Running Away From the Twin Flame

Q. Do twin flames often push you away and leave you parting w/cold words and distance?

A. Can this happen when you encounter your twin flame? Yes, if there is unhealed parts of individual karma. It is important to know that when you encounter your twin flame in the physical (even before the physical), you will be confronted with all the pieces of yourself, since your twin is the clearest mirror for you of who you are. The goal of the twin flame journey is about service and moving deeper into the vibration of unconditional love. If you experience words that you may perceive to be “cold” and “distance,” this is an opportunity for you to see what beliefs, emotions are there for you to observe. This is a chance for you to know that underneath words that can be considered “cold,” is love. Many times words can be expressed that don’t feel as though they are coming from love as it may be something that is coming up for the person who is expressing them…and that most of the time, it doesn’t have anything to do with you…however, when you are receiving such from your twin, it is a chance for you to move deeper in unconditional love. Love yourself and love your twin through the process – and notice what is coming up within you that might need healing. You are loved and you are able to give love in the deepest sense.

There can be fear that comes up when one is presented with their twin flame…and that fear can come out in such behavior as you mention above. Where does the fear come from? It comes from a place of being wary or a bit concerned with being in such a vulnerable state, a transparent space of being seen for all that you are…for you cannot hide away from your twin. You are called to love all of yourself as you love your twin, like a seesaw, as they both go hand in hand. As you love yourself more, the love for your twin naturally rises because you see your beauty reflected in your twin and your twins beauty reflected in you. If the twin does leave or “run away,” then the twin who is being left is called to understand that that free will choice of not moving into physical union is just that, a choice, and it doesn’t change the profound love that you share and hold for one another – unconditional love for your twin brings you to the place of accepting whatever your twin decides in any moment, knowing that your physical separation does not mean that you are separated. Your souls and spirits are connected way beyond your physical bodies and you can elevate your vibrations and co-create together regardless of whether you are sharing direct contact in your lives.

May you connect to the truth of the eternal love that is present within you for you as well as your twin for in that love, you move closer in the vibration of unconditional love with your twin.

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88 comments on “Running Away From the Twin Flame
  1. Jimmy says:

    Hey everyone. Ah, vous comprenez, oui, bien sur. No idea. I’ve stopped. Hahaha! Was pissed when I wrote that. There’s some lady who has decided to deliberately distort twin flame information to make as much money as possible.
    You should check out Melvin and Nicole who are on Youtube. Templates, huge revelation.
    Sidney, are you in touch with your Twin then? We are not. We’re both stubborn as anything, so God knows if we’re going to message again.
    We’ve changed roles for what feels like the millionth time. Thought we were past the runner chaser dance. However, woken up with anxiety the past two days, so she’s getting chasey 58. Understood why she ran. It is overwhelming having someone press themselves into you.
    I didn’t think, I’d find someone so similar to me.
    Why did you chase Sidney? For any runners, what does it feel like, why did you run? Bonne nuit tout le monde! Jimmmy.

  2. Jimmy says:

    *So she might well be..

  3. Sidney says:

    I’m assuming you mean “pissed” in the English sense of having had a few pints and not the American sense of being angry. Why I chase? All sorts of reasons. Because the thought of him not being in my life is impossible. Because I fully intend to be there when he figures out what we are to each other. Because I know he is mine and I am his.
    We met about four years ago and have a very close friendship. There seems to be a natural cycle of needing to check in on each other, spending time together pushing our level of intimacy, followed by a need for distance to process everything that is so overwhelming (this is the painful part). It usually takes about two weeks for us to go through this cycle. Being stubborn about who calls or texts first after time apart just needlessly drags things out. We’re in the apart phase right now. He came over for lunch Wednesday, and after what was shared, I am anxious and feeling emotionally vulnerable, but will find a way through. It is working through things together, while apart…if that makes any sense.
    I’ve followed Mel & Nicole off and on. I think Mel has a lot of accurate information about Twin Flames. I just find it amusing when he has a rant about TF misinformation or those holding a purely romantic notion of TF love. Ultimately, the best source of information is Self, and we should all know that by now. Of course, it’s nice to share with others along the way.

  4. Jimmy says:

    I was pissed as in annoyed. Should have run when she started writing about a bunch of voices in her head; multiple twins apparently.
    Does he know about Twin Souls? THAT would be a difficult conversation. I mean fuck, if she’d suggested it before I’d rediscovered it (thought it was new age nonsense) that would have been it. Bye!
    The distance is ALWAYS intense. Yes, it makes sense. Every time we part, all the stuff I’d supressed comes up.
    So do you have other Twin stuff, telepathic contact, astral sex, the same dreams etc?
    We’re not that straightforward. She won’t be coming over for lunch for a while and I’ve deleted her number.
    What did he share? It’s good having others to talk about this to.

