You Can Feel Your Twin Flame Right Now

Q. Is it possible to still feel your twin flame even though neither of you have never met or spoken before? And how can you be certain if you will meet your twin flame in this lifetime?

A. Yes, it is absolutely possible, and inevitable, that you will feel your twin flame if you have not met or interacted in this lifetime yet. The reason why is because your twin flame is a reflection of you, an extension of your energy and who you are. When you get more in tune with who you are, the more you are able to connect and feel your twin flame. However, if you are open, you can feel your twin flame even before you get further along the path of getting in touch with who you are, remembering your passion which leads you into your life purpose…because your energy is merely something you need to connect with, a discovery in a way. Tapping into this feeling of your twin within you is what helps you to recognize him when he is standing right in front of you.

In order to determine if you will meet with your twin flame in this lifetime, again, it takes a connecting within you…for you can tap into what your soul has intended with your twin flame in this particular lifetime. How to do this? The first step is to believe that you can have the deepest love that you can imagine, and know that you will recognize that soul when he is standing in front of you. Determine what you are passionate about and enjoying doing, what makes you tick, and then bring all of that into your life. At the perfect moment, you will know more information…how it works is that you are going along your path, being yourself ever more fully with each step, and then when the next step is upon you, you will be guided. This is why I teach how important it is to be in the moment, honoring every relationship and experience along the way, for all that you learn is so important and essential to taking the next steps along your journey. Establish and hold true to the deep faith of knowing that what has come to your awareness when it comes has come for the purpose of reminding you (giving you clues so to speak) of what you desire to experience and create in this lifetime, and because of that, the universe wants to support you in bringing it into full manifestation within your life, but there is also a process as everything needs to unfold as it does to be completely ready for the rest of the journey. We arrive at a destination and then we begin again when we get there…continuous growth, love, and creations in this experience on Earth.

Be in the moment and allow yourself the excitement that each moment holds…so much beauty in each step. Always be open to seeing this truth…

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137 comments on “You Can Feel Your Twin Flame Right Now
  1. sunshine says:

    i ask myself the same questions. I feel the same like you, when i`m physically far away from him, like i can feel him better. i don`t know why this happening, then i usually think that i`m imagining everything, but i can`t imagine that he doesn`t feel something also, how colud this be when this is so strong?!

    Wow, i wish i have a more hair, but with food i understand you, i can`t imagine anymore to enter anykind of toxins in my body…and a sense of smell…a few days ago i lay on my bad and suddenly i felt chocolate, i started to look around, but there was no chocolate, i told that to my mom, and she left in the other room and gave me chocolate, she coludn`t believe that i sense it from another room. i don`t know is this have any connection with all that changes but it`s wierd.

  2. Sidney says:

    I just feel that when Charlotte Bronte wrote Jane Eyre in the 1840’s, she created two characters that expressed TF love. I too feel a strong connection when physically far from my TF, which is expressed mainly in dreams. This past weekend, my TF and his family came over and the connection did not feel as strong as usual, but it might have been the chaotic energy around us all day and both being over-tired. Usually, I just feel his/our energy amplify very strongly when we are within about 20 feet of one another-sort of like having 20 cups of coffee hit your bloodstream. And yesterday there were lots of emotions of frustration as I am confronted with another pair of blocks (his and mine). They come in pairs (the blocks), two sides of a coin that ultimately are about not feeling that we deserve our heart’s desire. It is very disheartening and I keep wanting to run, to give up.

  3. sunshine says:

    Yes i know the feeling, that blocks you describing. sometimes i have a flurry of frustration, it just come to me, i thought that`s my women hormons or something but it`s not, is something bigger, like they are not mine, and i become angry on myself and my TF, and all that situation, but after that usually comes so much piece, when i finally give up fighting. one day i met him pon the street and after all that frustration suddenly came, i felt so rejected…sometimes i think that is better not to meet him, but also that this colud be like a test, i never know what wolud i feel when i meet him, but i always pick something from him

  4. Joana says:

    I was wondering about this too; in my case, I felt such of magnetism or electricity when we were close that it was too much to hundle. I noticed how uncorfotable he was and tried to be far away from me. I did the same. The only way I could be comfortable in that room when he was too, it was sitting in his right side but with a lot of space between us, like in parallel line. IF somebody was sitting between us it reduced the tension, I felt a little relax, and I noticed it was the same for him. We needed a shield between us. I think probably this is the case, for TFs; the magnetism or who knows between them. Sunshine, about the body changes, etc. I read in some place in the internet about the spiritual awaking symptoms, it mentioned something like body changes, even headaches, body pain related to the chakras opening, and sequence of numbers, ect. I was more interested to read about TF that skip this infomation. So maybe you can check it up. It sounds interesting.

