You Can Feel Your Twin Flame Right Now

Q. Is it possible to still feel your twin flame even though neither of you have never met or spoken before? And how can you be certain if you will meet your twin flame in this lifetime?

A. Yes, it is absolutely possible, and inevitable, that you will feel your twin flame if you have not met or interacted in this lifetime yet. The reason why is because your twin flame is a reflection of you, an extension of your energy and who you are. When you get more in tune with who you are, the more you are able to connect and feel your twin flame. However, if you are open, you can feel your twin flame even before you get further along the path of getting in touch with who you are, remembering your passion which leads you into your life purpose…because your energy is merely something you need to connect with, a discovery in a way. Tapping into this feeling of your twin within you is what helps you to recognize him when he is standing right in front of you.

In order to determine if you will meet with your twin flame in this lifetime, again, it takes a connecting within you…for you can tap into what your soul has intended with your twin flame in this particular lifetime. How to do this? The first step is to believe that you can have the deepest love that you can imagine, and know that you will recognize that soul when he is standing in front of you. Determine what you are passionate about and enjoying doing, what makes you tick, and then bring all of that into your life. At the perfect moment, you will know more information…how it works is that you are going along your path, being yourself ever more fully with each step, and then when the next step is upon you, you will be guided. This is why I teach how important it is to be in the moment, honoring every relationship and experience along the way, for all that you learn is so important and essential to taking the next steps along your journey. Establish and hold true to the deep faith of knowing that what has come to your awareness when it comes has come for the purpose of reminding you (giving you clues so to speak) of what you desire to experience and create in this lifetime, and because of that, the universe wants to support you in bringing it into full manifestation within your life, but there is also a process as everything needs to unfold as it does to be completely ready for the rest of the journey. We arrive at a destination and then we begin again when we get there…continuous growth, love, and creations in this experience on Earth.

Be in the moment and allow yourself the excitement that each moment holds…so much beauty in each step. Always be open to seeing this truth…

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137 comments on “You Can Feel Your Twin Flame Right Now
  1. Joana says:

    I have, the same experience with numbers, I alway see sequencies of numbers a lot the 11, 55, 44, 33, and I always see a number between two equals, like 424, 121, etc. It is always happen when I turn my head to see the clock. I started reading about numerology. IT is happening all the time. Wow! with your body changes. A friend just make a comentary, she said that I look joyful and young. She asked for the secret. I just thought, “I’m in love.” I still not eating on my times, so I can be so exhausted. I never talk in the tangible world with my TF, so I don’t know his plans. Mine are to become a teacher I’m planing to go back to my native country as a volunteer to teach in summers. I love teaching. My TF is almost finishing his degree in Math, so I don’t know if he will become a teacher. When I met my TF, we have a lot of initial sinchronicities, we were in the elevator alone for a few minutes, I used to find him in almost every place I walk on cumpus. It was so funny. He was shy, I just smile…yes I would like to know more about sinchronity between tween flames.

  2. Joana says:

    Sunshine, Wow! with your body changes, I wish I could get a little taller, I’m always confused by people for a japanese woman, I guess because I’m short,thin, my eyes shape, and my black hair. My TF and I have the same hair color, pretty black and weavy, this was the first physical feature that caught my attention from him, he keeps his hair long to the his shoulders and it is very shiny like mine. He is taller than me and thin. I don’t know if there are similar things between us because we never talk in the 3D world. The time we were together, we just ran a lot from one another( like scared rabits). I don’t rememeber exactly when we met us either. There were many synchronicities when we met. We used to find one another in different places at cumpus, even in the elevator. In one occasion we were in the elevator alone, he was so nervous, I handle myself better that him. I think, that this embarrassed him a lot. Yes, I would like to know more about synchronicity and synchronizations. I still haven trouble with the TF concept, how he and I come from the same source? How he can be in me and I in him? I only know that my heart is so happy with just thinking on him. This separation from him is helping me to process all this new knowledge about TF. I don’t feel the same person than before meeting him. Everything change, the things that used to make me happy before are not the same today. I see the world with more deepth. Also, to understand that TF relationship is not just romantic is more than that. I always, have the curiosity to ask to single people like you that already reconized their TF, how you handle a man in your case (or woman) who is showing interest in you? What cross for your mind when you see that attention that come from another person that is not your TF?

