How to Know Your Twin Flame

Q. How do I know if someone is my twin flame?

A. There is an inner knowing of who your twin flame is that once you tap into, there is absolutely no doubt. It is not something that you think about, but rather you feel it, and then it becomes a knowing. However, your soul has always known the essence/energy of your twin flame, and your consciousness becomes aware of it through feeling, then understanding. There is a perception within society that you have to get to know someone before you know that you love them and can commit to them. I am here to tell you in the matter of twin flames, this knowledge of who the person is (their deepest desires and how they are, how they feel, etc.) already exists within you. When you see the physical form in front of you, you recognize the soul dwelling within the body, and there is no doubt.

What are some experiences you will have regarding your twin flame? You will begin to have dreams and they may become very detailed, with an energy of someone that you love intensely, offering support, connection and communication. There is depth to the love that you feel for this other that your mind cannot logically explain though it can’t be denied. You are a mirror for each other, what you feel is in alignment, what you are passionate about matches, how you treat others is the same. The energy around you is similar, you will have similar physical features, especially in the eyes. You will have shared many lifetimes together, therefore healing any fears that may have been taken in, together.

You will find that you can read each other’s thoughts, finish each other’s sentences, end up feeling what the other is feeling even when you aren’t in physical contact, know what the other is thinking, be able to deeply read between the lines of the words expressed and communicated. There is this inner depth of emotion to join all of yourself with your twin, all of the aspects of who you are.

Many twins start to become aware of who this person is even before you know what they look like because the truth is that you exist within each other, you are a part of each other, as your twin holds the same vibration as you but balances you. The male and female aspects become one when joining together.

There is an inner knowing of who your twin flame is that once you tap into this, there is absolutely no doubt. Do you feel it right now? Do you remember the energy of the one that you know you are already connected to? Do you have this feeling that when you meet this person, you will just know? If so, where is that knowing coming from? It comes from within you…and yes, you DO already know…have faith in that, trust in it. You will know, and then watch how the feelings are right there along with the knowing.

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  1. Angela says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Gabriella!

  2. Ingo says:

    Yeah, so true. You just know it.
    Last time I met my twin flame I looked in her eyes and time and space had no meaning anymore…

  3. Olivia says:

    Hi Gabriella

    I agree with all that you write on your site… It is a great website! Thanks for making it. The only thing I disagree with you about is that twin flames will have spent many lifetimes together. I feel that many twin flames haven’t for a numerous of reasons. I feel that they spent their first earth life together, and then separated by agreement.. Ego got involved and each of the twins learned through soul mate relationships and other relationships since the beginning. Now is the time for twin flames to reunite as you say, so they have to release this ego (that they had in the other relationships) and within themselves. I believe that the earth has not been ready until now for twin flame relationships and that is why twins are returning now to each other.

  4. Gabriella says:


    Let me confirm what I mean about twin flames having lifetimes together. I mean that twins encounter each other throughout many lifetimes, and this is not always in the form of romantic love, but friends, relatives, etc for the purpose of growth, and these interactions are not usually intended on spending their lifetime together for there is growth involved, including many experiences of feeling separated by earthly means. Separation I am referring to is in the physical form though twins are always together in heart and soul, and it is the awareness and integration of this that is so important to consciously understand and choose to be together. Yes, now is the time for twin flames to reunite, to help with the consciousness shift further on this planet…this time, the reunion of twin flames is for the mission that was intended to take on together in service to humanity. It is now that many twins have reached their last physical incarnation, and as you say shifted out of the space of ego which has been learned through close soul mate relationships, so that they can join again in physical body (since they are already and have always been united in heart and soul), for the rest of their lifetime. It is a powerful time we are in and it is exciting to share it!

  5. Tammy says:

    “There is depth to the love that you feel for this other that your mind cannot logically explain though it can’t be denied.” My twin flame once said to me that he had never in his life felt this way about anyone else and he couldn’t figure it out. And he used to say that we completed one another; I didn’t have to explain myself because he “got me”.
    He has since tried to hold in his feelings and emotions after some events dealing with this world and other relationships. I do like to believe, however, that he still feels this way.

