Guardian Twin Flames: The Connection Exists Beyond the Physical

Q. Can you tell me more about guardian twin flames? Personally speaking I
believe my twin is with me but it takes a tremendous amount of faith
to have that conviction. And though I talk to her and she tells me she
loves me and couldn’t possibly know things without me telling her I
always need that reassurance.

A. Your twin flame is always with you, as from the eyes of Spirit and the truth of eternal love is that despite the minds perception of not having the physical body of your twin beside you in any given moment, you are still together, still connecting, still loving. You exist, love, create, experience beyond your body and it is in knowing this, feeling this, believing this to be the truth that you are able to share deeper in the love vibration with your twin. Know that what you hear your twin sharing with you is her essence which is your essence, her truth which is your truth. It is only the mind that tries to promote separation by not believing that it is true or that it is possible to be communicating and sharing with your twin if the physical body is not present. This is a limitation and limitations are created in the human mind but limitations do not exist through the eyes of the heart, the soul, spirit.

Sometimes, because we are in these human bodies, we do desire to have confirmation and reassurance that we are connecting to our twins, even though our heart tells us we are. In times like this, continue to talk and share with your twin, and allow yourself to receive the guidance from the universe as the universe will always respond, your twin will always respond. Find comfort in knowing that you are NOT crazy…that crazy and normal are perceptions that are relative…may this journey of deep unconditional twin flame love bring you past any perception of separation in believing or feeling that this type of love is not possible or real. If you are experiencing it, it IS real!

3 Comments on “Guardian Twin Flames: The Connection Exists Beyond the Physical

  1. This might have been my question. Thanks so much, this was an awesome response, it gave me faith!

  2. Thanks, then I’m not crazy. It is good to know it, specially when I feel the spiritual connection with my TF.

  3. All true and perfect. there are times when i have felt crazy and in the processing of disintegration ways to come into whole and core soul truth, or to the knowing of me, it is not easy. the human paradigms are fun and challenging and yet we are here, all for love. we come home to core and truth from heart, vibes, our multidimensional knowing and presence and in the eternal beingness and catch up in the human forms too 😉 It is so very very real and there, nothing could make us grow into more and more in the human dimensions to catch up with the rest of all our meta selves and versions than this in pure integration, service of the soul path and true shedding in all of love. LOVE ~ thank you for you being you and resonating core soul truth and living yours in all the courage, blazing love and faith 😉 🙂 Love you ~