  3. sunshine says:

    yeeees, i also see numbers like 565,141,232, etc., and very often in the last time,5566,7788,3344,etc., usually on the cars…and i noticed when i saw first number `coincidence`, my mind start to looking others, but it doesn`t work that way, it only repeat when i forget about it and thinking on my tf or my life purpose, and about all the things that`s going on it the last time…i really belive that it means we are on the right path, like a confirmation.
    this is so beautiful that you know what you want in your life, what is your passion, and it`s very importante. i know, for the first time in my life that i`m on right place, on right collage, for three years i was wondering is it right for me…now i know that it is, God knew that before me, i never had such a clear head, and it`s wonderful and so mitigating.

    about the last question, you really hit the spot…i don`t now what to think really, i think about quite a lot, i even was trying, while driving in the bus, or metro, to pick someone who seems interesting and then try to imagine with that boy, but it`s so superficiall…for the first time, (after my tf) i don`t have any urge to try find someone, my soulmate, i was doing that my all life, and after him i don`t have that need anymore…sometimes i` a bit worried because of that, but i let that to God, really, it doesn`t have sense bother with this. about other people i also don`t know what to do, or think, since i don`t have need to conect with someone, even if they want to, there`s just no chemistry…i always pick my partners by feeling and my intuition…but i don`t feel like i colud find someone, with whome i wolud have that feeling of correctness i`m doing a right thing and would want stay with him…i never had a long relationship, there would always be some drama, never had peace, or in a lot of cases, i colud feel can i even be with that person. when i met my tf i felt for the first time that i colud spent my life with him, and then he left…in the first months i thought it`s happening again, mine unhappiness in love, it`s my fault, bla bla, and other stupid thoughts…i just coludn`t believe, like someone changed the script suddenly, and decided you want end up together. i don`t feel that if someone come to me and i liked this boy,man, but really in my heart, like i coludn`t be happy with him, beacuse of my tf, that`s the beauty with my tf and all others, i don`t have that negative emotions after him,even he left, just the opposite, he poured a life in me.

    i had three expiriences with other boys, and they were nice, we had a lot in common, but here`s the thing, every time i wanted to relax, and sad to myself ok, give them a chance, they are really nice,etc., i wolud saw my tf name, or surname somewhere, or even some stranger that look like him, or all that numbers, than i get confused, am i imaginig again, what this is mean, what would my life look like now, how to love someone after him?? i hope one they i wolud come to this blog and wrote i`m in loved again in a persone that God wants me to be and my tf prepared me for him ( sometimes i think this is the case, but i always feel such a cramp in my stomach when i think this)…or i`m with my tf 🙂 i wrote a lot again, sorry

  4. Joana says:

    It happen to me too, if I’m thinking in something, then I turn my head to my clocks around my house, and there are the number sequences. I started reading about numerology, because it took to a point that those sequences were there all the time. I can say now, if I’m thinking something negative the numbers 444 appear, this mean NO! according to the numerology. 555 appear when I’m thinking in some changes and new plans in my life, etc. with 222, 666, and so on. I don’t know you but I felt scare of the 999 and I read about it; it means Completion. This is the end of a big phase in your personal or global life, WOW! May be for that reason scare me so much. I never care about numbers, I thought it was just not realistic or a joke. But, I guess there is something there. You don’t write a lot, you are fine. I can understand the need to write what we are experiencing with this TF stuff. I had a very long peoriod of loneliness before I married my best friend; I used to see around looking for that special person, now I believe that I was looking for him (my TF) but I did not find it. So, I married my best friend with the belief that he was my destiny. We were so happy when our son was born, but even them I did not see him happy and I still feeling some emptiness in my heart. Now we are just a couple of good friends taking care of our son. I always, wonder if I have met my TF before married my best friend. Now, I don’t feel any loneliness even if I’m not physically with him.

  5. sunshine says:

    i also looked for the meaning, and realise that our angels communicate with as on this way…before this information i didn`t think about angels at all, since my childhood…but i always wonder, where does all this explanations come from, does 444 or 555, etc.,really means what they mean, or is it something more personal? i looked for information on the internet and also found the same meanings. here it is…in the past 3 hours i looked on the clock and it was always 44 min., also my friend had 444 on her bill, i didn`t notice that while she didn`t show me, like look how much money i have,she sad…i just laughed.

    wow, that`s something then, if you succeeded to know what you thinking in certain moment…i`m trying to, sometimes i`m afraid to know the answer, but i think that numbers want leave us alone till we figure out why they are coming to us. i had of period of, approximately three weeks, when i was seeing only 11:11,13:13,14:14 and others, then it stopped and started with 44,55,66 and etc., like i sad upstairs…like when they get our attention they become more subtle??! I will also try to pay more attention on what i`m thinking, we just have to practice…but if i only could find a really relevant web page or a book with this meanings.

  6. sunshine says:

    sometimes you remind me on my new friend, i wrote somewhere that in the past 3 months i started to meet people with very similar thinking, spirituality, and like they had a messages for me, to brouth me on the right way, and they did. that friend is 11 years older then me, we just clicked, she also had that strange experiences all her life, she divorced after seven years, after they got married it all went down…has one daughter and now she met a man that she can`t explain, niether can he, but he is married, also unhappy…it`s all messed up…when i met her i colud see a lot of myself in her, it was so wierd, even she`s older…she is so lonely too,all her life looking for that fulfillment, but never finding it. something is really going on this planet, im sure now, it`s very scary and exctiting in the same time

  7. Joana says:

    I agree with you, I used to have friends that for some reason they left or got distance from me and viceversa. For example, I used to have a friend with whom I had a lot in common. She is very spiritual lady like me, but then she went in another direction in her beliefs, I notice this and it was not my path to follow. So I still talking with her but not the way we used to talk before. Another new friends are coming too. This afternoon, I just was thinking in my future, and imagine how my life will be if I could take important decision right know, then, no kidding, I turn my head to check the time, and there were the number “858” they are related to making positive changes in my life. According to the book: Angel Numbers 101 by Doreen Virtue. I believe too, that angel used numbers to bring us messages.