  6. Gabriella says:


    The love between twin flames is always there, even when you are physically apart, and even when one twin is not consciously choosing to be in relationship with the other. Know without a doubt, on the soul level, your twin flame loves you completely and always will. Continue to keep the faith and follow your intuition as it guides you further on your journey.

  7. Cynthia says:

    Seeing is believing, but sometimes believing in what you don’t see is the key.

  8. Joy says:

    You just know.. even if you have not met in the physical.Unfortunately for me,I wasnt ready for it and the connection was to much for me to grasp at the time.So I let him go, out of fear and anger at what I didnt understand.We had many, many similarities, from interests to family background, hair color, height, sense of humour.It freaked me out and when he started to pull away, I took it as rejection and I gave up.But I have never nor will I ever forget him.Real love is eternal.

  9. Ganita says:

    I have a question: Do twin flames often push you away and leave you parting w/cold words and distance?

  10. Gabriella says:

    Ganita, please go here to read the answer to your question: Running Away From the Twin Flame.

  11. James says:

    I have to say that with each day that I’m on my twin flame journey, I am learning to trust my instinct. In your initial contact, there is a voice or cord that is struck that you just cannot deny. However, there were doubts because the of stories of the other twin flame experiences. They all are different. NOW!… I KNOW. In addition, to the physical meeting is an experience that is funny and weird. You notice certain things;” hey, I have the same gap in my teeth, we walk similiar to each other and the repeated phrase: this is crazy how much we are alike or I feel like we’ve been knowing each other for years and we just met”. The inspiration and creative energy after you meet is quite astounding. You already know what they are feeling or what their next move will be. Its so weird, funny and comforting at the same time.

    Thank you so much Gabriella, for your site was the first that I came into learning about twin flames. I have to say the feeling of “insanity” is starting to subside and a beautiful ray of peace is coming over my being. I can sit back relax knowing that everything will be ok. Right now I’m thinking, yep, that’s my baby. lol

  12. Abigail says:

    I know my twin flame is coming because i feel him. What do i need to be doing to prepare in terms of meditation or anything else?

  13. wayne D. says:

    i remember I was at work(FED-EX), and i got off and had clocked out, and as i walking i was tired and irritable and kinda in a (bad) mood i guess. But as i was walking down the halway i felt someones eyes on me walking on the side of me, so i quickly turned to look at who was staring at me and there was this girl , about 5’2/ 5’3, im 6’2, anyway i guess i had a rather angry or “mean” expression on my face, and she then looked at me with the same agressive expression on her face then our eyes met and it was almost like i was staring in the mirror. i was instantly drawn to her -i felt like i always knew her, i could also see right through her, as she could me. she then stormed off and went down the escalator, and as i went down i felt this strong magnetic energy pulling me toward her. As she got in line to go through the metal detector she turned and looked at me and said something rather violent like “i should kill you” or something like that, and everyone in line turned and looked at me with a worried look in their face, but i knew what was going on between us i didnt feel a bad vibe behind it, but rather a peacefulness vibe, then the words “YOUR HOME” and “SAFE” came in my head and i still was drawn to her. i can tell she didnt mean what she said. then i heard a voice in my head say, “thats your wife”. I never met this girl in my life but i knew she was my twin soul. i seen my past & future in her eyes

  14. Laura says:

    I really think I know who it is??? but now I am doubting it? Is this normal?

  15. Joana says:

    Thanks, Gabriella, yes how can I love so much this person who I know only his name? and how can he loves me the same way? There is not doubt in my mind we are TFs. The only idea which I’m wrestling is why I met him now? When it seems there is not chance to be together?

  16. Laura says:

    I really thought I knew also, but he also came to me at the WRONG time, this is why I am in so much doubt now, and misery.

  17. Christopher says:


    I know the misery you feel… I have experienced it, too, and have also felt great love and peace from this Twin Flame journey. Both emotions seem to me totally natural, and should serve as further validation that you are on the path of reunion.

