A Song of Twin Flame Love that is Always Present

I was joined by Frank Roman Pace as he shared his song that he wrote for his twin flame, and he shared his journey of love, all of the emotions that go along with such an intensely rewarding relationship. We shared on the steps on the journey leading up to sharing love with your twin flame, all of the nuances of such a relationship and love. We also talked about Expressive Therapies and how all of the arts are great avenues for healing and connecting with your inner guide/voice/feelings to help with your relationships with yourself and others. There is so much more we discussed, very in depth conversation.

2 Comments on “A Song of Twin Flame Love that is Always Present

  1. I have not met my twin flame in person but have text him. I know this because we are mirror images of each other and have same life style and I feel electricy just talking to him. I am very sad now for we are both married for 20 plus years and his wife found out so now i have not contacted him but want to so bad I stop my actions before i press the send key and feel somehow that he is doing the same. we where having deep indept conversations about spiritual life and waiting for that first eye to eye contact and seeing the other half of our soul. but now that is put on hold but i have this feeling in my heart that i can wait for how ever long it takes.

  2. Tee,

    Isn’t it amazing how powerful the connection is with our twin flame? The heart can never let go and the soul waits forever until the time comes when we are able to mesh and merge completely in all ways with our twin flame. Have patience, keep the faith and always reconnect to the love that you know is always present between you. Let each moment and the flow guide you to the next step along your journey. You always have support and encouragement around you.