  8. Joana says:

    Sunshine, it seems that we are just writing back and forth here. But your writing make me realizes things. Since, I met my TF all the pain in my past and present relationships are gone. My TF erased all the pain and loneliness. Now I feel so happy with my life even if we are not together in the tangible world.

  9. Christopher says:


    You and Sunshine aren’t just talking back and forth; I enjoy reading the conversation, too.

    I like reading how you’ve written “Since, I met my TF all the pain in my past and present relationships are gone”. This is wonderful!

    I, too have sensed a change in the past few weeks- my emotions have switched from anger, and frustration, at not being able to reunite, to love and hope, that we will eventually. In the meantime, I can sometimes feel my twin’s love, in my heart; just not at all times, and not as strongly as I could when she was three feet in front of me.

    Looking back, I sometimes get so angry with myself- why didn’t I say something to her? In that moment I saw her for the 2nd time, I felt such love and reassurance that everything was going according to plan, and I didn’t feel a need to act. In retrospect, I realize that I can no longer find her, and don’t even know her name, so at times it feels like I blew my one opportunity- even though it would have meant making a huge scene in front of my wife and in-laws.

    Instead of dwelling on what might have been, I have instead been focusing on sending my twin as much love as I can- and sharing in that love with my wife, who I had been foolishly neglecting ever since meeting my TF.

    Sometimes it feels like we can connect more closely late at night, when she is sleeping- it’s almost as if during the day, when awake, my twin has consciously tried to block our connection, if only so she can carry on with her day, and not get too bogged down in emotions.

    Even still, there are moments during the day when I feel this overwhelming sense of love and peace filling my soul- and I know it is her, thinking of me, and sending me her love. I never experienced anything quite like this before, so I know it must be her.

  10. Joana says:

    I think it is her, Christopher. When I’m trying to concentrate in my school homework, I feel him (my TF) coming and playfully smile and be between my me and my book. “Jesus! I tell him, here you are again”. I must to confese, that may be I do the same to him. I have the same feelings like you, I blew out many opportunities that I could be just say to him: Hi! but I that time it was so overwhelming be so close to him. I want to tell you this cute story; when the school bus used to come to my house to pick my son up to his kindergarten school. I always see this little boy making some sign to me with his hand through the bus’s window. I was puzzled about the meaning of his hand sign, then later I found out that in this school where my son was going to kindergarten also was the school for kids that can not speak and hear, and also find out that this hand sing that this little boy was doing to me means “I love you” So, if some day I find my TF around and I can not say Hi! maybe I will do this sign with my hand to him. I hope I can do it.

  11. Christopher says:


    I’d advise against doing this hand sign. The exact same hand sign, before being conscripted into what is now known as “sign language”, has also been used for centuries for devil worshipers to identify one another. Therefore, if you were to do this, he may get the wrong idea, depending on his religious beliefs…

    However, I think a wink, or just saying ‘hey’ would work fine! If you are at too great a distance, maybe just making a heart shape with your fingers (the way kids do, before they learn sign language) would be more appropriate.

  12. sunshine says:

    oh my God Joana, this story is so beautiful and so meaningful. Today i tried to follow zhe numbers and my thoughts, i even wrote them down, and like it`s seems, they are all pointing that angels are with me, that i`m on the right path, that something is coming true, that much i colud find on the internet. I got to say that i have found out something today abutt my tf, that his long wanted wish will come true, i`m so happy like that`s going to happen to me…the first emotion was typically human, i fear of abanding, and after i few min., all that happines, it`s amazing.

    Christopher, i understand you completely,the past two months was like a rollercoaster to me, from fully negative emotions to such happines, never to set up in one mood and just be in it, it`s impossible…well for now i hope. i also can feel him more at night also, sometimes i feel like his kissing me, it`s weird but…

    about the past relationshio…i had a really exhausted one, it was short but i was in such emotional mess after him, he took what ever he colud, but i got over it, and never could quite understand what did i even get from him…but the last week i had a dream about him, after three years, it wasn`t a regular dream, he came to and tried to talk, like he wanted to start over, i remember my emotions in this dream, i was so confused, what to do, like when i was with him (a torture), i wanted to leave, but he had the same eyes like my tf, i didn`t understand what is going on…the second night he came to me again, the same feelings of uncertainity, he was pulling me to be with him, i wanted but a got a bad feeling in my chest. after that 2 dreams i finally feel like i got rid of him, but truly…i felt such relief, i hope my tf got credit for this

  13. Joana says:

    Christopher, Thanks for telling me about this sign language. I did not know its origen. My son had problem with his language at his early age, he was a late talker, and his pre-school teacher and speech therapist taught him some sing language, but never this one the little boy I was talking about it showed to me from the school bus. I think my TF is Cristian but he is not catholic like me. In one dream he ask me to marry him and then he showed me many churches in the screem of his computer, and asked me in which one do you want to get married? But those churches did not look like a catholic church, they looked like methodist or babtist. I’m painfully shy anyway, so I don’t think I could do any sing language to him if I see him again. Maybe I just will stare on him.