    Regarding the doubts you have, I had also harbored such doubts… particularly after our very first meeting. At the time, I had no idea what a “Twin Flame” was, and had never even heard the term.

    Over time, the universe has shown me a number of signs, which had led me to believe that something very special was happening. Eventually I began searching on the internet for the terms “twin psychic”, which led to webpages which discussed twin flames, and finally to this site. Now that I have read what other people are experiencing, and found so many parallels in my own experiences, there is no doubt in my mind that I have found her- the beautiful soul which I had once longed for years ago.

    The timing of this journey seems really challenging for me, as well. In my case, I believe that our meeting in this life was almost inevitable, but due to Free Will, decisions made in both of our lives have resulted in our meeting being somewhat delayed beyond the point at which our meeting could have been less challenging, and more enjoyable.

    Regardless, divine timing IS perfect, and everything happens for a reason- even if those reasons don’t always seem good to us in the present. Personally, I have found solace in prayer, mediation, and writing in my experiences on this website. I also have experienced blissful, telepathic reassurances from my Twin, even though I have not seen her since New Year’s Day, do not know her name, and have no idea where to find her. For now, we both must leave our reunion in God’s hands, an continue on our journey one step at a time. Good luck and God bless!

  18. Joana says:

    I think be not able to be or at least to see my TF in the 3D plane, is part of the preparation or “Asension with him” Since, I stopped seeing him; everything has came more clear to me. Now I believe, I undestand a little better things that were happening when we were close by. The other day I could remember that even that I could not see him coming I knew he was coming and when he passed close to me I could see his aura or I don’t know what it was, but it clear to me that this force drag me to him and without thinking I was behind him. How this could be?

  19. sunshine says:

    Yes you right, i didn`t see my TF for over a month and i experienced all that not-3D things with him, but now we talked for 3 min finally and i got some new thoughts, doubts and it`s a bit harder to make a connection again, i don`t now why. it`s really a process…so many times i wanted to talk to him, why did it happen now. time will show me i guess.

  20. Sidney says:

    I came across an interesting description of the stages of a twin flame relationship, and thought I would share:

  21. sunshine says:

    Sidney, thank you. I found this too somewhere and it`s quite precise. I`m going right through these stages. It`s amazing actually, reading this it almost became a little more tangible all this TF experience.
    i don`t understand, if we are as one, is he also going through this spiritual awakening like me, well on his way, beacuse i experienced a huge growth of consciousness and still experiencing?! Does this imply?! sometimes i`m convinced in that, beacuse i know how he`s thinking and that he is spiritual too

  22. Sidney says:

    I’ve never asked my TF if he is experiencing a spiritual awakening or consciousness growth. I may bring up the subject one day when it feels right. I’m not sure both halves of a TF need to go through the awakening process. After all, if we are two halves of the same soul, it wouldn’t matter who awakens or does the “spiritual” work. Why would we choose to experience the same challenges? It seems to me that the whole point of “splitting” in the first place is to bring greater experience/reflections of love. At this time, I think we are in each other’s lives to help heal old wounds.

  23. sunshine says:

    Yes, maybe you right, it make sense. it confused me that final stage of TF journey, that we bouth have to reach the illumination?! It`s like we have to reach the same point but on the different ways with different experiences, that we get through healing. Now i realised some things that he was saying to me while we were together and talking about meaning of life, love, ourselves, i understand them now and i gave something to him also, even then we were supplementing each other, in some things he was further then me and in others i was. That`s why i`m so curious what he is experiencing now in his head…i loved his thoughts. Every time when i realised something i want to tell him that and hear what he thinks. i tell him anyway it helps, if i don`t write i would gone crazy.

