Expressions of Love Part 2

August 11, 2011

Dear Me,

The longing has released me and it is now replaced with an appetite ever thirsting for the awesomeness in the now. Have you truly seen the colors reflected in the sun as its arms extend out, reaching out its warmth, encompassing everything and everyone all at the same time?

This is how my heart is growing, feeling love for now, then and when, merging into one experience, making love out of me,
making love into me.
Freedom is home here,
only limitation would attach so tightly to your body
for I know your body is only a vessel you inhabit every now and then.
Your visitations keep me company during the night.

I am the pilot of my dreams,
in my dreams,
opening deeper to your love and our creations.
We weave some elaborate adventures love,
this is a truth we can always be comforted with.

As I open my eyes again, you are still visible with your sweet smile,
your form fading into another and another where my mind can’t recognize you
though my heart feels you.
I opened the door to find a spider weaved his massive web enclosing me within
and I know that we weave a circle of connections so intricately
to make us aware that we are all holding hands together
dancing a new dance with each other.

Nothing is broken –
it is all continuously being created and re-created,
defined and re-defined,
to know that nothing can truly ever be so restricted as to be defined.
We are ever changing,
shaping and re-shaping,
forming and re-forming,
learning and un-learning
to be
completely be

You are here with me in this freedom,
painting an ever deepening picture of our unity,
you and me,
to be.

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One comment on “Expressions of Love Part 2
  1. Ingo says:

    This is so beautiful. And it describes exactly the way I am feeling the last cupla weeks 🙂

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