very interesting! If you would ever want to share more of your process, I am sure many could benefit here from it. Thank you for your question as you brought me into its depths too! Sending you lots of love!

  15. Xara Charter says:

    Hello Gabriella, it’s me again. Thank you for your reply, it’s very insightful! 🙂 By the way, about an hour after I read your reply I was studying in my room, but I got distracted and I thought about the Akashic records, free will and my twin flame while staring outside of my window… and the wind blew a small black feather (which is not entirely black but with whites) on top of the book I’m studying. (Biology- Homeostasis in Humans). 2 seconds later, the fan in my room blew it to land on top of my bed. Instinctively I knew it was a message from an angel and I felt happy. I also felt the urge to lie on my bed with the cute feather but I thought- ‘what the heck? You need to study!’ I’m not sure what this means… What is the difference in the message carried by a black feather instead of the usual white ones? :/

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