  24. Joana says:

    I wish I could ask some questions to my TF, but I’m afraid we both are running from one another. Sidney, it is very interesting info. about TFs-stages. This statement puzzle me: “One or both Twins may attempt to fit the relationship into the “old model” of Love, couplehood and relationship as it relates to their ego desires and learned belief system.” Then, how is supposed to be a TF relationship? I can understand that a TF relationship is going much, much farther in spirituality. The other thougt I love is: “The “Runner” Twin is allowed the space and freedom to choose to evolve at their own pace in their own way. The Surrendered Twin holds a heart space for their beloved while fully exploring life on the way to becoming an Illuminated human. This may be a time of channeling Unconditional Love into art, music, writing, teaching, active service or some other creative outlet.”

  25. sunshine says:

    Yes, this attempt of trying to fit the relationshio into the “old model” was my case from the beginning, now i see. i think he tried that too after a while, that`s why we split up. everything just needed to happen. i knew how love should look like, but i was so cluttered with that social concept of love and what others was saying to me, my mind was so loud. i always thought that my ideas don`t fit in this world beacuse they are too utopistic, but now i see that all this is possible, it really exist

  26. Joana says:

    Yes, It is what is getting me confuse. I really don’t understand the concept. Truth my mind has the traditional relationship model or two persons who fall in love. But it must something else, the love between TFs is something else.

  27. sunshine says:

    I think that TF love doesn`t need a definition, that would be a first mistake, that was mine mistake. It`s uniqe like we are. That love just exist from day to day and wishing to get you know a little better every time you see each other…just enjoying and exploring each other with full acceptance. Sudenlly flaws become so funny and so US, it`s just freedom. You live with each other but with so much freedom in side of you…you feel that you can breathe beside this person and that every thought and feeling is allowed and everything can resolve in so much laugh. When you have this you can just float through life, you can live and exist in this 3D world. This is how i imagine being with my TF.

  28. Durinda says:

    I believe what is meant by “fit relationship in the old relationship model” is the “old model” is built on the thinking or belief of if you do this for me, then I will give you love. Or if you show me love then I will show you love. This is based on conditional love. The TF love is unconditional. Loving your twin and your twin loving you while respecting the choices that each twin makes in that moment. The love does not disappear, in fact, as we each walk our path in this love, the love only expands and includes all that is. The other thought regarding the “runner” twin i feel relates to holding them in your heart space as they “awaken” at their own pace. Even when times seem difficult you come to realize how beautiful and perfect the process truly is.

  29. Joana says:

    Sidney, what you said is that may be our other half (TF) will recive by infusion the knowledge or spiritual growth of us. It sound interesting. I think I read this in someplace else long ago. Of course if we are connected in some way it is logical that the other half knows about our spiritual growth and vice versa. I like to read about you and Sunshine because both of you are in touch with your TFs. So you can ask question to them in the tangible world. In my situation I only feel the connection with my TF in my mind or astral plane. Maybe there is something difference between the astral plane and the 3D world. I mean maybe in the 3D level there is something that interfere in the communication with our TFs. I don’t know it is my theory.

  30. sunshine says:

    There is definitely something that interfere communication, like there is too much of something, i don`t know. Joana i wanted to ask you, since you on college too, how`s learning?! i can`t study anyhthing, it all became so irrelevant to me, all that learning of 1000 pages doesn`t make sense, i just want to explore the life, enjoy in every day with people i love and doing something for myself, my soul, something meaningful to me. I want to feel guilt because of that but i can`t, how will i pass all this exams?! i`m a bit worry. when i`m going to study it`s whole another dimension of consciousness, downearth and i don`t like it anymore, but i can`t live like that, some work has to be done.

