Changes Abounding Within and Surrounding Us

chakraI wanted to let you all know that there are some changes happening. I am in need of taking some time off to focus on my own self care as some things have come up for me, as I know this has been the case for many of you too. This has been an intense time where we are all birthing ourselves anew. I will be bringing through a new website which will be focused on the love within that is united with the love of the Beloved twin flame. When we switch the focus from the external to the internal, the external will match and come into being. I am hoping that you will take this new exciting turn with me. I will still be offering services when the site goes live, so that I can exchange love with you as we increase these vibrations for each other, enhancing the love we give and receive within each moment of our lives. It will be a journey of rising deeper into love, within and without. I am excited to continue to share life and love with you, as I love you all so very much!

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  1. Anna says:

    Please, answer this one question before you sign off: What happens after the runner stops running? I ran into my twin this past weekend after two years of physical separation. He kissed me and confessed his love for me, but I am now in a relationship with a lovely soulmate. Twin wants to talk, says he will be calling. I am willing to be patient, and to play out my current commitment as I’ve made MANY strides on this challenging spiritual journey, but I’d just like to know if there’s a “stage” I should be aware of as this continues to unfold. Thank you, Gabriella, and all my love to you….

  2. Delphina says:

    Dear Anna,
    thank you for writing this post !!! WOW, the runner may really stop running, even after it seems impossible !!! πŸ˜€ This truly makes my heart smile! πŸ™‚ How wonderful that he confessed his love for you, after this long time you have probably been waiting for this!

    I understand that you are in a difficult situation now, as you have not been “sitting at the bus stop” and waiting forever for the bus to turn up, but have started to walk …… and have met a lovely soulmate on your path and are now in a beautiful relationship with him. I find this is wonderful and it is such a wonderful gift from God that you were able not to turn love down when it knocked at your door !!!

    However, it makes things more complicated now …. now that twin has decided to want to talk and maybe more ….

    But, dear Anna, please see that your beloved twin has chosen (! on the soul level he has obviously chosen that and so have you) to wait until you were in a beautiful soulmate relationship, so also this situation seems to be orchestrated by the universe itself, and probably wants to let your souls grow in a wonderful way. I don’t know what the answer is in your case of course, and I believe that every twinflame journey is UNIQUE, totally unique and there may be stages that this twinflame relationship follows (or let’s better say: that past twinflame relationships have been following and that people have labelled as stages), BUT as true as it is that every single twinflame relationship is so unique that at every such stage there may be turns and twists that only this one relationship takes, I also believe that the new time is already there and that we cannot predict what is to happen on the basis of what has happened for others before. Times and energies are shifting so much faster and there is so much more support by the angels and heavenly world (which of course is only more because we here on earth listen more to the angels and let them help us more) that truly nothing can be predicted I feel.

    The most important advice is only to listen to your own heart. All of us have been designed with a specific guidance system on the inside of us because God knew that times would be changing all the time and that one can only partly rely on what has been taught before and that all of us need some guidance system showing us the way for our unique life, and this is our heart of light on the inside of you. Everyone has this inner connection and once you let it talk, it WILL get stronger and more clearly audible and you will know what to do. Of course you will have questions and of course you will also want to read what others said before and what the “normal” stages are and the normal insights about twins are, BUT this is not the most important thing. The most important answer ALWAYS lies within!

    Feel what it would feel like to abandon your soulmate in favour of your twin, if this would make you happy and feel right,

    feel what it would feel like to say to your twin that you are now in a soulmate relationship and cannot love him at the same time,

    feel what it would feel like for you to somehow search for a way to combine both loves in your life, maybe live with one of them, and see the other from time to time, or maybe have a close friendship with one of them and live a love relationship with the other,

    or maybe sth completey differnt from my suggestions here, maybe some other answer s coming up in you right now or later …

    feel how YOUR love wants to be expressed, your LOVE towards your soulmate and your LOVE towards your twinflame.

