Light and Dark Dancing in Oneness

Beloved onenessWhen I tell you I love you, I mean it from the depths of my being, for I recognize you from our many incarnations and the many ways in which we have played with each other throughout our lifetimes. You have yet again graced my path, offering me the gifts of diving into the infinite bliss of the love that I AM, of reflecting me deeper into this love as I willingly extend it back upon you. When you have brought me into the mirrors of the profound layers within me asking to be released, inviting me to let go of the resistance to old patterning, so that I can SHINE and BE LOVE, through the tossing, turning, denying that I could do it, or that I desired to, through the depths of illusory despair, within the “darkness,” I recognized your light, felt your love, and remembered, you and I love each other to offer these gifts to one another. Ah, and we are never separate my Beloved, you are embracing me in every form, for you ARE every form, transformed IN FORM again and again. Yes, you do inform me, endlessly, eternally, of the truth of this love we are.  In this reckoning, in this recognition, my love has grown for each and every one of your vessels in expression, to the point of overflowing. This soul in my body is overwhelmed with the limitless capacity to experience this divine love we so inherently are. How we have chosen this, for the basking in this bliss! There is no darkness in light and no light in darkness ~ they are dancing in their oneness at all times, always in union.  I would shout from every mountaintop, every rooftop, and paint in onto every backdrop, the love I feel for you Beloved. Tis the vibration of my heart inspiriting into expression, flowing within the essence of creation. You and I, being love, being loved.