  31. Joana says:

    I don’t know if I can answer your question. Since, I was a girl I wanted to be astronomer. I like science, I wanted to discover things, find all the answers about the universe and the world where I’m living. I need to tell you I don’t consider myself a good student, I need to read a lot and go in depth in any subject to be able to understand it. So, I take so long doing my homework or studying for a test. And the results are not always like I would like. Many times I find myself taking a couse again because I could not pass it the first time. But, but this is a bit but, even if I don’t pass a course I’m happy because I could understand something then the second time I will be able to pass it, probably. I see many students changing mayors frequently. I guees they are in the process of searching something interesting for them. Yes, I understand some subjects are very abstracts like the clases in math. My TF’s major is math, he will be a mathematician. I could not do it, I just take 3 clases with the math depto. I wanted to have a master in math, but taking those clases chaged my mind so I go back to ingineering. I have a background to get a master in ingeneering. I undestand you, some subjects just HAVE NOT MEANING, but they are included in a program. I found some subjects in math too abstract, it seems that the person who study and enjoy these subjects have to have their brain wired in a different way that we all have it. There is one for example that really I could not find the meaning, application, nothing , but I can imagine that for a mathematician it is interesting and enjoyable. Maybe you just need to find something related to your love in life the most close to your goals your would like to fulfill. It should be something.

  32. Joana says:

    Sunshine I agree with your definition of love between TFs and with Durinda’s. It is hard to me to describe what I feel for my TF, I just feel a source or fountain of love that comes from someplace, I don’t know if it is from inside of me, but it is constantly flowing like a river and it does not stop or have ending. So I send my love to him, and I feel the same coming from him. It is so hard for me to write about it, but I feel like this fountain is an infinite source of love, and when we are fill with all that love, we pour the rest I guess out of us. Anyway, how difficult it is to write about it….

  33. sunshine says:

    Joana, i agree with you in every sentence especially this one “I need to tell you I don’t consider myself a good student, I need to read a lot and go in depth in any subject to be able to understand it. So, I take so long doing my homework or studying for a test. And the results are not always like I would like.”, yeeee, but i don`t mind that, beacuse i realized something that matter to me. I always had need to understand everything, i can`t just read something, i need to get close to that subject, but today education are so quickly, superficially, well at least in my countrey. I also wanted to research something, be archaeologist or astronomer or a world traveler 😀 then i just wanted to do something with people, help them on some way and now i will i hope. My interests have always been wide, i`m like a child, i find something interesting in everything, but i don`t get the math even though it fascinates me and economy for me is totaly human invention, i don`t find the meaning in it, well that`s why we are all different.

    About that fountain of love, i understand you and i love this sentence “…we pour the rest I guess out of us.”, yes…i`m so happy when i can spread that love around me, to people that i love. It is difficult yes, you always trying to find the right words to describe it but they just diminish the value of it. Last night i experienced that yellow light, sparks with eyes closed, when i was “talking” with him, i remember you mentioned this?! i also felt/saw that with my soulmate friend when we talked about our inner experiences, wishes, life. i don`t get this quite, what is all aboout?!

  34. Joana says:

    Sometimes I feel shy after I writing something here, but I would like to know if people are experiencing the same. Yes about that love, when our hearts are full with love then the rest of it, it is for the people around us, nature including animal and plants. I’m a gardener so I always love to take care of my plants. My husband always tell that he sees me studying hard and the result are not positive many times. He tells me that maybe I don’t study right. I tell him maybe, but that is my objetive to understand the subject. My husband was the kind of student who always got good grades, he is very organized and logic, and he says that he studied what he needed to study when he was student. Yes those sparks of electricity are funny, now I just smile when I see them.

  35. James says:

    Is it common for one twin flame to recognize the tf connection or show the most emotion. In so many ways we are alike but so different. It has been an emotional ride

  36. sunshine says:

    Joana i understand you about shyness…in the beginning i couldn`t even write in my journal about what have i experienced, in the beginning i couldn`t even write about love and all that feelings, i was ashamed of myself no matter how funny this sounds…i was blocked, i think i had some kind of defesne mechanisam for love, i was afraid of getting hurt all the time and all that feelings of love…now i see, but this was/is a process.

    James, i feel that too…that`s what intrigues me, we are so much alike but each of us has its own character, this is where acceptance come for i think…i love that idea that we are different in some ways, i wlways wanted someone little bit different then me

  37. Joana says:

    That is my same question, if he my TF thinks that I was only a crash something that he will forget easily. I thought the same, I thought if I don’t see him anymore I will forget him, and looking at me, I can not forget him.