  5. sunshine says:

    thanks, i found something about that too, but i`m so confused, it`s so much on my mind…i don`t know anymore is it my TF or my “awakining”, probably all. and yeeees, about that magnetism…yesterday we met on the street, we were going in the same way and we talked for 3 minutes, i was like a child, i felt that weaknesses in my legs and arms, i don`t even remember what we talked, like a shock…i can`t believe it, WHY?? he was so cool…after that i needed one hour to put myself together, my mind was blank, it was so much energy or what, i don`t know…and again i knew that we are going to meet…it`s always like i`m prepairing for that “ok, now we are going to meet, i`ll brush my hair” it`s almost like that. i don`t understand nothing anymore…

  6. Joana says:

    Hmmm,that is nothing new for me, I understand you…Also it took a while at home to get out of those sensations when I was close to him. I felt so foolish with myself. I also, felt rejected one day when I sit by his side and then he decided to move and sit in another place. I cried at home. But then I understood that I invaded his space. The truth was that this classroom did not have many places to sit and I even did not pay attention if he was there or not. But I saw that he used to sit close to his female friends without being so umcorfotable. Then I analized the things, I also felt that intense energy or manegtism being close to him. Really, I could not concentrated in the class with him around. I preffered to sit by somebody else and not to him. So it is easy to talk or being by the side of somebody else who was not my TF. Many times I tought: “if we are like this all the time we will never be able to brake the ice between us”. At least you and many ladies here broke the ices with you and their TFs. I’m hopeless or better say: We are hopeless.

  7. sunshine says:

    i understand you completely, i feel exactly the same way. i also feel sometimes that he reject me then i cry a lot too and think why i`m doing this to myself i have to move on, but the thing is i`m not hampered by him or obsessive ( i know that feeling), it`s just that sadness.

    i even can`t define what happened the other day, he was so cool, downearth, i don`t know how much he acted, beacuse i know he has that somekind of shield or defense mechanism and i was frustrated because i feel so normal with him but i`m not acting like that, only that one time when we actually did brake the ice, but i think the ice is back. sometimes i just want to get him out of my head, have my own clear thoughts…even i`m feel free. in other way i`m not, uh…but i feel that we spending more time together it would be better, we would be more synchronized, otherwise we are just crashing all the time. i think that he defines that energy very uncomfortable, or maybe like a negative sign, i don`t know, i hope not, but… Aaaaah God, today i just want that all resloves by itself, i want to escape somewhere…

  8. Sidney says:

    I have been through many times when I felt my TF was rejecting me, usually after feeling very close, or allowing myself to be vulnerable. We met almost three years ago, and I still can get overwhelmed when I don’t hear from him or see him when I expect. It really isn’t rejection at all. I think we just have different ways of processing the TF relationship. I need reassurance in a way he doesn’t when we aren’t physically around each other. After about 2 weeks, he is almost guaranteed an email/text/call from me checking in. And I’ll hear from him if the telepathy connection is turned off for any length of time. The best reassurance comes when I face my fears of rejection and continue to open to giving and receiving more love. Every single time I cried through fear & frustration, but was able to find courage to continue offering only love, we have become closer. Yesterday I told him “I love you” and my intuition tells me that he needed to hear it as much as I needed to say it.

  9. sunshine says:

    Yes, maybe you right, aboutt different ways of processing. sometimes, like today i have an urge to tell him all that bed thoughts, feelings, push him away, and then sudenlly i just break and want to feel him, and love him, only love lefts…i just can`t escape. And yes, i have days when i`m sure that i`m going to meet him,i have such a strong feeling, and all that numbers starts to appear and then nothing, i become so insecure. How to trust to myself then? I get confused, how to distinguish this? maybe sometimes he decides, i don`t know…how when he is not aware?

  10. Joana says:

    I don’t have the experiences both of you are having with your TFs in he tangible world, so I can not give any opinion about the processing on the relationship between TFs in the 3D plane. The only time I have the opportunity to reach my TF is in my dreams or inside my inner mind. He my (TF) have a great sense of humor and he makes me laugh with each crazy idea he send to me. But I have the longing too, I just would like to see him for a second.

  11. sunshine says:

    But that is so beautiful and sounds so pure, in a way that maybe mind can`t play with you that much, and it seems that you have such a strong connection, through your experiences i see that beauty and love beyond this 3D world. i always have questions about what we experienced together in 3D and what i`m feeling that is real, it`s very confusing…i feel that i need to separate from what was then and what is now, beacuse we didn`t stop there we continued to be with each other and it`s all different, but then mind starts to “talk”, how colud this be, when it`s over, we are not together anymore, etc. You give me hope.

