Severing a Connection with Your Twin Flame

Q. Hi – I have made my twin very mad, thinks I am crazy – done some not
nice things out of ego. I worked with someone who said they could
sever our contract, etc on this earth. Then had a dream about my
twin. Is the contracts null now? Help!

A. I can’t speak for the person that you worked with on severing your contract with your twin flame. However, I can say that I do not believe that you can “sever the ties” with your twin flame because that would be like cutting off a piece of yourself. Your twin flame is so much engrained into the energetic makeup of who you are. As you go through your experiences, your emotions, your growth, these vibrations are being sent to your twin flame as well and vice versa. On a soul level, we all desire to merge with the other essence of our selves, hence the desire to be in relationship and reunite with our twin. Our souls would like nothing more than to be together in all ways, the spiritual and physical. But when we incarnated on Earth, we were given free will.

Free will allows us the chance to consciously choose our reunion with our twin. In order for us to do that, we do have other relationships and experiences in our life to give us many opportunities of growth, to move away from the ego and the mind to the space of true unconditional love, for this is the only way that twin flames can come together physically and stay together. If you are feeling that this is not the case for you and your twin right now, you can communicate with him through your dreams, through your thoughts, your emotions, in meditation or just like you would talk to a friend. What you send he will receive on whatever level he is ready to receive it. You cannot sever the connection with your twin flame as it is not possible, however you can express how you feel and what you are choosing right now in this moment. The soul of your twin flame loves you SO much that whatever you choose, the soul knows that it is out of love. We all have our own process of growth and no choice is ever right or wrong, it just is.

Have faith that you will come together in all ways at the perfect time…but know that the connection can shift and change, that you can continue to be in the moment living your life, even sharing love with another in deep close relationship…and that all of the steps you choose to take are perfect for your growth and your journey. You don’t need to feel that you need to separate completely in order to do this. Unconditional love would never create separation like that, but it can choose to move direction and focus for the benefit of your own well being right now.

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  1. Golden Cherub says:

    Something one might consider, this last age was a “kali yuga” age of darkness, and some of us had twin flame agreements that reflected that. I divorced my twin flame of this cycle, apparently we betrayed eachother many times and he cheated on me constantly. You ARE allowed to leave, contrary to public opinion. They don’t seem to want to tell you that though because some people’s fragile hopes would be dashed if they knew we had a choice. The truth of the matter is that God does not want us to be abused and suffer, TF or not. Not all of us have had successful TF relationships. Contrary also to popular belief, there are relationships “higher” than the TF relationship as well, or perhaps a back up copy of your TF will be sent to you. All is not lost, take care and love yourself first and foremost and the rest will follow. If your TF doesn’t work out, something BIGGER AND BETTER is waiting for you if you continue on your journey, but you must be whole in yourself first.

    One thing that helps: Clear all cords of attachments to everyone you’ve ever been with or had trauma with, retrieve soul fragments, and heal your chakras to speed things up.. Also balancing mind/body/soul/heart/spirit

  2. Jack says:

    Hi, I think I have had a twin flame or soul or something like that. A girl i used to know and I’ve been out with her once and she really liked me and I felt on top of the world around her, even though i actually didn’t like her as a person that much. After fighting with her we do not talk anymore and suddenly when I was a bit older began to develop problems with my body’s energy. I noticed after she left that I slowly began to have less physical strength as well as sexual energy. Now its even hard to exercise or have an erection because those things don’t feel so good anymore.
    I can hear her voice in my head like it’s psychic and I can feel her emotions and she gives me sexual energy and turns me on sometimes as if our sex drives were synced together. I am 99% sure it is her and I have been sent to the mental hospital because of this and I believe no medication is going to stop this as I have already taken two different medications and they didn’t work. Doctors do not believe this stuff is real and say I’m mentally ill and I didn’t used to believe in this type of thing either until these things have been happening to me.
    Should I pursue this girl even though I don’t like her that much to be physically and sexually stronger again because I would like the physical and sexual strength or should I somehow find out if I can get energy from a new person or something? Thanks