  14. Joana says:

    Sunshine, yes is it interesting to know about numerology, the sequencies that are following me a lot are: 858, 808, 818. It seems that somebody is trying to tell me something. It is good that you feel liberate from that relationship and almost sure that your TF help you.

  15. sunshine says:

    i think that one very deep look and smile should be enough, he will now what you think. i usually look away and i always regret beacuse i`m shy too and it`s hard to look at his eyes, beacuse ones i did that and it was so strong and beautiful.

    Do you ever have, for example when you feel full of love, life, purpose, or when you dream something meaningful about your tf, or your life, that feeling of impatience, when you just want to begin with your life, your mission? I don`t know quite yet what is my mission, but i feel like i`m on the right path, i`m not afraid…but sometimes i feel like everythings getting fast in my head…it`s hard to explain. i try to be patient, but in that moments it`s hard.

  16. Joana says:

    Hmm… that’s an interesting idea, but I’m really, really terrible shy. In only one occasion I saw into hi eyes, but it was because I turned my head and I did not know he was behind me. I just was holding the door to let the next person going out from the classroom, and there he was. When I see into his eyes it was so BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! I never see so much LOVE coming from a person, not even my parents, my son, my husband or somebody else sees or saw me with such LOVE. Hmmm, may be you are ahead of me in this process, but somebody else can answer that question here for you. I just feel that I need to make big changes in my life right now. I feel that I’m in a situacion that is ending or I’m almost stepping into a transition. I feel scare and with a lack of courage to give the first step. No wonder all those sequences of number with the number 858, etc. I feel that they are nagging me all the way. I feel scare, because I don’t know how to survive in this country alone, I knew how to survive in my native country alone. I came to this country when I got married, and since then, I did not stop going to school, and taking care of my son with disabilities. Now he is ok, he is 14, a smart teenager. But being with a man that already told me with very clear words that he can not be romantic with me, he does not feel any conection with me, and that the time he has been married with me has been a torment, give the answer. I have a vivid dream, in this dream he is asking for a divorce, and my son was pulling away from him. So? I can say all these without feeling any pain in my heart or hetred throug my husband he is a good man. There is not pain anymore since I met my TF. I feel that my TF step out just to let me fix my situacion.

  17. sunshine says:

    Joana, i think that you are a very brave and strong women, i think your time is yet to come, i`ve that feeling, i don`t think i`m ahead of you, we are just in different periods of life…i`m still quite young, but also at the crossroad of my life. i know how hard it can be when you have a child with certain disability, i study this. Your tf came just in right time, like mine, now i can see, they also needed us…it`s really helpful to talk about this with you, beacuse everything make more sense to me…it`s like they really found us for healing and vice versa and prepare us for something, give us strenght.

    i also have dreams like that, sometimes i dream something that it`s seem so irrelevant, but still very vivid, and the next day that came true, this happened to me for 3-4 times…i have a friend who expirenced that also, i didn`t know this about her till 2 months ago…but because of that i know dreams are important and carriers of messages, i knew that before but now i really believe, but sometimes don`t know what to do with them, then let go. Don`t be scared, it will come to you excatly what you need and can submit and in the right moment, i always say that to myself, i know what type of fear is that, but he always come when i`m detached from myself and my thoughts are way ahead in the future, i immediately feel exhausted, so i try to get back,but it`s hard sometimes

  18. Joana says:

    Sunshine, my TF gives me strenght now that you mention this, it is clear to me. Last week I had a pretty hard homework that kept me awake almost all night, I did not sleep, I just rest for 3hrs before my class. I had a date line for that homework. But I noticed that just thinking in my TF made all my work easy. Yes, I think the same like you, may be we are giving strenght to them (our TFs) too. When I had that vivid dream, I mentioned, I was not ready to receive its message so I buried and tried to forget it, it was painful, but it is not now, now I’m ready for that message. I think my goal in life is to become a teacher. I like to help people with advise and support. Since, I was a girl I thought this way, just help people in this way.

  19. sunshine says:

    Yes i know what you mean, it`s like they pushed us in the right direction, but sometimes i would like to know am I helping him, it`s probably on subconsciously level wit him, but I have that desire to help him. I was just like you, all my life just wanted to help people on some way, wanted to be in a position where i could do that, now i think i`m on a right college, but still not quite sure where to focus, on wich field…i decide to way a sign or something, i know it will come to me, but there`s always that stupid human fear of not having control or that i want recognize it, but since everything really is in perfect divine order, being afraid it doesn`t make sense at all.