  12. Joana says:

    My theory is that I was not ready to be close to my TF, in my first posts here in this site, I wrote how difficult was for me to be around him. I had extreme physical symtoms. I had chest pain, I felt weak so I had to go with my doctor. My doctor sent me to do many tests. He wanted to know if something was wrong with my heart, to make the story short; He did not find anything wrong with my heart. He told me that maybe it was stress, but I knew the causes of my chest pain and weakness specially on my legs. It was all these new and unknown experience I was living. This semester that I don’t see him (my TF) I don’t have anymore chest pain, and I don’t feel the weakness like before. Of course, the pain was inbearable when I could not see him anymore, I also lost weigh, but reading what Gabriella wrote about seing our TFs in the astral plane and the conection we have with them, help me in some way to carry the longing from him. I always wonder if he is concious of all this too. I like to read about all of you that are in direct touch with your TFs, I really learn a lot from all of you.

  13. sunshine says:

    Yes you said something about that chest pain, i only feel that weakness in my legs and hands, sometimes they shake. i don`t know, but when we met i only had that feeling of big comfort beside him it was so natural being with him, and i coludn`t imagine that we haven`t met that day, i can`t describe. all that symptoms i feel now started when i realised what happened, why everything was that strange and unbearable sometimes, but in the same time so beautiful…but i felt synchronicity while we were together, every time when we weren`t physically together. I knew that he is special somehow, i got so scared when i realised that i dreamt him months before…then my mind start to work, telling me the dream was blurry, maybe is not him, then people started to talk that he is not quite my type…all just happened, it was out of my hands

  14. sleeping beauty says:

    Whenever you feel your twinflame moves away from you DO NOT TAKE IT AS REJECTION. underlying everything is LOVE. It just means we need to do some soul searching and find out in what way we can find our inner balance.Maybe we need to release some unwanted emotions in ourselves.maybe we need to trust and believe deeply in ourselves, in our love for ourselves , our twin and all.As we move into a vibration of deep trust,faith and love we will receive the same vibes from our twinflames.This is where meditation helps.Gabriella has given a lovely video which resonates so beautifully. Love to you all.

  15. sunshine says:

    Yes, it`s true, thank you…sometimes i forget this when you feel that distance on the surface. i know that he is searching himself, he was so confused, like me, what to do with our lifes…but i feel i`m on the right path, probably he is too.

  16. Joana says:

    I sense that my TF is not ready for any serious relationship right now, for I could heard him talking about it with his friend, and then I used to see him all day at school. I think his father is helping him economically to finish his degree. I don’t see any thing wrong with that, in my case my father and older sister helped me economically while I was a full student too, I did not work until I finished my education. Anyway, I’m in a relationship, what I can say. I know it is not “rejection”, maybe in many occasions it was me that seemed I was rejecting him, when I was leaving the room as soon as could. I did it with out thinking, now I see that he could took it like I didn’t want to be while he was around. It was my insecurity, my fears, my weak legs, chaking hands, and I didn’t want anybody and less him to noticed how nervous I was. So I pretended to look “COOL” and let me tell you, I know how to prentend like an actriz. So, maybe TFs pretend a lot ok is my opinion.

  17. Joana says:

    I’m kind of shy to say this, but when I think on my TF, I feel a bliss in my body and if I close my eyes I see the spark of electric light, like when a electric cable is desconect from the electric contact, you know the spark of light. I have been looking for info. about this and I found something interesting like this: ” From:
    There are four primary forces at play in this universe: strong nuclear, weak nuclear, gravity and electromagnetic. The Twin Flame union embodies all four and is therefore absolutely and powerfully creative. The strongest magnetic field on Earth is the awakening Twin Flame heart!” maybe this can explain it.

  18. sunshine says:

    wow, this is very nice explanation, i know what you think when you said about electric sparks, i experienced that too…i`m always in some kind of state, higher state i would say.
    About rejecting, yes…but in my case i`m so trying to stay cool but i can`t, i always fall a part, words just come out of me, i really don`t think what i`m saying, it`s so frustrating. I also had times when i would see him he was coming i would without thinking get my cell phone, like i was doing something, beacuse of that weakness, leg, hand, everything else…

  19. Joana says:

    I just have a question when you see your TF comming, is he looking you straight to your face. Because, my TF if he saw me comming and had to walk close by to me he always kept his head down and with all his hair covering his face. (he wears long hair to his shoulders). He did not want to see me into my eyes or face. I was the one who always kept my head up, and there was not way to say hi or smile to him. I know what you say, I pretended doing things too. You mentioned that your TF is in a relationship, how you feel about it? I don’t know if my TF is in a serious relationship, I always saw him with his friends or alone, but I’m not sure. I think he lives in another state or city and he comes to the university only to finish his degree. I live in this city. I tried not to get depressed but the truth there are days that I can not help myself. Sometimes, I wish, I have not met him in this 3D plane, and keep him seing like before only in my dreams or astral world. Now, that I know he is here in this world I would like to be at least in touch with him in someway or be his friend, but I can not do it, and this is my problem. I just had a bad news about my subject and possible I will not pass it. I felt so frustrated, my husband does not know how to give support so I really feel alone, in these moments is when I would like to see or talk with my TF.

