Romantic Love Begins with Self Love: Let the Anja Technique Show You How

I was joined by an amazing woman, Shayn Cutino. Working with people in a therapeutic capacity tied together Shayn’s sense of caring and strong intent to help others. Shayn guides people toward positive health and behavioral changes providing them with the motivation they seek to enhance their lives. Shayn Cutino has been associated with the healthcare field for the greater part of her life. Continuing her education, Shayn became certified through CIHAS as a clinical hypnotherapist. She then decided to bring her private practice fill circle, graduating with honors from the Global College of Natural Medicine, and receiving her certification as a Holistic Health Practitioner. Shayn has authored her own book entitled “The Anja Technique – the art of self love” and is currently working on her third release. The stress in all of our lives, as well as our emotions, plays a hefty role in our physical complaints. It is for that very reason that Shayn chose to further her education, develop her abilities and inspire others to lead a fulfilling and joyous life. Through her work Shayn creates comprehensive solutions to inspire individuals to achieve lasting change. We will be sharing just how important it is to connect with the love inside of you, to know your powerful worth and capacity to receive as well as give love. When you know this and feel this, you are then able to more easily share this love with another in intimate relationship. Shayn’s Website .

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