2011 and Beyond: Twin Flame Reunions

Q. Why is 2011 the year when twinflames will reunite?

I tried searching this on the net, but couldn’t really find out….is it numerology?

A. Just before 2011, there was an increase in emotional love vibration on the planet. When 2011 began, the rate at which awareness was awakening within each individual heart and soul, has quickened. That which before has taken years to move through is now taking months, and many of you may be experiencing SO much within days. As we move into 2012 and beyond, there will be a massive amount of transition. The “old” will fall away so that the “new” can blossom fully into being. Anything based on separation will be transformed into union or released if need be.

As a result of this increased vibration of love and union, twin flames will be reuniting more deeply in spirit (for you are always already in union with your twin) and also in the physical. Twins have agreed on a soul level before physical incarnation to be here on the planet now, and to come together to further be a part of this anchoring of love on the planet. It is an exciting time to be alive!

If you look at the number 11, you see that it is 1 and 1, which exist perfectly on their own but when they come together, they create 11, which is an extension of their own wholeness, their own being. We are now being called to feel complete within our own beings to then merge with our twin as they come from the same space of feeling whole and complete within. This way, we are sharing our completeness together and adding an extension of that knowing of completion.

1 and 1 also equals 2…but 2 also are 1 and this shows the union of two into one being. If you see the body as a representation of the number 11, you can see the calling into one heart, the center and core of our being. One shoulder as 1, and the other as 1. In the middle is the core, the heart, the center of love. We are shown that as we connect with the love inside of us, we then attract that love from within us to us in the physical form, our twin flame in loving relationship.

These re-unions are in process…but it is also balancing the knowing that we are already united with our twin flame in our heart and we are communicating and connecting right here and now in many many ways. Re-union = remembering, again, that we are already one with our twin flame. In other words, remembering union.

2011 and beyond is the time, now, to fully embrace all aspects and elements of union consciousness, with the awareness that separation doesn’t exist, unless we believe that it does.

4 comments on “2011 and Beyond: Twin Flame Reunions
  1. fritz says:

    I fully raalize the union within and of the spirit with your twin, before and during this incarnation and always, but what i wonder is that since it is the general consensus that the twins are reuniting in 2011 because of the increase of love energy this year, is this this for lack of a better word, a guarantee that twins will come together physically?

    It isn’t hard to understand that when you meet your twin, and i know i have mine, that we experience the powerful love and desire to be with them in this physical life.

    Are we supposedd to come together in physical life too especially since we are both incarnated in this world and living only four kilometers away from eaach other in the same city?

  2. Stardust says:

    This is so true… it’s unbelievable. Me and my Twin separated 10 years ago and the year 2011 is the year we (or I at least) got reunited in spirit. I thought I forgot him all these years but now I know I didn’t, and trying to forget him was the biggest mistake I made in my life because I felt half alive all this years without knowing why. Now that I remembered how much I love him and embraced the feeling, I am more alive than ever and I feel that our meeting is very near! Finally I woke up and I will NEVER sleep again! I’m so happy just to feel this, it’s like a blessing from the Universe and I have faith again. Thank you my love, thank you Universe!!!

  3. Stardust says:

    I forgot to add that, like me, I met more people who reconnected with their Twin or found out that they were twins this year. I was skeptical about the 2012 fenomenon but now I’m not anymore!!!

  4. Neha says:

    y response is to fritz. Just follow your heart and dont be scared. Being physical with your twin isnt really human… it’s beyond.. it’s very overwhelming and scary because no societal rules or norms or people make any sense. All that speaks of truth to you is your twin. So don’t be scared to follow your heart. The rest will follow.

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