  38. sunshine says:

    Yes i know what you mean, i think that too…that my TF taken a position that all that was just a crash he didn`t take that too seriously, even he was the one in the beginning who seemed very secure, that was what scared me…i think he felt my uncertainity, i know that. Sometimes i wonder will ever come the day when i won`t think about him, i can`t even imagine that. i don`t know, but i think that i cross his mind from time to time…that he remembers a nice memories…but maybe he`s too occupied with his life now…

  39. Joana says:

    Or maybe he is scare? I think that, I’m scare myself. This is too much to carry it sometimes. I feel that I’m unfaithful to my husband because I’m thinking all the time in my TF and wishing to be with him and olny with him. On the other hand my husband sees me only as his friend. So sometimes I just would like to get both of them out of my mind, (my soulmate and my TF) just forget about it, but can’t. Then I’m not so spiritual as I thought.

  40. sunshine says:

    I understand you…sudenlly i`m not alone anymore in my head and sometimes there`s too much crowd. Yesterday i was so exhausted and my health is not quite good in the past two weeks, so everything was just too much for me and i got so angry in my thoughts on my TF, i was yelling at him to leave me alone, that i can`t take this anymore, i don`t want him anymore…but after twenty minutes it all disappeared, i started to cry and memories just started to appear in my head…this is really not in my control, at the end i just praied for him and fell a sleep happy, i said to myself that i would pray no matter what. But when i`m not feeling well I`m so vulnerable, especially when i`m not physically good, i don`t have the energy for anything

  41. Joana says:

    I don’t know what I’m experiencing all this at this point of my life. Yes sometimes I feel so weak physically that I just wish to rest my mind for a moment, and then I feel him coming to me.

  42. sunshine says:

    Yes, i fill so much things…but sometimes, like today it feels like my mind is empty, i can`t define anything and i feel some kind of impatience it`s wierd, i woke up with that feeling, i just don`t know where to focus, it`s not bad feeling, just impatience.

    I wonder, what kind of feelings and signs we can experiance when we are close to reunion with our TF? I wish when Gabriella could answer this?!

  43. Joana says:

    Grabriella wrote something about it on the analysis of the movie Serendipity. I don’t know how this works, and what this mean I find a lot of coincidences sometimes maybe when I’m paying attention on this signs. For example the other day while I was washing my hands, a drop of water fell on the counter and the shape seemed like a perfect heart, even I took a picture of it and I showed it to everybody. Today I was walking on campus and I found a squirrell she/he was eaten a nut and I passed by so close to her/him, and he/she just was looking at me without feeling scared of me, usually these little creatures run away as soon as a person is closed by. I saw this movie, it is beautiful. For me the tender moment of whole movie was when he cries when he finally found his soulmate/TF. Today in the morning I had to go to the building where my TF takes almost all his classes, I felt so weak only imaging to find him there, I didn’t. Sometimes I wonder, I’m so happy with the connection I have in my mind with him, and I know that the 3D world is so different; Scare me, I feel like a baby knowing that there is something there, I just I don’t know how to handle or react to this whole TF experience.

  44. Joana says:

    Just a note: The professor I needed to talk with this morning has the same name of my TF. Mybe a months ago, I took my son to the store, and he went to the Christmas clearence, then I saw this little Christmas decoration for the Christmas tree with the name on my TF on it. I bought all I found it, five and I bought many with diffente names. My TF has a rare name It was a surprise that I found his name on these decorations. So yes coincidences are weird.

  45. sunshine says:

    I know what you talking about. I few days ago i was walking and thinking on my TF, staring at the floor and then i noticed an oil tap in a shape of heart, it`s silly…that`s why i laughed when i red about your heart. Yes, i felt so close to this movie, i love the part when they sit on the bench and he look at her and kiss her arm, it`s a detail but that`s it, intimacy, love, niceness.

