Let it All Flow in the Now

violet flameThis has been an intense time of moving within to the very core of who you are, to determine what beliefs, what fears, what emotions, perhaps from previous traumas brought on by this lifetime have kept you in a place that is no longer where you are meant to be. There isn’t any need to worry or get upset if you feel you should be anywhere other than right NOW. As NOW is the place where all things are, and if in this moment, you just need to sit with an emotion, to let it flow, to let it soak in, to let it shift, then so be it. No moment is a waste of time if you are experiencing within it. Take the experience and bring it with you into the next, allow the building upon of the growth, moving through any pain into deeper love. We will be moving into deeper moments of receiving the love that we are and showering it back upon others. Trust the process. Trust YOUR process. Keep listening to your inner voice and guidance, even in the midst of intensity. You are a divine being who knows, and your knowing can come more clearly through when you allow for the presence of NOW without the need to rush it for any means. Through this all, it is absolutely important to take care of yourself.

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