  20. Joana says:

    I think be scared to the unknown comes with the human nature, being scared of the unknown things is logical and natural. I always ask for guidance to my angels when I’m in a situacion where I’m feeling that scared that paralize me to do something about it, I mean when I need to face my reality or solve a problem that seems without any solution. I think what make the difference is our Faith at the end of the day. I read somewhere, I don’t remember maybe here in some place what Martin Luther King said, “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

    Note: I think, we help our TFs too as they help us.

  21. sunshine says:

    This qoute is so true…to truly give yourself in the hands of God, or however you want to call it. before, i didn`t know what this really means, now i can feel it, it`s so liberating. i love your sentence:”I think what make the difference is our Faith at the end of the day” it`s very hopeful. I miss him very much today, although i`m happy, sometimes i just want to hug him nothing more…

  22. Joana says:

    I understand your feelings.

  23. Joana says:

    Sunshine. Crazy? I hug my TF a lot in the ethereal world.

  24. sunshine says:

    hihi, i do that to, usually at night, but sometimes during the day when it come to me… one night, this colud sound “crazy”, but i felt warmth all over my body, it was so intimately, it just happened and then in the morning again. sometimes i wonder, how colud this be… how is he feeling in that moments so i feel this?

  25. Joana says:

    Sunshine, that is the same question I have, if he (my TF) is concious when he creeps into my dreams. There is a song that sing Luther Vandross, which I like it a lot because its lyric says: “I wonder, I wonder, if I creep into her dreams” something like that. About the pain you feel when you don’t see you TF, I know, it is UNBEARABLE. I felt this pain when there was not more chance to see him, but it was also when something was opened in my mind, I started feeling him and have telephaty conversations with him too. I thought it was just my imagination, or I was going crazy but there were some words or ideas that were not in my mind and them pup from no where. So what can I say? There is tornado watching in my area, and believe me he is worry I feel him so close to me tonight.

  26. Joana says:

    Talking about the intmacy with my TF, it is something else! Now that I see those movies or magazines with those scenes of loving making = sex for me all this stuff seems ridiculous. In my opinion is too far away from what love and intimacy can be. Sorry if I said somethig wrong.

  27. sunshine says:

    No hard feelings really, i absolutely agree with you. When i talk with my friends i can`t believe with wich things they bother,it`s ridiculous like you said, so irrelevant and unnecessary things, they can`t understand that love can be and it really is so pure and honest, sex it`s just a way to express it, it is not love, to me it`s such a side issue, you don`t even need it. People lost they trust in love, they are so in disbelief, they think that pure love is a fairytail, something unreachable, like they don`t deserve it.

    Yeees, i know that feeling, it`s so common to me, when something opens your mind, when you totaly aware of you, life, higher consciousness, i can feel him so much, i want to share with him every thought…and all that ideas…i wrote three songs in that state, in a few minutes, i couldn`t believe. Lately it`s getting easier to distinguish what are my thoughts and what is not, it`s like my mind is blank, i don`t think about anything but ideas are coming from somewhere, i just listen quitely.

  28. Joana says:

    Sunshine: Wow! that is great; the way you said it. Just a question did you tell your TF that you are his TF? I read in around here in someplace how two ladies told their TF so.

  29. sunshine says:

    No i didn`t, right now i can`t imagine that. i wanted to tell him about the feeling and dreams before we met, that idea hunted me for weeks,i was in such a big struggle, but somehow i would always overcome it, because i didn`t want to fall into his life again and maybe confuse him if he is happy right now with that girl and himself. Do you now how did they reacte, their TF?

  30. sunshine says:

    although my TF is very spiritual too, and while we were together he was feeling something strange about me, he didn`t want to say what, then i forgot to ask again and now it`s too late…well for now. Steel, i`m not that brave to tell him about this, how to put all this in words, in one conversation?!

  31. Joana says:

    Sunshine, I read in around here in someplace that these two ladies told their TFs that they were their twin. I don’t know, I can not imagine myself telling to my TF that possibly I’m his TF. I think this will scare him more, I don’t know if he is spiritual or not. I don’t know how can a person could react to this. One day I told my husband that he was my soulmate, and possible we have been together in another lives, and he just laugh of me. Since, I wa young I have some weird memories that I could not explained until later I started reading about past lives.

  32. sunshine says:

    i`m only afraid that he would think i want him back for myself or something like that, which is not the case…i want him only when he is ready, even if it takes years. I tried to think how I would react on something like that while i`m in relationship, i think i would be very confused, maybe angry, disturbed, i don`t know…maybe not. i was thinking a lot about that, i`m always imagining that moment, maybe one day i will get some sign or something, but like i sad it`s hard when it`s like something separates us the all year, it`s always something in the way when we meet. Although. lately i`m full of hope, maybe it`s just a phase but it`s nice for difference.