  5. Sidney says:

    Multiple twins, eh? Well, I’ve read ( that some people think they are part of a multiple. Personally, I don’t buy it, but they are free to believe what they like. It might be different parts of self coming back together and I can imagine how that might feel similar to a TF reunion.
    No, I doubt my TF knows about twin souls and I’ve never brought it up. It’s probably better to let him put the pieces together himself. He knows we are so similar in so many ways. He has also been surprised a couple of times when I have picked up on things in his head. It doesn’t happen often, but I can do this and last time he jokingly told me to get out of his head. I occasionally mention to him a dream I’ve had, but think it would freak him out if he understood that he is always in my dreams. The shear number and intensity of the dreams was one of the things that happened right after we met and had me searching for answers. Other twin stuff? Not so much of the really out there stuff, but there were a lot of wacky things in the beginning. It got me to sit up and pay attention. The dreams persist.
    What did he share? Worries, hopes, history, opinions, new plans. We are both going through some major life changes at the moment and trying to make sense of things, understand ourselves and each other better. And it’s never been straightforward for us either, even if meeting for lunch seems so unremarkable. It takes a lot of persistence to bring this all about in cold, hard physical reality…stubbornness has it’s advantages 🙂

  6. Jimmy says:

    Yeah, me and Rina are not on fantastic terms. Lol. Never bought it either.

    We came to it separately as well.

    She’s done this a decent amount.

    I think if this guys’ your TF, he’ll be experiencing all of this. I started feeling her emotions and it carried on from there. She hinted at it (apparently she’d been getting stuff for months before me. Hahaha! We had absolutely no contact at this point. She must have thought she was going mad), as did I, which is better than her going: ‘So Jimmy, I can hear your voice in my head. GUESS WE’RE TWINS HUH?’ I’d drop it into the conversation. Just say it was in Cosmo or FHM or something. I have two specific types of dream with her. One where we actually hang out and one which is like a barometer.:)

  7. Delphina says:

    Dear Sidney,

    I want to let you know how much I enjoy reading your comments and especially when you are telling us about your twinflame relationship and how it is working for you. Your two week cycle sounds very divine and I can very well relate to this. I also met my twinflame almost 4 years ago now and over the first time we met once or twice a week, like your lunch meetings, but this was too intense and we could not manage to do this in the long run, however much we wanted to.

    You sound very considerate and calm, kind of resting very much in yourself and I truly admire your calmness and your wisdom in letting your twin not know about every dream, about the intensity it has for you and about the twinflames and that you are giving him the space and room to figure it all out by himself. This sounds truly admirable to me and I would love to have more of this calmness ;-).

    I was not able to hide from her when it dawned on me we were twinflames as it was the universe just arranging this for us and putting me into a situation, very much orchestrated from above, when I simply HAD to share this with her. But I think if the universe does such a thing, it also means that it was meant to be, and I am quite sure of this. So I also don’t regret telling her. But I do know that it has caused her great stress and that all of the intensity and me sharing all of this with her has caused her great stress as well.

    Currently we are not sharing at all ~ not in words I mean 😉 ~ of course we share all the time on the level of the soul and heart 🙂 ~ and this is so hard for me, not being able to share with her in the physical world – for more than one year now. However, we are also one of those twinflame pairs who have already had a lot of encounters in this physical world and I so much hope we will see each other again, and it is so difficult not being able to tell her even that I hope to see her again …. without causing her so much stress, which I of course want to prevent ….. because I love her more than I can say ….

    However the universe is keeping me so busy, overwhelming me with positive signs and messages and sometimes I am just happy to be kept busy in this way and to enjoy the beautiful messages and sometimes I think I will see her again anyway, at the right time, at the right place ….. no matter what I am doing in the meantime ….

    I have also come to realize that we are following a soul plan, I just found another hint today that truly underlines this thought. I find this quite amazing how much things seems to be predetermined. When I see the evidence I can often hardly believe it. I seem to be doing things that I think are MY idea and I sometimes find out that I am doing what OUR soul obviously has known even before, and whenever I come across such things, it give me a shiver down the spine ;-). As she is not here in the present 3D, I read our text messages and emails I kept from all our years and the revelations when reading the former texts and when seeing how things have enfolded over the time and when making the connections between what our texts were foreshadowing and what is happening in the present, are quite overwhelming. When we wrote those texts, this never occurred to us, and now it all feels connected and it feels like we knew all of it anyway …… we even knew …. we even gave each other support for the time of not being together in the 3D …. it is truly AMAZING when one sees all of this …

    and it feels like a BIG BIG BLESSING shining over everything that is happening.

