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  1. Hellow Gabriella !
    It is so beautiful. Fills me with peace. It is a validaton that our journey is true and not our own obsession. We wait for divine timing.Is is true that we can show our unconditional love to humanity and extend it after our physical union only? As it is now we are caught up in soulmate relationships. And the possibility of physical reunion seems far off. however as you say we are merged spiritually,emotionally, in our etheric bodies too.Your video builds up a lot hope and I keep my fingers crossed that a miracle will occur !

  2. Sleeping Beauty,

    The path towards the twin flame is of union consciousness. Union consciousness knows that we are all one with all that is even when we are in the throes of perceiving separation. For example, when you are not physically next to your twin flame, you are still connected, still loving and growing with one another. Union knows that this is the truth. Therefore, as I say in this meditation video, “all love shared is love shared with all.” If you are in a soul mate relationship in this moment, your soul has drawn that soul into your experience for a reason or more than one reason, to grow deeper into the vibration of unconditional love, AND if you have become aware of your twin flame while in this soul mate relationship, then you have taken on the task of loving all (yourself, your soul mate, your twin flame) to the deepest capacities right here and now as this is part of the journey towards the twin flame union in all ways.

    I did mention in the video to connect with your passion, be yourself and bring that passion into your life for your passion is what will join with a mutual passion of that of your twin flame to bring forth your mission together in the world. Now, sharing in this unconditional love and extending it does not exclude anyone, this deep space of love honors everyone and everything as much as the heart honors the twin flame. This path calls you to see love within everyone and all of your challenges, your experiences, your relationships for as you see in this way and extend love in this way, then you SEE your twin flame more clearly and you feel the love in your heart expanding, to include everyone. SO to answer your question, there is no waiting to unite in all ways with your twin flame before extending out the deepest waves of unconditional love to all of humanity and the Earth, for you are never separated from your twin…it is NOW, and each new NOW moment that we are invited to be in this vibration of love, as that vibration draws us ever closer to the divine, sacred union with our beloved in the perfect moment.

    I also encourage you to honor your soul mate relationship. Don’t compare the one with your twin to your soul mate…see them for what they are, and extend the love in every moment. Don’t run away from the growth here for you in each moment in your current relationship…listen to your voice when it lets you know that a transition is needed or a shift, and it is not always the case that a shift requires an ending to the relationship. Union consciousness understands that there are no endings, and it is merely the ego that attaches to the necessity for separation and endings. If we shift our perspective, we can see that this is so.

    Sending you love,

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