Expressions of Love Part 4

August 21, 2011

When I first saw you through these eyes,

you gave me a glimpse of me.

When I looked deeper, I saw many pieces of me within your eyes,

waiting there so patiently to be discovered all in the perfect moment.

The colors of you paint a calming picture of the energies of us dancing throughout existence and perception.

We are as we have always been as we always will be.

The Heavens have opened unto me the light of remembering it is you I have always known.

It is you I have been holding so dear and near to my heart before sleep.

It is you I have written for.

It is you I have laughed with when the darkness seemed too dark.

It is you I have always been calling out to.

It is you I have been waiting for

and you I have always been loving.

Now that I know this, the full creation of you in this lifetime, I will continue to laugh with you, hold you, write with you, and show you again and again, over and over until in the pattern we discover anew another part of us birthing itself into creation.

Ah yes, there are endless pieces of the puzzle that make us who we are,

pillars of light that shine brighter when we stand beside one another.

The Heavens have opened unto me the light of remembering…

One comment on “Expressions of Love Part 4
  1. Aishwarya says:

    This speaks directly to my core and yes, truly what I have experienced with twin! <3 Thank you so much again and again ~~~~ endless love and shining light beam to you, Gabriella and all on this path ~~~~

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