    I am sending waves of love and light from my heart to all of you and your twins ~ may you all feel the blessings shining softly and everlastingly over your twinflame and you

  8. Sidney says:

    Yes Jimmy, I don’t think it would be worth saying to my TF that we have an ongoing conversation (sometimes argument) in my head. Sounds crazy. And somehow, I know he would laugh if I casually told him I read something in Cosmo about twin souls. (I’m not really a Cosmo-reading kind of girl) I’m not sure how I’ll ever bring it up with him, but you never know. I had a fun thought that I would take him out to the Thai restaurant near him, and convince him to go for a psychic reading next door…casually asking if she can tell we’re twins. He processes things differently. What he is experiencing might come through in his painting or writing, which would be interesting.
    I think it’s cool you can feel Rina’s emotions, but that must be tough. I hate to think my TF was experiencing some of the emotions I have gone through. He has wrapped his arms around me in my dreams to soothe me when I felt despair. In another dream, he took both my hands and said “I love you, I just don’t know how to express it”. And last week, I was in tears because it looks like I will have to move away this summer, and in my dream, I was leaning back against him and dissolved into him. It was pure bliss. And I can’t wait until those dreams make there way into waking life.

  9. Sidney says:

    Delphina, you make me smile. I’m not calm all the time, and I do freak out about things. Then it’s just a matter or listening to the wiser part of me. And if I can just relax, not have to know the outcome, or control what happens next, and allow. Just allow it…the twin flame love to be real in it’s own way, then I’m good.
    Sheesh, it’s nearly half past two, sweet (twin flame) dreams everyone.

  10. Jimmy says:

    Hey Sidney, it’s a blessing and a curse, as with all things Twin Flame. She was missing me yesterday afternoon, so I got a blast of that too.
    I like feeling her response when I imagine wrapping my arms around her and kiss her soft lips…

    No, probably wouldn’t go down well. I have had proof that the conversations we have are real enough on some level though.

    The chance of us meeting was so small and even when I go fuck it that’s enough, I still end up in the same places as her and handed a new piece of the puzzle.

    Rina is not my Twin:) She’s the lady who runs

    Why did you keep the texts and emails Delphina?

  11. Delphina says:

    to Jimmy: because I keep important things.

  12. Delphina says:

    Dear Sidney,

    dreams do come true ~ piece by piece ~ slowly but surely *

    Love and blessings to all and your twins,
    Delphina <3

  13. Jimmy says:

    Little darling.

  14. Jimmy says:

    Sidney, tell us what happens if you meet the psychic.

  15. Joana says:

    Why do you want to visit a psychic? If you know from your heart that he/she is your twin. Just sharing, today looking the nail polish, I saw one from Loreal’s with the number 111 and the name of this color is: “No cloud in sight” For me it was a powerful sign, then driving home I saw a car with the words “Believe” on the rear window. I met my TF on the fall of 2010 and my whole life changed. I like to listen Polona too. But is here where I feel free to write about my TF journey.

    Blessings to everybody

  16. Joana says:

    I mean, “No clouds in sight”, clouds = plural

  17. Joana says:

    Just a note: I heard the voice of my TF in my mind and his laugh too, I feel him hugging me, There is not way to know if he feel the same way because we are not in touch, so is great to know that another twins are feeling or experiencing the same.

  18. Delphina says:

    Dear ones,
    I am wondering why we start asking each other here as to WHY exactly someone is doing something or wants to do something …. and I am having the impression that these questions here are not just true real questions or true heartfelt interest in this person, but also try to convey that certain things are not good. (But please do correct me if I’m wrong of course!)
    I would love to say that first of all Sidney just mentioned it was a fun thought crossing her mind ~ and I would like to truly ask whether we not all have had some fun thoughts on this journey and our minds are going in a lot of directions because it is just trying to find answers. So isn’t this quite normal in its own right?
    And also I would never like to imply that anything at all one of us is doing might be not beneficial at all … you never know why certain things are on our life’s path and what the sense in it may be. And if one of us sees no sense in keeping messages or going to a psychic, then that is of course totally o.k., but it is as well totally o.k. to do so, if it feels like the thing to do.
    I would love to remind all of us that all of our twinflame journeys are so special and that we all have our individual ways of going about it and I would love for us all to give each other the feeling of being accepted with all we’re sharing over here ~ because only this can make us all really feel comfortable here (like you said, Joana) when sharing some things of our twinflame stories ~ those details that we feel o.k. to share here on this blog. Not all of it is of course, and also this is o.k., isn’t it?

    I am sending love and light to all of you,

  19. Durinda says:

    The TF journey comes with so many different layers. And as our awareness expands while on this journey, what we may have taken at face value at one time, we begin to be able to see the deeper meaning at a later time. We may receive messages in many forms, sometimes even through others we may speak to. We should try to stay open to any and all possibilities, as we never know how our messages may show up. I can honestly say sometimes the thing that has kept me centered through this journey is just letting go and having fun!! Whatever way that fun may show up. Of course we should always use our own discernment when receiving any messages in what truly resonates as truth to us. Always listen to your heart.

    So much love to all on this TF journey.

