Somebody Waiting

I mentioned that you are never “waiting” when you are within the in between time before physical reunion with your twin flame, and this is true, for you are always enhancing who you are, becoming clear as to what you are passionate about while bringing those passions into your life in all ways, being happy in your own company doing what you enjoy, knowing the energy of the one that is perfect for you…

But the irony here is that in a way it does feel like you are “waiting,” especially if you are tuned into your radar, your inner nudging of what is to come. It is the balance of being in the moment while holding space for what you know is coming…

I found this song today and thought I’d share it with you…going out to my twin flame today…I love you…and am patiently awaiting your arrival very soon into my arms…where the storm will abate…”all my life I have waited for your love.”

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