  33. Joana says:

    I’m in a relationship, so after meeting my TF I realized that I love my husband but in a different way like a brother or close friend, and I’m worry for him. He still young and full or energy but he became depended on me on many things. I mean he leaves things to me to do. I believe it is not right the way we are living our lives right now,like roonmates. But, I don’t know if you had a roonmate, even if a roommate leave; Don’t we miss him/her? On the other hand if I get so close to my TF I don’t think my married will survive. Sometimes, I just wish my husband find his TF too.

  34. sunshine says:

    i think that all of our situations, yours, mine will resolve by it`s self…i reminding myself every day about that, because it`s hard, it`s seems like we are waiting, but we are living actually, now in this moment…when i come back in NOW, i just know that everything will be alright.

    I have a roommate, she`s been my best friend for all my life, and soon as my awakening started, 2010, we had a big fight ( i think that was i trigger), by then we had only misunderstandings and we would resolve it at the same day (she`s like my soulmate, i mean she is)…but that time, like i was releasing the huge burden that i was having about her for years, i started to understand why a i had that not so good feelings sometimes about her, i always felt like she`s suffocating me in some things that i considered important and beautiful for me, but i could never blame her, i don`t blame her even now…i started to accept myself truly for the first time in my life, all my wishes, thoughts, desires for which i thought are foolish, and realizing that two of us are on the different paths in life, but we did so much for each other during are lives, growing up…before i coludn`t imagine to live without her, but now i just respect our paths, i know i will have her no matter where she end up, or I. But i have to say since then i can feel that are lives are going to take different ways, it`s so scary sometimes, i don`t want to lose her, but then i remember that she will always be in my life in some way, even though we have so different beliefs, we always had but i was controlling myself not to go to far, just to have her by myself…but now is all changed, it`s time for me to discover my own life. i hope this will be helpful, it`s just a part but still…

  35. Joana says:

    Sunshine, Jesus!!! if I just change “her” for “him” in all your writing. I could say the exact things about my husband. The disagreements, our blow outs, the soffocation he causes me with his way of see the life “only” in a logical way, his controlling behavior, his secrecies. I irretate him in many ways too, I don’t say I’m a perfect person. To make the story short, I even, don’t know how we get together, in the first place. We are so different in many ways. We both are engineers and love science but other than that, I don’t find other similarities. I hated to have a dog inside the house, he loved his dog, so I went with that, until our little dog died last year. I don’t like carpets, I preffer wood or any other kind of floor in the house, so he likes carpets, I went with that too; until he decided, get rid of the carpets. He said that I’m so neat in keeping the house in order, and for him it is annoying, so now he keeps his room the way he likes (in my opinion is a mess), but I don’t say anything. He has two rooms in our house as office (both rooms are a mess).Then I just try to keep the living room, kitchen, my son’s room and my work area clean and neat. I don’t have a room for myself in the house, it is weird. He cares for me and I care for him. He completly changed his diet, he use to be a fast food restaurant lover. Now he ate healthy. He helped me to be my organize in my projects and business so his logic way to see things have been helping all these year living with him.

  36. sunshine says:

    OMG yeees!!! i know what you mean, i know exactly what are you talking about…my friend is also very logical, rational and during our childhood he helped me a lot, i was very shy and scared of a lot of things but she helped me with that, she helped me to get through the life, that 3D world with all that strange rules, oh my God Joana, i just realized that, it`s so clearer to me, thank you. Like your husband and my friend had the same role for us. I also helped her to be more sensitive to people, we talk sometimes about that…but we are like earth and heaven. even now (maybe even more) i can feel that she just can`t accept truly that other side of me, ME, my real ME, my soul, that barrier was always between us, she is like a shell,regarding this, she just want open…now i can see when i met my other friend, i can really breath when i`m with her, she knows and truly respect that spiritual side of me that i was hiding for that long, i don`t even have to explain her what i`m thinking or feeling, she feel the same way.

    Both of my friends, when i met them, was like i know them my all life, even with that first friend when we were just kids. They are my soulmates, now i can say that without question. We are so blessed with them and our consciousness about that, so we can really respect all things that we got from them and they got from us.

  37. Joana says:

    Yes, my husband makes always a joke, he says that I have a foot on the real world and the other on the other side, spiritual world, or unreal world. He is not spiritual, he just believes in goshts and UFOs. Yes, I always feels that barrier, between us, I can not reach him. He is in his world of logic and science. He always says that if the scientific method can not prove it, then it does not exist. We are the opposites, I always have that strange sensation that I was teaching something to him, no sure, but he has learned to joke and see life a little differently. Until one day he told me to stop lecturing him, so I did that. Anyway, I was tired of it. I feels sometimes that I have two kids; him (my husband) and my son. Now, I feel that my mission with my husband is done. I can not explain this sensation, but I feel it. Now, I’m focus in my son; I just wish for him to be happy. I always believe that God gives us some homeworks to do.