    Only YOU can feel the answers. Maybe you are beginnning to feel them already when you read what I have just written. Please note that I am having no intentions whatsoever to imply which solution would be best for you as I truly don’t know !!! It is YOUR journey and YOUR heart knows. I also believe that every reader will feel differently when reading this as it always is our own thoughts that come up when reading things that give us our unique interpretation. Feel YOUR answer, dearest Anna! πŸ™‚

    Which expressions in the 3D life would both loves in you make your heart smile?

    And then ask your heavenly and earthly helpers for support, for courage, for help to make it all come true, and help to talk or act and show your inner truth to both your soulmate and twin and see what they think and what is possible for all of you in this situation.

    May the angels to be with you and guide you every step of the way and send you lots of earth angels, too, helping you make your dreams come true. Remember, your dreams come from God! πŸ™‚

    A lot of blessings for your journey of love,

  3. Gabriella says:

    Dear Anna,

    I don’t subscribe to “stages” of the twin flame love/connection/union, for each twin flame (individually and jointly) has their own unique journeys and path towards union. All the pathways towards this have been planned from a soul level before incarnation, an there is no right or wrong choice. The love you have never goes away, no matter what circumstance you are in. It is important to communicate your truth as lovingly as you can to everyone involved, for all of your souls have come together for healing. learning, sharing, co-creation. Nothing happens by accident. Only you can know fully what your heart is telling you, and I invite you to allow this. Perhaps things may not become clear until you do communicate with first, yourself, to become clear how you are feeling and then with your twin flame and your soul mate as you are guided. Have the patience with yourself, there is no rush to make a decision… when you are ready, you will know. I also recommend reading what Delphina wrote above as her points are all so beautifully expressed… you are so welcome and I am sending my love to you too! I am not signing off πŸ˜‰ just adding onto this website with my next one. Looking forward to continuing the journey with all of you to deeper love…

  4. Sleeping beauty says:

    Dear Delphina,
    Your words are so timely and resonate so well. I just recently asked this question about soulmate. And here is the answer. I still do not know what to do. However I now can clearly state what I want. I want to be with my TF is all ways. Share love, have happiness, joy , peace abundance, co create together. I used to think I did not deserve this. Now love has overcome this feeling, I have come to love myself and feel that my TF and I deserve this reunion. This is the transition that has happened now. Realizing our self worth. I have stated the desire to UNiverse and have surrendered to the flow. No more thinking about whether it is right or we deserve it or duty.. Universe will take care of everything. It is the desire of all TFs to unite and so it will. True unions are destined to happen. My TF and I pray that we are united in all ways without any chaos or turmoil. We should not hurt anyone. We wish to be together in all ways. Love is the key.
    All TFs need to trust and have faith. Waves of love to you all.
    Love to Gabrilella

  5. Jake says:

    Hi Everyone.

    I get my sf’s behaviour. It makes sense. Beneath all the nonsense we put each other through, you didn’t want to be that vulnerable again. I hurt you. You opened up to me and I burned you. I’m sorry for that.

    You were looking for an excuse to run. Stupid reasons, any reason. It doesn’t absolve your behaviour, which was awful.

    Clearly I wasn’t in a good place mentally and emotionally and you put me through absolute hell, at a time life was being a bastard and you helped wreck at least two friendships. You trashed my self esteem and I had to rebuild myself from the top down.

    I forgive you.

    We have a strange connection and I’d like to explore it with you more. Start from scratch and see if we can become friends again.

  6. Jake says:

    Thank you Gabriella dearest!

    Can’t be bothered writing that out again.

    Profound shift last night… weight lifted…altered perspective…blah blah blah.

    Yes, I want friendship Cairo and to explore this mental thing as friends. All I know about you is that you like puzzles, are crap at archaeology and holiday in Europe.

    Love to you Gabiella and to all those reading this blog.

  7. Sleeping Beauty says:

    Dear Jake,
    Your comments show some kind of transition in you. It is welcome. As we open up more and more to love, we will feel the connection to the divine realms. The peace that comes along with is beautiful. Only as we surrender more and more to love, we can feel the spiritual guidance that will lead us in the destined path. So many questions get answered and so much healing takes place.
    There is nothing that can be compared to TF love. We are all now in the threshold of reunion.
    Love to you all.

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