  3. Janique says:

    I HAVE to comment on this. I just stumbled upon your comment and I think it it is a divine connection and not a coincidence. I am so sorry that you have gotten to the point that you’ve questioned your mental sanity and had “professionals” confirm your deepest fear. That is a very hard. I can’t imagine. Initially it sounds like your journey in this twin flame relationship is to learn to trust what is naturally happening for you on an etheric level. Maybe your abilities, or talents stem from your connection to higher entities that will channel messages to you if only you stand strong in the belief that you are NOT CRAZY and this is how you are naturally created. I think I have a twin flame out there and I usually feel the need to connect with him on a sexual level. I have had MANY dreams about his struggles sexually and for some reason, my soul feel drawn to helping him out (as well as myself cause when he is well, so am I) mainly through connecting with his on an etheric sexual level. I have just let my soul be lead by my natural internal intuitions and usually I end up engaging in self pleasure that I know he is somehow engaging with me on an etheric level. You sound so much like him because he told me that he was not sexually drawn to me when we were friends in the physical world, but it was strange because I could tell we had a strong sexual connection. There have been times I could almost feel him in my home watching me while I walk around naked, etc. This has been happening for about 2 years now. I feel I am helping him heal some areas in his life that need healing. To be whole and healed sexually will help release so much more of one’s power. I’ve heard that a twin flame connection is odd at times in that you may not be attracted to each other, but can totally tell there is something that the other person has that you need and they are so strongly connected to you. This is set up to challenge your concept of attraction and relationships. Why are you attracted to they type of person that you are attracted to? This is a simple question but the actual true answer can unpack a lot of information. I remember feeling so rejected by my twin flame. Somehow I new he was attracted to me, but I did not fit his preconceived view of the ideal woman for him. I was too much of a reminder of areas in his life that he had not owned and gotten healing in. This was an invitation for me to discover my own self worth. I had always had issues with feeling self worth and feeling good enough and of course I would end up with a twin flame who isn’t able to see my actual worth. He was or is blinded by what society says is the better choice. I took it personally for so long and I tried so hard to make him like me. I finally STOPPED. I finally started focusing on ME. I learned to LOVE myself. I learned how to make passionate, intense love to myself. I learned to see MY own self worth so deeply that now it does not bother me that I am not his ideal. Once I started to see my own self worth, the Universe blessed me with many dating relationships where the guys immediately saw my self worth and cherished me. I had to first learn how to cherish myself. I am now in a committed relationship with an amazing man that I am truly in love with. My connection to my twin flame doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Every now and then, I feel drawn to engage with him on a sexual level and I choose to only because I know that it is healing for both of us, I miss him, and the love we create (even on a soul and etheric level) will spread to the masses and add more love to humanity. I am also in love with my twin flame, but the Universe does not see fit for our paths to cross and that is okay. I have learned to embrace the man who sees me as I see myself: beautiful, powerful, kind, loving, attractive, sexual, helper, intelligent, etc. I am HIS type and that feels nice to even for a while for forever, allow myself to be embraced by a man who saw my worth right from the beginning. It sounds like you may need to discover a bit more about yourself and embrace all of you, which includes your twin flame. Just going after her so you can be sexually potent again is not wise. If she is like me and has intentionally grown and matured during this time of separation, she will see right through to the heart of why you are seeking her out and she will finally have the confidence to tell you to go back and do some more of your own work. The twin flame connection is pure, sacred and other worldly. Go after her when you see her, truly see her, and not what you can get from her. Much love dear friend. In the mean time, see what she is actually offering you when she engages with you sexually on a soul level. You may be surprised what you find. SO MANY BLESSINGS TO YOU. Your twin loves you so so much and can feel when you need her, and she shows up. Don’t take that for granted. It’s an honor to have a twin flame out there. I am so blessed to know there is this masculine reflection of me somewhere out there. He is an amazing guy. I’m happy to be his feminine half.

  4. Janique says:

    TO Golden Cherub

    I totally agree with you that the Universe can send you (or you manifest) another twin flame who is ready for you. The man that I am in a relationship with right now is amazing. Our connection is very powerful and there is so much love between us it can’t help but to be spread to the masses. There are also many strange parallels between my companion and my twin flame and I dreamed about this man before he came into my life. I also dreamed that my Twin would know when this man would come into my life and he would start telepathically communicating with me more. Source Energy/Universe/God(dess) showed me that Twin is not operating from ill intent. He is not trying to hurt me. I saw clearly that he was scared to actually act on his feelings for me and it felt safer for him to do it etherically. I ultimately made the choice to tell him how far I will allow him into my life and I won’t engage in self destructing an actual relationship that has presented itself to me and then blame it on this twin flame connection. I control how much I give and how much I receive from him. I do not ascribe to the whole “Twin flame is using me” theory. No one uses me. I say okay to the situation in some way and when I owned my contribution to this crazy dynamic, I became more free. Sure he probably used the sexual healing and energy to share with his actual physical life partner. GOOD FOR HIM!! Cause guess what, So do I. When twin flames connect sexually on an etheric level, it reaches a part of the soul that can be so hard to reach. So when I am opened up from my etheric sexual exchange, I then share my full heart with my companion who is committed to me in the tangible world. I was NOT used. I made a choice and I said yes. Even though I have shared with Twin on a soul based non physical level, there is NOTHING like sharing with a man who is actually physically in my life. My actual companion gets to have my hands trail his body and we get to sweat together and I feel the warmth of his skin. Nothing compares. I say, “Thanks twin flame for stepping aside and allowing my man to come in who is ready”. I try not to send out harsh, hurtful energy towards him (twin). We are all humans and trying the best that we can with the tools we have at the moment. Life it too short to have hateful energy. I am blessed with my companion and I give so much love to him that he is so floored by every time we are together and that is because of the depths of my soul and heart being opened up by my twin flame connection. We are helping each other. I know that I have helped twin become closer to his companion in ways he never even imagined and for that I say “You’re welcome, Much love and keep it rolling”. I am eternally thankful for the exchange. He has helped me out just as much as I have helped him out. All I have to do is see what his contributions are to this relationship dynamic and all the growth that I have had since meeting twin. I will see the exponential growth that has taken place only because of our influences on each other.