  38. sunshine says:

    I understand you completely and i feel the same with my friend and have that feeling something is ending, but i try to respect that even if it`s hard for me to imagine that we wont be, someday, so tight up to each other but in the same time i am so happy that i am discovering myself finally, without any fear i`m going to lose her if i allow myself to express truly who i am.
    i think the same about homeworks that God gives us, we all have that, but after meeting my TF i felt that is time for doing something for me and the world, i am not telling that i have learned everything (far from that), i felt it`s time to give others on any way what i have learned so far, to actually DO something…i wish i could do it with him, but i don`t have the big picture, maybe (probably) is not the right time

  39. Joana says:

    One of my close friends one day mentioned to me: “you have been in the school all these years learning many things that you should start teaching what you know now” In that moment, I did not pay attention to her words, but now, I’m thinking about it all the time; I would like to be a volunteer teacher in my native country maybe in summers. I feel the same, the pain that will cause me to let go my husband(soul mate)…and I don’t want to cause any pain to him either. But I feel that our transition is inevitable. It has to be a way for both of us to make this transition painless, I pray for that. I love to watch the movie over and over again: “Last chance Harvey” with Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman. It is about an unconditional love, a very romantic movie. At the end in the reviews, one of the actriz of this movie said: “You never know when you will find love, so you’ve got to give you a chance.”
    In my case, another reason I run away from my TF is: Because I’m older than him, and this make feel very uncomfortable, I never even date a man younger than me. I don’t look my age, a lot of people think I’m younger than my real age. One of my sister had dated man younger than her and older, even her husband is younger than her, and she said that sometimes older man behave inmature so maturity does not have to do with the age. Who knows.

  40. sunshine says:

    i have to watch this movie, i am always in search for a movie or a book that will make me think.
    I agree with your sister, it really depends on what kind of experiences they have (men) and how much consciousness they have about that experiences. i know men that are 5 to 10 years older then me, but they are like kids, and a lot of cases where men are younger then a women, but they just don`t feel the difference. Also, my friend, for whom i know that is with her TF (now i`m aware, and i think she`s getting to), he is 2 years younger then her…the age in your head is more important. I can say that for myself also, i look very young, people get confused all the time, but when i talk with them, even 40 years older men (this really happened) there`s no boundaries, you just clicked. iF you are on the same frequency i would say, or same phases there`s really no limitations, well only in your mind.

    I also have that wishes to start something, i feel that will come to me, but i don`t no quite yet where to focus. i don`t want to force it, but i`m in that some kind of a fear that i will miss the sign or something, i know that i shouldn`t be, but i`m always so impatient, maybe i learn how to believe or just to let go. Probably is this. If we believe it will come to us, i know this for sure now, just to get rid of that fear finally.

  41. Joana says:

    I always believe that be scared for something unknwon is natural. This happen to me in many times before, example: when I open my store, and I was singing in the contract, my hands where shaking, even I was perspiring. Scare of course! of my fears. I will do some profits?, I will be wasting my time?, etc, and then my husband, dis-approval, Telling me “where in the world will you keep the products you are going to sale?” So I just fallow my intuition, and did it. I see many cases when the man is older and much older than his wife, or girlfriend. But I guess more and more woman are chosing younger men as partners. I only saw one case in my native country, when I was working in a company, there was a lady who was older than her husband and they were an adorable cuople, they always arrived to the company holding hands. I like to watch the movies of Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, what a chemistry they project on their movies together. If you saw the movie “You’ve got mail” Did you see how gentle she and her living boyfriend broke up their relationship? Both of them were more than ready to end such relationship. Sometimes as Gabriella writes about it, I wonder why TFs find so many obstacles before getting together. Is there a point to reconize our TF even if we are not be able to be together in this life time?

  42. Joana says:

    So many questions, I’m always looking for sources of info. about this subject of (TFs).

  43. sunshine says:

    Yees i know!!! i also have so much questions but at end i always come back to there`s no point, i just have to live it and feel it, but how to stop the mind?! on the other, hand my always non-stop working mind got me to this point, i`m always searching something, discovering,exploring my boundaries, that`s who i am. Questioning is not bad, but in this TF thing, like there`s no point.
    Oh yes, i love that movie, they both have that soft, honest energy.
    i just watched Serendipity and i coludn`t believe that i watch something that is real, that really exists, a year ago i would think that`s a nice story, probably overrated, but not now…i always believed in some way in stories like that, but i was afraid not to be too much pathetic, to believe in that kind of love just to not get disappointed.
    My favorite movie is Before sunrise and Before Sunset (second part), i saw myself in that girl, her lines in that move are like someone stole my thoughts, when i first saw it i cried like, i don`t know what, something just wanted to come out, because i always wished to find someone like that, like they find each other in a movie. Now i understand that movie, that`s not fantasy, we are living movies like that, it`s unbelievable.

