Why is it Taking So Long to Find my True Love?

Q. Why does it take us so long to find “the one?”

A. It’s never taking too long to find the perfect one for you. The only way that it may seem that it is taking long, is

1. If you believe in separation – the truth is that you are never separated from your true love regardless of whether or not you are physically with each other

2. If you believe that you are just waiting – you are never just waiting…you are always growing ever deeper in love, becoming more who you are, connecting with your passions and bringing that into your life…it is the perfect amount of “time” before you meet – all that you are experiencing leading up to that reunion is perfect and getting you ready to receive your true love

3. If you are looking to the future or the past and not the moment – it is so important to be in the moment on the journey leading up to your perfect one because there is so much that is here for you right now to embrace, to learn from, to grow from, to heal from…and the moment provides you with signs to guide you along into the next moment along your journey.

4. Doubting whether or not you will ever find this person – in order to attract that energy and love into your life, you need to be vibrating with the frequency so that the love can recognize your light and move towards you

5. Looking at others in love and feeling jealousy – this connects with #1 because you may feel separated from that love and separated from your true love, when you are with each other in every moment as well as every relationship you share…feel that, and watch how powerful it is, how much deeper your love grows in your heart for your true love.

Let go of the perception of it taking so long and searching to find the perfect one for that one will come to you when you are not searching…it will just happen naturally.

1 Comment on “Why is it Taking So Long to Find my True Love?

  1. This is all quite true! And as I have learned from my twin flame Daniel, who is on the other side, sometimes they are there all along, and we just have to pay attention to the little signs they’re sending us, in order to realize they are with us. How many people already have their soulmates right by their sides, if they only knew? And how much comfort they would take if they did know!