  5. Janique says:

    Last thing… My exclamation marks and capital letters are coming from me being super excited and not yelling 🙂
    I started off addressing Golden cherub, but also trailed into addressing some of the other comments I read that were written earlier. Much love everyone 🙂

  6. Reabad says:

    i know that severing ties with TF is like severing a part of your own body but i still want to do it. in order to survive. how do i make it happen?

  7. Conan says:

    Reabad — Technically it’s not that hard. You can eliminate various forms of communication (Facebook, Twitter, contact info, etc…). You’ll probably find yourself trying to reestablish them after a bit because it’s so hard being away from your twin flame.

    Mentally/Emotionally, I find it very difficult, if not impossible. I find myself thinking of my twin flame constantly – a song, the wind blowing right, a restaurant we went to, just a random longing for her, etc… I went out to read blogs today because I needed encouragement to stay away. But all the time, I know that we will someday be together again, when the time is right and we are both ready gives me solace. In the meantime, I’m really trying to focus on the pursuit of happiness without my flame at my side.

    I don’t have much advice if you physically see your flame on a regular basis. I see mine and don’t deal with it well. I’m currently looking for another career to put a bit more distance between us.

    The other suggestion I have is to read various posts. The path you choose will vary if you are currently the runner or chaser. I’ve been both in my flame relationship and they both hurt tremendously (I’ve been the chaser in this last phase).

    Good luck.

  8. reabad says:

    i want to sever ties on ALL levels mentally emotionally, physically, spiritually energetically i dont want him to be my twin flame – a divorce

  9. Giorgio says:

    I am amazed at the doubt and the pain involved within the Twin Flame connection.
    I thought of severing this relationship that has been for me ‘OUT OF THIS WORLD.’

    If you want to sever your relationship from your Twin, I think Now, is the worst thing that can happen to both of you.

    You must be strong to show your Twin Flame that you are strong and supportive.
    We , including myself, cannot put the pain before my Twin Flame.

    By feeling and conquering this pain you will grow spiritually. You should try to embark on a self reflection to develop yourself first.

    You must connect , Stay connected that way you will not delay your reunion.’If you really believe ‘ in your Twin Flame relationship.

    You have a choice to delay or mature your soul strengths and grow spiritually. You will become stronger than you can imagine.

    My Twin knows we are Twin Flames. However she is in doubt and she has a relationship with someone else. She even asked me to let her go and be free.

    I adore my Twin Flame. We have known this for over 26 years. I would not ask her to leave her husband.
    That is her decision to make, however she loves her husband but she is not in love with him.

    Well, there are things that she is in denial about but then I opened her eyes about things but she is in denial.

    We have known one another for 27 years and have had a relationship for 8 years within that time.

    I asked her to commit and made the mistake that I showed her that I could get another beautiful woman , with the hope that she would commit.
    Stupid…. Dumb….. Ignorance …. Foolish … And all the rest , yes I made a big mistake out of frustration because I wanted her to be with me.

    It all backfired. She ended the relationship. Yes, she is secure financially, and materialistically .

    What I am saying is this.
    We can try to speed up the reunion. It just does but happen that way.

    We must be spiritually ready ‘ Ourselves’ first. Then we must let our soul Twin Flame as well because how can you connect if you not both spiritually matured…?
    It will not last. You don t want that.

    You must connect with the highest entity that has created your Twin Flame Creation.

    Don t sever your relationship.
    You should for both your sake first, to mature and accept your belief first that you will unite together.

    Connect as you have been advised with your Twin Flame through your dreams, meditations and positive thinking.

    Your Twin Flame is half of you, your other better half and they can feel you, sense you and they ‘LOVE’ YOU.

    Severing delays and hurts your Twin. You must not put yourself first before your Twin. That is NOT a Twin Unconditional Mature Love.

    You emotions must be controlled and you should educate yourself .
    Instead of severing , think of reading writing ( I have).

    Have self belief and self love as well as foresight into your reunion.

    I ask you not to sever it , I did not and I hurt like hell.
    But I try my best to stay calm and I have emotional moments as well.

    My Twin Flame is the best think that could have EVER HAPPENED TO ME.

    Why would I sever it. Xxxx
    Xxxxx Never xxxx rather suffer and show how strong I can become for … US … XXXXX

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