    You have done one perfect example to fallow your intuition, with your job, that perfect feeling of knowings, that you doing the right thing. I think that i use it all the time, even when i buying my jeans, but that are not so important things, when i want to get feeling about something bigger suddenly i get a cocktail of emotions, fears, it`s all messy…like with my TF. When i met him i knew that this is something special, but i coludn`t define it,i prayed God to be with me, not to get scared, and i thought if it`s his will everything would be alright…then happened what happened, we split up, and all that left me were questions and that feeling i can`t explain. i thought everything was a mistake, this is a ?real destiny?,i was just fulling myself, despite the feeling i had…but it all became a journey, an incredible journey.
    And yes, why did we met them now?! i am convinced that something big is going to happen, and we are going to be very happy and this is just the time where we are preparing ourselves, just to recognize and cherish when it comes to us.

  44. Sidney says:

    Favorite TF movie/book? How about Jane Eyre? “I sometimes have a queer feeling with regard to you–especially when you are near me, as now: it is as if I had a string somewhere under my left ribs, tightly and inextricably knotted to a similar string situated in the corresponding quarter of your little frame. And if that boisterous channel, and two hundred miles or so of land come broad between us, I am afraid that cord of communion will be snapt; and then I’ve a nervous notion I should take to bleeding inwardly.”- Mr. Rochester

  45. Dragonfly says:

    I enjoy reading your experiences Sunshine and Joana. My story is a lot like Joana and I too I’am almost 17 years older than my twinflame. I too am in a relationship with my husband with is a lot like a brother/sister relationship which until I met TF seems to be satisfactory to me. Now I am just lost about what to do with my life and I don’t want to hurt my kids. Any twin flame movie now makes me cry, I cried like a baby watching Beauty and the Beast #D with my daughter…the part when the Beast says: I want to do something for her…and then he sits next to her in the library while she is reading… It just brought tears to my eyes because it is exactly what I feel when I think of TF.

  46. Joana says:

    I think we are just giving us support here to one another, and I’m so happy for that. It will be terrible not to be able to talk about these experiences with anybody. I’m stuck in my house with a terrible flu, but reading your posts make feel better. I’m realizing that I think in my TF every second?, minute? Is this normal? I don’t fight with it anymore, instead I’m living with it. I feel that he comes to me where ever I go. I also used to disbelieve the story of Rome & Juliet, I used to say to myself: they may be crazy, a love like that can not exist. But now I believe it, a love like that can exist. I don’t think they were crazy.

  47. Joana says:

    It never crossed my mind the idea to date a man even of my same age, when I was single. Even five year older than me was not enough. I though that maturity has to do with the age, so I preffered at least 10 years of difference, my husband is 10 years older than me. Now, I don’t believe that any more, one side of my husband still like a teenager. OK the story is this, one day I was behind my TF and I was thinking something like: “Why don’t you are a little older?” I know it wa crazy from me be thinking this. Then I noticed that him (my TF) stopped shaving himself, my intuition told me that he wanted to look older than his age. It wa funny, I just laugh when I remember this.

  48. Dragonfly says:

    Sorry to ear that your sick,Joana.
    My husband too acts like a teenager a lot of time. And yet my TF does look older that his age and also act more mature sometimes. But he has not been acting very mature with this whole TF situation, which makes me doubt that he will ever be ready. And my husband is also making efforts to sort of fix things with us. Which makes me even more confused, and you are right thinking about TF 24/7 does not help making the situation easier.

  49. sunshine says:

    while i was with my TF, wich was very interesting and veeery confusing to me, that sometimes he seemed like he is 5 to 10 yeras older then me, and sometimes I felt like that, it was non-stop changing, that was the first thing that i noticed, and he was too. i think that contributed to insecurity and fear in both of us, but i will never forget that one, small, but very important moment to me, when he, and i finally put down the shields, and i noticed child in him, so honest and true, it was something in his face and moves, i so myself for a moment.

    i think, and i`m quite sure now, when Joana said that she never even thought to be with a younger man, i also never thought to be with someone like my TF, he is not quite my type, but after first sentence it all fell down into the water, it`s like in some cases they are just look, do something, etc. what we have to overcome, if you can understand me…to fully acceptance, it`s just my thinking, but maybe that`s why they are our mirrors. Everything becomes so irrelevant, it`s only that fear that is co common with twin flames.

    I have a question, about body changes, do you often lose weight or get? i few days ago, i lost (again) 2,2 pounds in one day (i noticed on my pants that morning), I’ve been eating normally. i know it can have some connection with our TF, but i don`t quite understand this, what kind of connection, what causes and why this body changes?!
    Joana, get well soon 🙂

  50. Joana says:

    Sidney, WOW! In my case, I feel that the distance and separation between my TF and I intensify that connection, it did not reduce of fade away as I was expecting. This is my confusion, sometimes I wonder, if it is just me? What about him (my TF)? Is he experiencing the same like me? how it can be? Sometimes I feel when he is sad, too. I can see his eyes in my mind. I don’t know if somebody have the same experience. This never happen to me before in any of my past relationships. Sunshine, I feel I lot of changes too, my hair is growing and I have a lot. Now It looks like a lion’s mane, I don’t feel any more craving for sweets or salty food. I drink a lot of water, yes I see changes in the food I’m eating.

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