Open Your Heart to Express and Be the Love You Are

heart treeThis is what I find passionate and beautiful, AND extremely attractive. When someone opens up to be their authentic, expressive, natural open self. We are meant to connect DEEPLY for we are one as we have always been, and it is only when we remember this, that we truly, layer by layer, step by step allow ourselves to be OPEN with those we love, with those we desire more than anything with to merge back into oneness or rather experience the oneness we are. When I can be fully me and express with you, so intimately without barriers, so naturally, I honestly feel the love within me “making love” with the love in you… as we build this love that we are sharing by emanating it throughout the cosmos. All can feel this, even if it is on an unconscious level and are profoundly affected by it as they are receiving it. This is what fuels my soul in this journey. And in those moments, don’t be surprised if I say I love you, because I do. We are love making love.