The Cat and A Bird

This afternoon I saw a cat go after a bird, catching the bird in its mouth. I saw the bird very still and thought that the cat had killed him. Then as the cat laid down and relaxed a bit, the bird got free. As the cat went to catch the bird again, he wasted no time and flew away.

What did I receive from this? You always have a choice with what you experience, and if you find yourself tied down, literally stuck or worse yet, in a place you don’t want to be, then you have the power to change it. Keep the patience and know when the next time is to act, take that chance and make it happen. If you fall down, you don’t have to stay down, unless you choose to. No choice is ever wrong but depending on what you choose, the experience to mirror your choice will follow.

Can you see me waving my hand in the air saying, “you go!” to the bird? Yup, that was me this afternoon. I have faith in the power of creation, the power of happiness as it comes to those who embrace it.

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