  20. Sidney says:

    Hi Joanna, good to hear you join in. Oh, I wouldn’t go to a psychic for confirmation, just for entertainment. As I said earlier, I think the best source of information is Self. I suppose there are others that want external confirmation, or maybe are going through a tough phase of the TF journey. It’s all good. And I don’t take offense at anyone asking me why I do or don’t do things…I just figure we are all different and like to understand each other better. I like to ask other people about their experiences and choices because I like a good story, and these are all love stories, every single one. Of course, I like the one I’m experiencing with my TF the best because it is written just for us. 🙂

  21. Delphina says:

    Sidney, I am sorry that I have included you in what I said as you obviously feel different. Sorry.

    Jimmy: I am NOT a little darling.

    I am wishing you all the very best on your twinflame journeys,

  22. Sidney says:

    No need to apologize, I’m not offended in the least. I’m slow to anger, quick to love. Wishing you the best too.

  23. Vikki says:

    I’ve been in a on off relationship with someone I believe to be my twin flame for almost 6 years. I have always known since the first time I laid eyes on him that he was special. It was like my soul recognized him before my mind did, and my heart loved him instantly. All I remember about when I met him was his eyes and how perfect we felt together. He came at a time in my life where I had decided I was going to kill my self but through extenuating circumstances I met him. He must have felt the same way. Our relationship became too intense for me. I ran. But always kept coming back, checking on him, making sure he was okay (because I cared) but still running. Sometimes after deciding we were in a relationship I felt so many emotions all I could do was cry. It scared me. After a year of that we lost contact for a year. Two years ago he contacted me, we met, and all these old feelings I had resurfaced. He felt the same and we were in a very intense but loving relationship for 3 months.
    I thought I had loved before (in a relationship I had during our 1 year silence) but I have discovered love, and the depths of love with him. After 3 months he ended things. With no explanation. But wanted to stay friends. WE see each other 3 times a week, go out together, and are very close, but not in a relationship. WE go through 6 month cycles, where he will either run, or I will stop chasing. When i told him he should go and experience new things and people and that maybe we should stop talking while he did that, he refused. Angry at me for trying to push him away, and he cried and told me he couldn’t imagine his life without me. But yet here we are. I understand his feelings as I felt the same way before I just accepted that this idiot (I say it with all the love in the world) might just mean the world to me. After our break up I sunk into a depression, that only lasted a couple of weeks before I pulled myself together.
    That was when I began looking at our relationship differently, it did’t just hurt me, but it felt wrong on a soul level. That was when I learned about twin flames, our relationship fit very well, but more importantly after fasting for days I realized it was because he was made for me. Just as I was made for him. So now I’m playing the waiting game. But reading these articles of successes or knowing other people are in the same boat helps. And honestly I just needed to talk to some like minded people.
    My TF isn’t spiritual or religious at all, and though I have broached spirituality a little with him, he is the kind of person who has to come into it on their own.

  24. WTFisthis? says:

    When does it ever stop? Me and my TF met 6 years ago on a business networking site, funny thing is we joined the same day, he requested friendship, and when I seen him, I felt like I knew him. No, not in this lifetime for he lived in the UK and I live in the US. It was instant love for him and evidently for him too. But of course he will never admit that. He just always says that he cares for me deeply.
    We did meet in person a few times when I was in his country for school, and it was always so intense but so fulfilling.
    He wasn’t married when I met him, but was engaged to the mother of his children, and his partner for the past 5 years. He confided in me that he was having second thoughts and was confused about it. I remember trying to talk him out of it, because I just went through a nasty divorce. I told him that he had to stay true to himself and not be too concerned about what others say. And that he could still be a great father even thought he chose not to marry her, but like he said, everything was already in the mix. So to say the least, he married her.
    This soul connection is really a bitter sweet experience. How can one love someone so much and yet never really get to know them in real life? I use to think I was crazy, I remember our first time realizing we needed to keep the distance, it hurt but I was busy with work, and taking care of my daughter, but the second time, I did not know what the hell was happening to me. I would wake up so energetic, do my prayers and chant for hours on end, planning to do other things, but when I would get up from my alter, I felt paralyzed. The pain I felt was unbearable. I never ever felt so much pain in my life. I wasn’t sad, but I was sad. I was so confused, and of course for those who never experienced anything like that thought I was crazy, and that I was just stupid for loving a married man I didn’t really know. That is when I started to research TF. I got the book by Steve Gunn, and the push and pull he talked about was exactly what I was feeling. I got sick to my stomach, cause I didn’t want to love this man. Do you know how painful it is loving someone you can’t be with.
    Now we are going on 6 years, I get it at times. We are connected by our souls and I need to live my life in perfect bliss. I get it, then something happens and I start to miss him like no other. So then here we go again, our long distance love affair starts up again. Then he pulls away with no notice, and then I freak out, and get hurt again. Then he will contact me out of the blue and the love affair starts again, then the same thing. Now I am tired of it. I know I love him, and I know we are connected, but I no longer want pieces, I want the whole package.
    I never could or would ask him to leave, because I know that he wants the best for his children. I went through the same thing I stayed in a marriage for 15 years just so my child could have what she needed. But finally realized that I had to stay true to myself. He says he is staying true to his self, but then why the world does he feel the need to stay in contact with me? This is part that pisses me off. So last week I basically told him to leave me the hell alone. It is not easy, but I am tired of the dance and feel that I need to just leave him alone and let him figure it out.
    Thanks for letting me vent here. I fill for all of you.

