Deeper Love and Spiritual Growth Continues to Continue

For some time now, I have been in communication with my Beloved twin flame. I went to LA in July with the feeling that our physical reunion was underway. I felt our energies merged during this time, as they increased. It felt as though I was in the divine flow, there were signs, an abundance of synchronicities around me, and a feeling that I was moving where I needed to be. When there was a moment where I thought that our reunion was to be, I recognized a myriad of emotions, patterns perhaps from previous lifetimes come up in me. As a result, I got on a plane and left LA. I was scheduled to do this already at this point…

About this time, it felt as if I jumped off a cliff into a deep dark abyss away from the connection I had always felt, away from the path I thought I was following, away from who I am. The truth is that the connection and love never leaves or ceases and the path can veer me in different directions but I am always on it, as I continue to open my heart and allow myself to see the beauty present as many presents surround me daily. Who I am is becoming more clear and defined as I move into the depths Rainbowof my feeling and being. It does take an intention to notice the rainbow during the rain pouring down, but when the eyes are opened, it is always there to see. The good thing is that when the eyes are closed, it doesn’t take that long to open them if you choose it. and just knowing that the eyes DO open make all the difference. Since connecting with my twin flame, I have felt his energy come through in many people, which shows me through the experience that we are all so deeply connected, and what a gift it is to be the love that I am with everyone that comes along my path as I am guided. I am now moving through my own journey of deepening the love within me, releasing all that can block this love from coming out in streams. This is the journey that I shall take you upon very soon with the launch of a new website. We truly are walking each other home. We truly are showing each other, reflecting to each other how to be and receive love in ever deeper, rewarding ways.

I feel that authenticity is not permanent and fixed, meaning that it shifts and changes as your truth becomes more defined, and what resonated with you yesterday may not so clearly feel right today. I am a strong believer in walking the talk, and talking the walk, as I feesmell the flowersl each day, each moment, we have another beautiful opportunity to do this. Sometimes that just encourages us to BE, as this is another lesson I am learning ~ this balancing the being and doing, while the being is brought into the doing. I’ve talked about this before, but sometimes, many of you may also feel, how we can get distracted, or we get confused, doubtful of where our foot needs to tread next. In those moments, as Mooji suggests, it is best to not figure it out, but rather to let it be.

I am a strong advocator for love, and how love will see through everything and anything, the love within which is then reflected and brought outwards. Truly, love is all around us. Again, when we have our eyes open, we can recognize this truth.

Something that’s important for me is balance ~ balance of inside and outside (nature), balance of being and doing, balance of reading and writing, balance of responding and resting, balance of self- care and care for others. Many of you that have been following me may have remembered I mentioned that I am an Empath and made a video of such…well, we are all students and teachers…I am consistently learning about others, life, and my SELF, as we all reflect one another to each other. I have a tendency to want to respond to everyone right away, and many a times when I haven’t given to myself so that this imbalance can become evident through the process. Ah, there is much that I am moving through…for we  truly are spiritual beings having a human experience, as I am excited to have you journey with me into deeper communion and union with the spiritual and human path very soon.

The love within is already in oneness and union with the Beloved twin flame, so that bringing the focus there will only enhance and increase the love which overflows outwards, as it attracts the Beloved in the physical. This is what I am excited to move into, as well as help you all to find your beautiful heart lights and passions, to bring them more creatively and beautifully out into the world. This is my true passion ~ to bring people into their beautiful selves, as they come together themselves to increase their light and that of others!!!!! YAY!  We walk this journey together and move through with one another!

4 comments on “Deeper Love and Spiritual Growth Continues to Continue
  1. Sleeping Beauty says:

    Dearest Gabriella,
    Glad that you are working on a new website. The past few weeks have been filled with a kind of expectant calmness, if you can understand what that means… Felt as if something is to happen but still waiting. However, an amazing event happened.. One day when we were having a celebration with all my close friends.. We all happened to see a UFO ..!!!! It actually flew over our heads and was quite close, lower than the normal altitude of an airplane. It was my soulmate who pointed it out and we were all so amazed and feel it is quite unbelievable. But since so many of us saw it , we have to believe it. What could be the significance of this Gabriella .? Is it some kind of sign for us.. I felt so happy and had tears in my eyes when I saw it and my soulmate now finally understands that I am not talking about spirituality without basis. I feel so humbled by this experience and wanted to share it with you. Please give your inputs on this. Love to you. My TF and I are still communicating only thro feelings and not one word.. I have invited him home many times,,.. But he keeps saying…” Only if you invite I can come..” What is the significance of this? He is trying to tell me something but I feel at a loss..

  2. Joana says:

    Dear Sleeping Beauty:
    The book “Earth Changes and 2012” by Sal Rachele, talk about this incidents with ufos. Our planet according to him is changing frequency…etc, and etc, hope you can read this book. Me too, the spiritual communication still going out with my TF, sometimes becoming more intense, to the degree that my logic can to put it into earthly words, so I’m just surrending to this flow.

    Blessing to you and everybody

  3. Sleeping Beauty says:

    Dear Joanna ,
    Thank you for the lovely suggestion. I will try to get it. Do not give up hope. TF relationships can be very trying. But as you say surrendering is the best course of action. Keep feeling the love. Love to you Joanna.

  4. Joana says:

    Hi! To everybody and Happy New Year….On Dec. 31 -2013…I found my TF in the internet, his complete name pop while I was looking for something else. his name took me to a video on youtube…and there he was on his graduation ceremony. Wow! Gabriela, a day before I had a dream, I saw many people there and I heard somebody say : “there is your husband” I just tried to make sense of all this. My TF did not leave my town, he is in the graduate program at the university where I still going, It seems that he got a part time job right there too. Dearest Gabriella, could you explain what is an union VS a relationship? I read on some place on the internet that what happen between TFs is not a 3D relationship, it is an union. Thanks Dear Sleeping Beauty for tell me to keep my hope.
    Blessings to everybody

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