    I have that feeling too, when there is possibility to meet him, i`m nervous even before it happens, like a little kid and because every time i see him i need a time to “recover”. Sometimes i think that all this encounters serves us for practicing or to get use to each other energy in the 3D, maybe i`m wrong. Sometimes i want to meet him just to test my behaviour, i wanted that a few weeks ago when we talked, but still i was like a baby and yes, we talked on 11th, how simbolically.

    About this christmas decorations i would say that is a clear sign, without thinking. Today i was walking down the street, going on the coffee with mine and my TF friend, and within one minute i saw two times numbers 888 on cars, what`s the posibility for that and to notice them too?! It means that things about my emotions, life purpose or relationship will manifest and that one period of my life is coming to an end, it`s sounds exciting and scary in the same time. When we came to the coffee shop, i sat on the place where was carved a first letter of his name on the table, and when the bill came it was 33 euro, i see that number often too. too much coicidences in short period of time. I think we sholud be grateful for this, even sometimes can be hard, it doesn`t want us to forget, ones when the process starts you can`t get out, we just go with the flow.

  46. sunshine says:

    i also noticed that i have a lot of influence on my soulmate friend, she`s lost in all this 3D things and everything about her self, i was just like her a few motnths ago, till all started to make sense. I see her changes, i want to transfer her all my knowings but i see it takes time, i want her to believe in love, she`s convinced that all men are the same and always expect something to return and that only person we can trust is ourselves. My belief in love doesn`t make sense to her, beacuse my perfect love (my TF) also left me, she knew that we were in loved very much. She is just looking for prouf and i don`t know how to show her. I just wish that she fall in love very much, to feel that, she only experienced bad things and she feel so much loneliness.
    People just have to believe, it so much power in it, we have to allow ourselves to even get foolish for love, it will only cost us our pride.

  47. Joana says:

    I have two friends who live in different cities, and never talk with one another. They think so similar that I wonder. Maybe is us who atract poeple with similar ideas or people from whom we can learn new things. I feel that my extrasensorial abilities are becoming sharp too. Firt when something happen like this I try to rationalize the incident. Ok, I say to myself is logic what just happened because so and so, etc. But, the incident that happened I did think that could happened before it happened. It feels like a window is opened, and I can see things that before I even notice. All this make me wonder.

  48. sunshine says:

    about that extrasensorial experiences, i have that too. Sometimes i can see images, situations in my head few minutes before it happens, it`s fun sometimes. I usually know which tram will come, few times i just saw in my head a tram which goes in my direction, coming into the station and i knew that i don`t have to hurry. I don`t know why sometimes this just happen, can we control that on some way?!

    Yes, i noticed that too, about the people, i`m sure that we atract them, it`s almost impossible to meet them accidentally and to be that similar. Every time when i talk with you or read other posts i know that something is really going on…so many similar stories, i just wonder then, what is next?!

  49. Joana says:

    In class, the other day I was thinking: “How nice would be if the professor give us the test to solve at home, she could make the test different for each student.” Then, to my surprise, she starting talking about this, that she will give us the test to solve at home, and yes she did it in a way that the problems on the test where differnt for each of us. Then I did not pay attention I just thought: “oh, this is nice.” But today, I really was shocked. Weeks ago my nice called me to let me know that her mom was at the hospital; then a idea came to my mind, “She will not survive the surgery” and today I received the bad news, this happened. I find myself sending ideas to my son and husband, they sometimes tell me what I’m about to tell them. I also images of things that are about to happen. I wonder if people who met their TFs are experiencing the same.

  50. sunshine says:

    Yes, yes,yes, i know, about this sending the ideas…i have that too. It`s look like someone stole my idea, but then it happened few times and i just start to wonder could it be. Few seconds after i`m thinking something, someone would say that, i have that with my mother, and with my soulmate friend we think the same things in the same time very often, we accepted that like something normal, beacuse it`s happening all the time. I really thought that i`m imagining, beacuse i felt like i was sending ideas, thoughts. I think that we had that inside of us, meeting our TF just developed that, increased maybe. Now when i think, during my childhood i had a few similar things, sensing something before it happens, usually bed things, but i wasn`t aware of that, it was quite subtle. Now is stronger

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