  25. MygirlKaela says:

    Occasionally I will try to slip away, but I can’t. I just can’t and I am usually capable of walking away. So, why do we keep trying to create or maintain distance?

  26. VIkki says:

    I know I
    for one fall into the walking away- can’t leave cycle. He hurts me so much, that my head tells me that this is ridiculous so I’ll put in distance and actively try to stop thinking about him. But I feel very sad, and my heart hurts. That’s when I’ll hear his name for no reason (One morning I was listening to the radio on my way to work. In 15 minutes on 4 different stations someone with the same name as my guys called in) , or I always catch the clock at 11:11 on accident, though I normally miss even when I’m trying not to. Or (creepily enough) I’ll smell his sent when I’m alone in my room. And during the periods where I create distance he clings and pursues, but when I’m fine again and am just being normal, he’ll do something awful. His latest feat being dismissing me on my birthday, and saying he felt “cramped”. I know why I stick around, but for the first time I’m finding myself a little too hurt to recover.

  27. Joe says:

    Hello folks. Im experiencing the same thing. The first time I saw her (before I even knew her name, I knew she would have a profound impact on my life. It was extremely weird because I was still very much in love with my wife at the time. So we finally got to know each other and I found out she is the sweetest girl I’ve ever known. I’ve know her for around 6 years now. I am currently ( and have been in the process of ) divorcing my wife for about 2 1/2 years now. I told her how I feel about her. She moved out of state not too long ago and all we ever do is email each other. I’ve never felt this way about someone before. When we would catch each others eyes at wprk (Thats where we met) time would stand still…it didnt exist. The way everything happened was insane. Everything would be a reminder ( Still is) of her. I’ve grown alot spiritually in the last 3 years and I know this girl and I are connected. My moon is her North node as well. What I’ve felt for her over the last couple of years has caused me to grow and learn more. It hurts like hell sometimes though. We havent had any contact with each other since memorial day weekend because I need a break. This feeling is insane though. I cant stop thinking about or loving her. My heart wont allow it.

  28. Gabriella says:

    Vikki and Joe,

    I really feel this is the key, “your heart won’t allow” the ceasing of the love you feel for your Beloved. The times where the energies seem like they pull you away, they offer you the beautiful gift of moving deeper within the love that resides inside of you, for the perception and emotions of this distance is merely believing there is a lack of love. By moving within the love always present and flowing between you, you can let the perceptions, emotions, actions that reflect the absence of love to wash away, and be renewed with the truth that love has never forsaken you. It is always with you. May you all continue to allow love and know that you are so very loved, for you are the essence of love in form, waiting eagerly with each step you take, to become its full expression in creation. So much love from my heart to yours!

  29. Joe says:

    Wow. Thanks Gabriella. 🙂

  30. Bella says:

    My twinflame relationship happen at my darkest hours. My father died, my son ran away and my husband decided he didn’t want to be married to me anymore. I fought for my marriage and the day i decided i was done, i meet him. I went to a pub to a going away party for my BFF. He showed up with a friend of his that knew my friend. The moment i saw him, we couldn’t keep our eyes off of each other. I had no interest in meeting someone new. We played a game for hours. I would go outside he would follow. I would go inside he would follow again. Never speaking a word until one time he made the move to go outside and i followed him and asked if i could join them in the cool corner. [chuckles] Its still a joke till this day. Once i sat with his friend and him. It was like we knew each other for year. I even nicknamed him Gff that night. I spent the whole night with him talking endlessly. In the morning, i just thought at first it was fun and take care. He insisted on having my phone number so in case his friend wanted to call. [laughs] One week went by and i thought i wouldn’t hear from him again. He called, we were unseperatable for four months before it got to be too much. I loved him from the moment i saw him when I thought it was impossible to love again. I started to become a emotional wreak with him coming in and out of my life after that. I started to do some soul searching and when I found the twinflame theory. I have no doubt in my mind this is what it was. Most of my friends and family dont understand and get upset that i won’t let him go. He disappears but i always know we are never apart now. I give him unconditional love. T be free and do as he wishes. He always comes back even if its months silence. Its was painful and still at times is. Its been almost two years now. We are in the dance. At moments i think im crazy. I will get busy in my everyday life and everytime i think hes out of my mind i a sign of him. I recently did some meditations and ask for signs if he was suppose to be in my head. this was cause i had dreamt of him four night in a row. gff holding me, him showing up at my house unable to speak. Then it go and then the next day i got ten calls in a row with a man named Gff.[wasnt Gff but keeping his name private] the eleventh call was a woman and i thought, thank goodness. Then she said i need to talk to Gff. I almost fell out of my seat. So i knew and know even more hes suppose to be there. He checks in with me every couple of months making sure im okay. What even crazy its usually when something big happens or im really upset over something. When we first meet we always laughed when we read each others minds. Now i know he feels me and needs to make sure im okay. For example i got in a car accident the other day. i hadnt spoken to him in about four months. Guess who texted me checking in. ????Im grateful for this. One day he’ll wake up and stop running. I know we both have soul level work to do. He and i both probably have karma to sort out. I do know hes my twinflame.

