Balance Within Twin Soul Relationships

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by Nenari, Princess of the Sea

“Loving someone unconditionally means that you Love even that dark side……deep down a man is as John Lennon puts it in the song Woman ‘the little child inside of the man’ who all he wants is to be Loved, all any man deep in his heart wants is to know he is Loved, honoured, and cherished. A man wants to know that no matter how dark he is or how f—-d up he does things or is, that all the same she Loves him. I don’t care who the man he is or if in ego he will deny such, but to a man the approval of the woman he loves is like one of the most important things ever to a man. And a man who feels he doesn’t deserve that Love will test the woman he Loves over and over again for her to prove her Love for him. Our task as the woman he loves, is to continue to be there for him, Love him unconditionally, bumps, bruises, and all. Love the whole of him, all of him. Hold him, that scared little boy who is the man in your arms, hold him, and say I Love you and its ok and you can do it over and over again no matter how much he fights you and says Let me go. Love him all the more. Love him from all the Love within you in which you Love yourself as the whole, perfect, complete, and beautiful being you are and show him that he is this as well through your Loving him as you Love yourself sharing your completeness with him. Allow your arms to be his surrender and freedom no matter how much he kicks and screams, Love him all the same. Love him into healing, Love him into freedom. For with enough Love, anything can be healed. With enough Love anything is possible” ~The Master Artist

There are many that I mentor who come to me asking about balance in their lives. How to balance the spiritual journey with the life journey, or how to balance their professional and personal lives. The most challenging of all though that I am so often asked about is how to balance my relationship. In particular for those who have come together with their twinsoul.

In the last almost four years now that my twinsoul Natu (Chris) and I have been together, the one thing I have come to realize is that there is free from being any such thing as a rule book to the twinsoul relationship. Much like when we have our children, we are free from being given a rule book to come with our child that says if we do x, y, and zed that we will be “doing” it right. No. Rather, just as with our children, within twinsoul relationships the only rule book or golden rule that I have come to understand to be our guide is that of our heart. Is that of love. And I will also add, a good sense of humour too!

The first thing we are asked to understand is that we already and always, in all ways, are balance. We are already balance and balanced, so truly there is free from being anything to balance. As a spirit, as a soul, we ARE this. Also, we ARE love. This is who we are. We are this love. When we choose to come to this earth however and within living on this earthly dimension, there is a game we play though which is called earthly balance. The balance in which we come to remember the balance, the love we already and always are.

Balance then comes in when we come to understand that love is the rule. As my beloved sweet Troubadour twinsoul Natu sings in his song What Would Love Do Now (which was inspired by Neale Donald Walsch’s work in CWG on the same topic), what is your heart guiding you in love to be, to do, to say, to act? When you feel the desire welling up within you to be angry, taking that deep breath and acknowledging the anger, and in the same moment, reach for love instead. And keep loving. And keep following your heart. And keep loving and following your heart. No matter how much your twinsoul may resists you or places perceived blocks in your way. No matter how unloving she/he may appear at that moment. All the same, love, just as in the quote here that began this article.

I know it can be challenging at moments. Believe me, I know. The things that Natu has brought into my life of such challenges at some moments when I have been in the thick of it, have felt as if I was free from being able to take it anymore. As if I could love no more. And I wanted to (and often did) walk away. And say I’m done. No more. And he too has done this. And yet, somehow, someway, the universe seems to always, in all ways, bring us back to one another. Why? Because of love. Love itself. For once we have or remember the balance of the feminine and masculine essence within us individually, it is then we come together with our twinsoul. And in that, the balance game begins of the balance within relationship with our twinsoul. And it is an ever evolving process rather than a one time shot. The alpha and the omega, the yin and the yang. An essence that is ever evolving. An essence that is ever transforming, ever loving and ever remembering the balance we are.

It takes being conscious. Twinsoul relationships are free from being about being asleep. We are to be awake, aware, and constantly conscious of who, we are both individually and also together, in relationship with our twinsoul. And to keep loving, no matter what.

