Journey on the Pilgrimage of Love to Your Beloved

I was joined by Anaiya Sophia, Author of the book Pilgrimage of Love: A Tale of Romance, Heartbreak and meeting “The One.” Anaiya has many services that she offers to help you on your path to the Beloved. She is also a speaker and offers workshops to offer her insight on womb wisdom and so much more.

Anaiya gives directly from her feminine heart centred presence, allied with her playful, infectious enthusiasm to inspire and arouse others to surrender their lives to live as love, no matter what it takes. Since the age of twelve she has walked the Path of the Beloved. Fueled by the Power of Love to seek ‘the Beloved’ everywhere. To love even in the darkest of places.

On this show, we shared in detail on her above mentioned book, her path to her beloved, the ups and downs which she encountered, the deepest faith that still remains with her today, the willingness to love amidst the darkness and the bright light, the balancing of male and female energies within, and so much more. Join us for this powerful conversation to either start you on the journey towards your beloved or inspire you as you continue onward…

To learn more about Anaiya and her book, please visit her at Pilgrimage of Love.

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