  31. Bella says:

    Thanks for all your stories as well. Helps to know im not the only one going through this. ????

  32. Hope says:

    To all who are going through the roller coaster of a twin flame…hang in there. I recently lost my twin flame (for a 2nd time) and over nothing at all. I kept running through my mind why he runs all the time. If he says he loves me why is he leaving me especially when I didn’t do anything wrong. This is the only guy that has ever done this to me. After reading about twin flames, it all makes sense. I assumed it was his astrological sign (Scorpio). Just the other day I was reading horoscopes and somehow (I don’t even know how…I didn’t do a search because I’ve never even heard of twin flames before now) a link came up about twin flames. Now I look back, I’m wondering if it was sent to me to read to make sense of what was going on. I too have fallen for a man that I am soooo in love with. I’ve never felt such a deep love in my life. I’m 42 and he is alot older than me. We worked together in 2003, but it took until 2011 to connect physically. We both liked each other in 2003, but neither of us said anything to the other. I’ve told him that I was scared of my feelings for him. It is scary to love someone so deep. The first time he ran from me, I was crushed. I ended up getting back in touch with him 7 months later. Together for 8 months and he ran again. I was really down because I was not understanding. I was feeling like he was running away from us and I am so in love that I would work through anything to save us. I started feeling he didn’t love me as much as I loved him. Once I read about twin flames, I said omg that is us. Everything except a couple things sounds like us to a “T”. I don’t know if I will see him again or talk to him. I found a website where I posted a comment and wrote back and forth with a person who opened my eyes. In order to love your twin unconditionally you have to love yourself just as much. That is my new outlook. I was so caught up in loving him so much that I lost myself along the way. I do love him unconditionally and I was hurting him by not loving myself. I won’t hurt him. I know the person I am and I know who he is. I will wait for him because my heart only feels true love for him. So hang in there and enjoy the journey with each other. It’s not an easy one, but if you love him or her….don’t lose faith. Just remember seperation is only physical, but you are connected by souls and always will be. Be thankful you have that special connection with someone. It’s truly amazing. I am just so thankful I was able to connect with someone who opened my eyes to it all and gave me the strength to be strong at this hard time in my life. Will we meet again…..only DESTINY will tell. Stay positive as I will be working on doing the same. If you are meant to be physically then it will happen if not….you have each other spirtually and that is truly a gift. 🙂

  33. Onna Journey says:

    I’m going through a seperation from my twin flame, jus need some insight.. We were together for 3 years, she is in Hawai’i.. I moved out there to be with her, & then some family stuff came up and i had to move back to Oklahoma to be with my kids.. We decided mutually to break up, so we could both work on ouselves, while i was there we started hanging out with this girl, that she said was a “friend” in my gut i knew this girl was after more, but I am a very trusting person, (a fault of mine) anyways our love is strong, she cried and asked me not to leave, but I had no choice.. The day i left she called me from work & told me her stomach was hurting due to me leaving, I thought being strong and showing no emotion was the best thing, so that is what i did.. Honestly, I don’t even remember kissing her at the airport.. I stopped in Phoenix to attend one of my best friends weddings, she and i talked a few times via text & then BAM! nothing, she wouldn’t respond to my texts or calls, about a week after i got back to Oklahoma she text me & said she had found someone else, that girl.. I was completely devistated.. I felt like my heart was literally breaking inside my chest.. That level of pain can’t be described with words.. But still even after that i couldn’t let her go, something was legit pulling me towards her, we talked a few times.. The las time we spoke (on the phone) I KNEW she was gonna call that day, she told me she didn’t know if she loved this girl, which was crazy to me considering our love was immediate, I could hear it in her voice that she missed me and loved me.. A few days after the convo she called and told me not to bother her, changed her number, & deleted everyone we know mutually as friends, some were her friends before they were mine.. Followed by an email that stated she loves this girl, and doesn’t care about me, another devistaing blow to my soul.. I lost 30 pounds, cried all day & was jus in a horrible place.. Then one day I got a random email from this psychic, something deep inside me said to call, so i did.. I have to mention that i have never spoke with a psychic before.. I talked to the operator and he gave me 2 names of psychics to speak with and before he even finished tellingme about the first girl I KNEW she was the one i needed to speak with.. He connected me, she asked what i needed guidance on & I told her, she asked my name and birth date, & my exes name and birthdate, i gave both to her, she told me, without me guiding her to the answers everything that was going on.. She told me that we have a soul connection, that she, no matter what words may come out of her mouth misses me, and loves me, and is using this girl as a crutch so to speak (which is what i knew in my heart) and that my ex is basically a “runner” if you will.. Our converstation put me on the to research TWIN FLAMES.. I had no idea they existed before she told me.. I called her back a week later to clarify what exactly our soul connection was, she confirmed it is a twin flame connection & she told me my TF isn’t being honest with her self, so being honest with me at this point is impossible.. She also told me that this new girl is controlling her inna sense..she told me my TF would make contact sometime in March, which jus so happens to be my bd, & i already had a feeling she would contact me in that month for some reason.. Also i have been seeing the number 8 or 808 everywhere, she stated that my angel was contacting me through this number, 808 is also Hawa’is area code and 8 is my lucky number… Since i talked to my psycic my whole being has been opened up to all kinds of signs.. I feel like i might be going crazy sometimes…