Easy to say at moments I know, free from being as easy to be and do in practice some may say. I offer this story in relation to that. Back many years ago when I was teaching in the public/private school sector, I was teaching reading. And a boy named Nathan came into my reading group. Nathan was from an earthly standpoint classified as ADD/ADHD which to me just means he had his awareness more of spiritual dimension than of earthly dimension. And thus, although he was in grade 3, his reading level at that point was only that of grade 1. At the point I began teaching him reading, he would often get angry when he couldn’t do it (read that is) and he would throw a fit and kick me and scream and just act out his frustration.

It was one day when he did this that the Master Artist (God/Source/All That Is whatsoever you choose to call such) guided me to just take Nathan in my arms and embrace him. To just hold him and to tell him over and over again that I love him, that he could do it, and that it was ok. Now of course, when I first began doing this, he thrashed about and screamed ‘Let Me GO!’ and continued his fit, getting right pissed off to be honest. And yet, I just kept holding him tightly saying over and over again ‘I love you, you can do it, and it’s ok’.

After what seemed to be forever, something quite beautifully amasing occurred. He finally surrendered, he released. He began to go soft, less rigid. And he began to just sob. And sob. And sob. And say I can’t do it, I suck, I this, I that, through the tears. And I just kept holding him and I began rocking him like the little boy he was in that moment and just kept telling him how I knew he could do it and that I love him. After a time we finally began reading again. And do you know that from that moment on, he excelled in reading. By the time I left that school (which was mid way through the year), he was reading at grade 5 reading level.

It is that same love, that unconditional agape love that we are being asked to have with our twinsouls. And in essence it then expands out from our twinsouls to all. Because part of our mission and purpose is to take the love and the whole, perfect, and completeness that we already and always, in all ways, are within and to share that with our twinsouls and then to take that love that we share with our twinsouls and to then take it out into the world for the benefit of us and all. And within that it is then an infinite circle of giving.

Balance to remember to love again and again. To keep your heart open, even in moments you want to shut down and run away. To love, to surrender, to release, to keep loving again and again. To let go of all those old wounds that keep us from loving truly, deeply, and unconditionally. Rumi has a quote about this that I dearly love which says this ~ “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

And as I said earlier, within remembering this balance, what too helps is a good sense of humour in it all. The running joke between Natu and I is that of what Wayne Dyer speaks of in his book, The Power of Intention having to do with Rule number 6. Natu and I often will say this to one another, especially in those intense moments.

“Two prime ministers are sitting in a room discussing affairs of state. Suddenly a man bursts in, apoplectic with fury, shouting and stamping and banging his fist on the desk. The resident prime minister admonishes him: “Peter,” he says, “kindly remember Rule Number 6,” whereupon Peter is instantly restored to complete calm, apologizes, and withdraws. The politicians return to their conversation, only to be interrupted yet again twenty minutes later by a hysterical woman gesticulating wildly, her hair flying. Again the intruder is greeted with the words: “Marie, please remember Rule Number 6.” Complete calm descends once more, and she too withdraws with a bow and an apology. When the scene is repeated for a third time, the visiting prime minister addresses his colleague: “My dear friend, I’ve seen many things in my life, but never anything as remarkable as this. Would you be willing to share with me the secret of Rule Number 6?” “Very simple,” replies the resident prime minister. “Rule Number 6 is ‘Don’t take yourself so damn seriously.’” “Ah,” says his visitor, “that is a fine rule.” After a moment of pondering, he inquires, “And what, may I ask, are the other rules?” “There aren’t any.”

Remember that the challenges and the moments when you are physically free from being with your twinsoul are opportunities for growth and remembering who you are. Honouring you in each moment, even in those moments that strong feelings and e~motions come through is the key. For e~motion is just energy~in~motion, the fluidity of the experience of life as it flows through you. Focus on the gifts you do have in your life, all of them, even the challenges and moments of being free from being with your twinsoul. For such moments are a huge gift. A gift to have you remember and BE who you are, which is love itself. To love and be loved again and again is why we are here. And as you remember and BE who you are, as you shine your light, you automatically draw your twinsoul to you. Allow yourself to enjoy the journey of the experience of being a spiritual being in human form for it is why we chose to come here. Life is a journey, enjoy the ride. May your heart be guided by love, and may your songs echo this same heart.

