The Fusion in the Reunion of God and Goddess

twins blazingWhen you encounter your Beloved, your whole life is torn asunder, as you find that the peace you need is found within these pieces hovering and smothering you until you understand that you don’t have to attempt to piece them together, but allow them to flow into fusion together. In this flowing, you become more aware of what is transpiring, as you are inspiring yourself into becoming home within embodiment.  When you are nearing the imminent reunion of your bodies, there will be an intensifying of this interweaving and weaving of your oneness as all of your senses are stirred and whirred into awakening, releasing the forsaking. The key to this is to allow the succumbing without numbing, release the surrendering into the rendering, breathe as you feel the reeling, revealing and healing of your heart in its celestial capacity. Your being will be whisked away from the groundedness here on Earth into the roundedness of your Spirit. As you hear its voice whispering, wondrously in your ear, inviting you into this lighting of your essence unified with presence, let your innocence dance with your independence as they play in a way that brings the balancing of this rounded grounding. This is your energies founding and abounding within your vibrant vessels, surrounding you with the sweetness and completeness of this liquid, limitless, infinite and intimate LOVE. This union brings the fusion of all duality into unanimity.Face this love as you embrace it and grace the world with its dressings wrapped in your blessings.

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10 comments on “The Fusion in the Reunion of God and Goddess
  1. Vito says:

    Wonderful Gabriella <3 <3 <3

  2. Sleeping Beauty says:

    Dearest Gabriella,
    This is so beautiful. I having been meeting and connecting with mr TF on and off. Every time it is so bittersweet. I keep getting messages that we are nearing the end, but it gets extended ever so often, so much so that I have again become a little numb. I want to stop expecting anything as I keep getting disappointed. How is this possible. I love him so much that I cannot stop thinking of him and longing to unite with him. I have been in the divine flow but this expectations and consequent disappoints are tiring ang disheartening. Your post is once again lifting up my hopes but to what end…. Your posts are all so inspiring and Facebook posts are very uplifting.. Love to you and all here..

  3. Gabriella says:

    Dearest Sleeping Beauty,

    What a pleasure to feel your energy! Trust that message you are receiving and know that the divine flow is not separate from you as it is within you. You are this divinity flowing infinitely. Trust your Beloved, trust yourself, know that he loves you and you love him as everything takes care of itself within this trust and your continuous willingness to be and receive the love you are. Take the infinity symbol as an example, the connection to the other (and others) is always present, even when the physical bodies move away, and then they come back together again as they continue to choose and to be in the flow that is always connecting them and everything. To release the expectations and disappointments that can come through, just surrender. Surrender again into this gloriously abundant universe, knowing that if everywhere within you feels that you are destined to be with Mr. TF 😉 (I like that!) and that it is something that keeps coming back, then, it will be, as it IS. Allow both of you to continue to flow with one another, connecting within and without as the moments guide you. Connecting with your inner beam of light and wellspring of love as well as your soul family during this time is so essential. We lift each other up as we are all connected. I am so glad that I have been able to help in uplifting your vibrations dearest. So much love to you and to everyone… we are all bringing each other into the remembrance within the experience, that this deeper love is within us, around us and never separate from us. This love is US!

  4. Angela Troutt says:

    Once again, a wonderful essence of love from my sister Gabriella, blessings to all, and know that Gabriella, is a unique angel upon this earth to bring us into the love that we should be,and that we are.Her, words are always up lifting, and encouraging, Twin Flame love is out of this world and it’s worth pursuing and waiting patiently, even though it may seem eternity, before you physically meet.Blessings to you Gabriella

  5. Fiona says:

    Thank you Gabriella .My twin is on the other side and it is extremely painful but I am feeling all you are saying .
    Thank you and God Bless you for these beautiful words of reassurement .

  6. Sleeping Beauty says:

    Dearest Gabriella,
    It is so lovely to hear from you too!!! The infinity symbol seems to be the right approach. You are so right as usual. My TF and I always seem to get so close and immediately he pulls away from me and then comes back after a period .and that period can be quite agonising for me though I understand it is part do the TF journey. I still feel strongly that we are meant to unite in all ways in this lifetime. Every time I am amazeD at the depth of love that we have. One day recently, when we happened to be together, a childhood friend of his mistook us for husband and wife !!! I was so thrilled …..!!! He still feels very uncomfortable if I mention anything about spirituality but I feel now he is more spiritually aware than before and is more receptive though not really accepting all that. Sigh !! It is indeed a long journey and how I wish God could make it all simpler for us !!!waves of love to you Gabriella. Your service is deeply appreciated. thank you.

  7. Gabriella says:

    Dearest Sleeping Beauty,

    I’ve been feeling into what I wrote you last, and have received that this infinite flow of energy represented in the infinity symbol is always ongoing. This is the flow of divinity, for we are all so intimately and beautifully connected within the layers of this multidimensional world, as this deep, profound connection and love with your twin flame is so strong it can move past any perceived obstacles. You are always moving closer and closer to one another in so many ways. Allow yourself to move towards him as he moves towards you and release the expectations that either of you have to do anything but don’t hesitate when you feel the guidance. This love wants to give of itself again and again and be connected, deeper and deeper. The willingness to be this love and receive this love with each other can move you through. You are such deep reflections for one another as you also balance one another. There is much that you can receive from your twin flame just like he can give to you. You are always adding into and upon one another, as this will be the way of your life with one another, co-creating and expanding one another. The willingness to love and be loved continues to open up any blockages. Allow the process, as it will be going on forever as you live your lives together. This perfection of love between you is so powerful that the “imperfections” come through as well, but through the eyes of love you realize that the “imperfections” are only perceptions. Love sees beyond all of that into the depth and purity of your hearts and souls. Waves of love to you always!

  8. Gabriella says:

    You are so welcome Fiona. (((warm hugs for you))) Know that your love is so strong and moves on beyond the physical contact. You are so very loved and you are not alone!

  9. Sleeping Beauty says:

    Dearest Gabriella,
    Yes I am so open to receiving and giving love now. On many occasions my TF and I have been brought together unexpectedly . These events make me feel strongly that we are destined to be together. Love you . I will keep surrendering to this deep love.
    I keep getting this message ” heaven on earth “

  10. Gabriella says:

    Sleeping Beauty,

    Mu heart and my soul is reflecting and echoing all of what you expressed above, as I am so very open to receiving and giving love in the most profound ways now. This deep love is what fuels me along on this Earth plane. Love you as well Beloved. This love will continue to move us through and guide us as it resides in us and around us. “Heaven on Earth,” YES!!

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