  34. ana says:

    I believe I met my twinflame 6 years ago, now I think that he is still running from me or I’m the runner? This guy was on my highschool, before I met him in person, I had dreams of a mysterious blond tall boy who came and kiss me because of nothing and then disappeared. In the next 2 years he and I were in highschool in different classes, he was 1 year older, I didn’t know his name and I didn’t care at all! Because I was with other guys.

    But I always found that blond boy beautiful,and I was searching for him in the hallway to take a look and that was enough for me. The problems was that he was looking for me, he knew my name! He was nervous when we were closer, and was trembling and I was shocked, he looked at me like he knew me! One time he said he knew where was my house, and I was scared. He used to touch me in my arm and shoulders from the back and then say “Hi” smile, and then he would go away. After that 2 years I was in the last year and he was in College. One of my “boyfriends” left me and I was devasted because I realized that I was betrayed.

    Then the blond guy and I began to meet in the most unexpected times and places and it was like always, he could be quiet and stare to me for minutes, and say nothing, and I was afraid. But I asked his name and I added him on facebook, I found out that he was in a relationship for 3 years! I felt really awkward and angry, so I didn’t talk to him and just ignored him after he accepted my request. Then he was online in msn, and his profile picture was he and his girlfriend in the beach, then a window would pop up and it was he saying hello, and changed his picture for one of him alone.

    I thought he was a liar and that never liked me at all, he must be laughing at me beacuse he always had a girlfriend and he must thought I was an idiot to fall for him. I was in rage angainst myself and said nothing to him because I would never show myself weak or devasted. After some days, he apologized to me, and said that he never wanted to hurt me or abuse me, and that he was feeling very bad all the time, I didn’t know what was he talking about, because I never showed him that I liked him, I felt shocked like he could read my mind, and I ignored the things he said and pretended that I never minded nothing and that we could be friends, beacuse I was proud, I´m still a proud person.

    One night I had a dream, I was in a train station and I was about to leave, and then he was running to me and kissed me and then he went away and turned back to look at me, then I woke up. That morning, his facebook status was “single” I went to the market in the afternoon and he was there! I looked at him and he was petrified and was staring at me in silence, then I felt weird and ignored him.

    After two days we had a date, the ONLY official date, in that moment, I was looking at him and I was feeling so strange… like I never loved him! I thought I wanted to run, that he wasn’t what I wanted and that I didn’t needed him anymore and rejected his kiss I felt fear and revulsion form one hour to another. That night I felt anxiety and I threw my cellphone in the washing machine, I didn’t wanted to speak with him and wanted to be far away from him. That night his facebook status was that wasn’t his day and that it was the worst mistake of our lives, and he deleted his account.

    It took me 1 month to realize that, I needed him closer, and that I never loved anyone but him, that he always had been there and I couldn’t see it. The dreams began to tormenting me, were almost everyday, and I found his new facebook profile, he accepted my request, but wasn’t the same. I began to call him, and he never picked up, I felt devasted. His status were like he was angry about a person, like he was feeling betrayed and abandoned, and said that he would never turn back anymore. I thought it was about his ex girlfriend, and I felt angry at him again. Then, one day I left him a voice message saying that I “liked him” only, because I didn’t wanted to tell I “loved you” because I’m proud and never used the word love for anyone and I was feeling shame.