About Nenari

Known as the Princess of the Sea, the “Diamondlady” of Lemuria who brings the Love and Light to the world in all ways through the gifts poured through her hands and through the beauty of her song, Nenari, Princess of the Sea, is a universally celebrated singer, author, speaker, and spiritual mentor within the resonance of Spiritual Oneness. As an Ambassadour of Love and Light, Nenari is known as the “Diamondlady” of Lemuria, the soul who brings forth the Diamond energy of Lemuria to this earth within infinite ways. She is currently the author of several books including “Life Long Learning ~ Transforming Learning” and “Stepping Into Spiritual Oneness ~ Spiritual Rememberings of the Soul Through Life Experience”, and “Song of the Princess”; and has appeared on various radio shows and within articles of international publications. Currently, Nenari has a regular featured column in the India Newspost entitled The OM (the One Moment) and is also a contributing music writer for Gonzo Online, writing in-depth pieces from the heart of our musicians to touch, move and inspire you to see the real, raw, vulnerable, and from the heartness of the musician behind the music; being totally naked and exposed, revealing all and holding back none, and their legacy that they desire to leave for us all.

Nenari is also the Director of The Diamondlight Spiritual Oneness Centre and also the co~creator of the OneSoul REALationship Series along with her spiritual partner Natu. In addition, Nenari is also Music Manager/Publicist for Natu (Chris Madsen) in addition to other artists on the journey.

Nenari is a gifted channeler, healer, seeing your soul and its path. From the age of 6, Nenari who was originally raised Catholic, would sit in church and would see spirit guides, loved ones who crossed over, and auras. As a spiritually gifted reader, she has over 25 years experience in channeling Spirit, dream interpretation, aura, and many other forms of readings. As a Crystal Therapist, Reiki Master, Chakra Therapist, and meditational guru, Nenari has a unique way of channeling through Spirit tapping into the soul and being the clear conduit for healing in all dimensions. Diamondlady is also a spiritual minister with a doctorate in Divinity through her extensive study of the spiritual realms and wisdom that pours through her being. She enkindles souls to experience the light within their soulful BEing and facilitates Spiritual Oneness partnership by empowering all souls to connect with, trust in, and follow their own souls guidance free from the illusions of limiting beliefs.

A songstress since the age of 8 and a channeler/writer since the age of 12, Nenari’s gifts through song and prose are a testament to not only her life’s journey within this life, yet also is the legacy of all ages pouring through her very being.

Nenari provides spiritual circles, workshops, seminars around the world to help assist others on how to remember the spiritual beings of Love and Light we all are and to get real and clear in all your relationships. As a clear conduit of the Divine, Nenari channels the wisdom of Spirit within multi~dimensional ways to inspire each soul to develop their own inner voice of the soul of who they are and brings the gifts of Infinite Healing, Absoulute Love or Soulful Love, Light, and Peace to all whom she inspires. She enkindles souls to experience the light within them by empowering all to connect with, trust in, and follow their own souls guidance free from the illusions of limiting beliefs.

Nenari’s healing Love and Light seeks to remind us that when you live from your heart, it is your soul guides you rather than the illusion of this earth that we call as fear and doubt. To be living from your heart, from your soul, and your intuition, free from limitation, is to bring bliss and Absoulute love into your life experience and within the lives of all those whom you inspire which in turn illuminates the universe in an infinite circle. By simultaneously experiencing our Oneness, as well as, our individuality, Nenari’s vision is that of seeing this earth dimension as simply whole, perfect, and complete as it IS (Infinitely Spiritual); where Absoulute Love is seen as the natural resonance that occurs when we let go of fear and the illusions of limiting beliefs and step into the OM, the One Moment of Love and Light. For more on her beautiful creations, please visit her Here or email her at

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