    The next morning his status was “I made up my mind, you will never have my love, because you never loved me, we must live our lives like nothing would have happened before and I was only a beautiful memory for you, someday I will meet you again, everywhere.” I DIDN’T GET IT, so I instantly felt betrayed and began to ignore him and blocked him and has been 6 years, we have met in the bus, or streets and I never said hello to him again, neither he, just keep staring at me for minutes and I still feeling the shaking and trembling thing in silence. Sometimes he add me on facebook and I accept him and then I block him, and then later, the same thing almost every year. I know that he is in a relationship and me too, but we are so different, we always were different, he was the shy and diligent guy and I love to live freely and to have multiple experiences, I can’t take suffering! that why I don’t want to feel nothing for him anymore! In that year when we became closer, I never felt attraction or desire to other men, and that wasn’t me! I never felt that way, before him, I was always searching for thrill and I liked anyone. I want to forget him, and never have that dreams again, are like nightmares because they torture me, and when I dream with him, always that same day I meet him in the street and I don’t like that!, I want my old life back, I guess I’m still a proud person to talk to him.

  35. b says:

    my story is different to the others i had a casual relationship with someone really inappropriate on many levels ,a friend of his who i think i had met before kept on my mind until when i was just out of another relationship .this friend turned up again we
    spent some time together which felt better than i have felt before or since , the feelings were there but he was
    in a relationship then id already had plans to leave the uk so i ran i didnt come back forward 15 years im now married i do care about my husband but this other person stays in my thoughts i feel broken and ill that i made a huge mistake , i broke the contact just after leaving the uk , i now have no way of seeing them , and i broke everyone of my friendships at the same time my life was a mess really , my husband wants us to live even further overseas i cant say where in case someone i know reads this an joins the dots , all i have now some security and love my but my heart somewhere else .
    i dont know if the other person feels this way ,it was so intense i just ran and didnt look back.

  36. sweetsoul says:

    I met the love of my life and He betrayed Me in the most painful Way. He fell in love with my friend. It is so hard, i feel his feelings for her. Its not his fault. She is better suited for him. He loves her He Loves me too but not as much. Maybe I was wrong, maybe he’s not my twin. But I know He is. We even look the same. I dreamed of him. And merged with him in my astral travels. How can I feel such love and hate at the same time. It is eating me inside. I had to run a way from him. Not even that helps. I see now that the problem is insdie me, not him. I have a new boyfriend. I love him and treat him so much better than my twin. But inside I cant get no peace. Why can’t i just love myself? Why can’t I just love my twin? It is my one goal in life.

  37. Linda says:

    Hi, WTFisthis? I hope that you don’t mind me saying so, but, hard as it is, I think that you did the right thing by removing yourself from the situation. He had a foot in two doors and needs to sort out for himself, who he is and what he wants. You can’t work things out for him, and you deserve more. It doesn’t seem that you can have more with him at the moment, but give it time.

  38. SoDamnConfused says:

    I met my Twin Flame over a year ago. This has been such a roller coaster of emotions. I was so drawn to him and even though we had never been intimate with one another I had dreams about him and could often feel him being intimate with me on a soul level. It was such an intense feeling. So much passion between our souls.
    I am married and he is single. He wanted me to leave my husband for him. We would talk with one another and text throughout the day. I told him that I was considering leaving my husband for him. He told me to follow my heart. Then he would become distant and would ghost me for months. Then he would reappear for a while and then go back to ghosting me again.
    To be honest I felt drawn to be wherever he was. He would post on Facebook where he was and I would want to show up to see him and be there. I felt that he wanted me there. Once I did do that and he told me he felt like he was being stalked. I apologized and then he stopped communicating with me again.
    He has since gotten into a realationship with someone else and of course it kills my soul. It hurts me so badly. I often find myself crying.
    He has told me to move on and leave him alone. I find myself compelled to contact him. Something that keeps pushing me to stay in contact with him. I do and he either completely ignores me or responds telling me to leave him alone. I told him I was sorry and that I just missed him. He told me he did not care and he did not miss me. He told me if I messaged him again he would block me. He has blocked me from his social media pages now. Although in my gut I feel that he uses his mothers Facebook page to communicate either messages of concern and love or sometimes judgment and resentment. I am a very sensitive person and I can sometimes feel things that are not being said. I have since taken a hiatus from social media. I feel too much negative energy at times from Facebook. It is just an overwhelming feeling.
    Sometimes I can hear his voice in my head. I think I am going crazy. I feel at times as though he is touching my body, but he is not with me. I want to move past the hurt and onto our mission. I want peace between us. I wish he was not so judgmental of me. I want to be with him in the 3D, but I don’t know how to be so hurtful to my husband. I still love him. I love my TF more. I have an intense desire to be with him. So much that it drives me crazy. I feel like I am going insane. He is all that I think about and I have been so depressed about it as of late.
    I just feel so confused and hurt. I have been listening to Twin Flame Healers about clearing the negative energy between us.
    I need help to navigate this and get us to a more loving place and friendship between us. The distance hurts. I feel like he is playing games with me and is intentionally trying to hurt me.
    What do I do??

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