  20. sunshine says:

    There`s no words to explaine you how i feel the same. Sometimes i just wish that he was like any other before him. After he told me about that other girl, i wasn`t suprise beacuse i knew something is going on, but i didn`t know what and then i felt sadness, just sadness and it was almost unimaginable, it didn`t make any sense and he was so confused that day, but i was like “alright, now you have to be with her for a while, then you`ll back to me”, i was funny to myself thinking like that.
    When i first so them it wasn`t that hard, but second and third time i felt so much anger in side me, i can`t explain, probably jelous too but it wolud have passed every time and i just started to appreciate him and this situation. I can`t say that i like this girl, but i don`t even know her, so i want judge, but he so different with her although i think that he loves her, i don`t know, only he knows that.
    I know that days, i had a period of two weeks feeling awful, then i started to write here…that depression and huge longing, i wanted him to be with me, give me comfort, i had enormous urge to call him, i just wanted to talk and tell him everything without any expecations, it was unbearable i cried so much i even wrote him a letter (it helps)…now i`m peaceful but it will come again i`m sure, it can change in a day.

    This would sound strange maybe, but in that phase of frustration, it came sudenlly, but i had enormous desire to swear and scream, this happend 2 to 3 times,i coludn`t believe, there was no real reason for this, then crying and feeling of some kind of obeyance ( i wrote down all this, on some way i know then that it really happened). i wish you all the best with that subject, i know the feeling…it`s so sad when you know that only one, two, three words or just a hug from him would fulfill you and give you love, but we can`t heard it in 3D…sometimes i just want that one little word.

  21. sunshine says:

    about the question…at the beginning he would always look away and had that look from behind, he coludn`t watch me in the eyes, i was so sad about this, like he was feeling some kind of a guilt…and then he started with that cool attitude (i liked it more when he would look away,at least it was honest) and i with all that weakness and other things. i can always recognize what kind of a look or smile that was, i just know, when he is acting and when not

  22. Joana says:

    I read in someplace that when we have a vivid dream it because we are there and it is not just a dream. So I have been sick with flu almost the whole week, but the happiness I had while sick it is that my little dog who died last year came to visit me in this vivid dream. She was happy and doing all that playful jumping close to my bed. I guess it was her way to cheering me up. Then I saw her scratching herself on the wall as she used to do and disappeared, but leaving behind a picture of a dog on the wall. Yes, believe our logical mind blocks messages from other dimensions. I find myself living this life with my husband, and many times I see him giving me the weird look saying with his eyes to me: “I don’t know why are you still with me after those painful words I told you in the past” I know that, maybe I’m here just for my son. I love him but as a friend. After meetin my TF I could see clear this.

  23. sunshine says:

    Yes you right…lately i often have that vivid dreams, i know i was been there, in one dream with my brother, but i didn`t know that till i told my mom by the way about the dream, and she told me that my brother is there right now and i also knew something there`s no way that i wolud now. When you mentioned the dog, i wanted a dog my whole life but there was always something so we coludn`t realise that, but we got it few months ago, but before that i was dreaming dogs very often, i knew that dog will be special. now when we have him i stopped dreaming about him and it`s so natural to have him…it`s wierd thinking that about dog, but i don`t know, he is special in some way. Now i`m thinking, it`s so easier to believe my dreams, then that feelings i have when i`m awake, i learned in some way to recognize them, distinguish them, their value. I think, that every feeling that comes to us and give us suspicion or wondering, there is something we need to understand or recognize

  24. sunshine says:

    Is it possible that my TF realised through me that he wants to be with that girl again?! it so painful, oh my God…i was thinking like that at the beginning, before all this become bigger. Like i help him to found love, it`s so hard to think like this, i want to cry…i want love too, to look in somebodys eyes, touch him, feel him next to me…

    I don`t know what get rigth now…

  25. Joana says:

    I don’t know if my TF knows that I’m in a relationship or maybe guess or think I’m a single mom. He saw me with my son many times. I used to take may little boy at school I did not want to let him alone at home. So he(my TF) saw me on the hallway sitting there with my son. I don’t know about your TF but I’m talking about my case, I wish with all my heart to be with my TF, and I don’t want to hurt my husband. One day he made me mad and I told him: “If you throw me away, you will make me a favor” He just looked at me puzzled. The real thing is that I know, there is not romantic love between us. He does not love me and now I can see that he never loved me like I was looking to be loved. But, If I analize myself, I was not really in love with him when we got married. So I feel trap in this relationship, and I don’t find the way to get out without hurting him in any way. I think he is used to my company and the care I give to him, that is all. One day his childhood friend told me: “if you want to get out of the marriage, I will take care of him.” Me too, if my TF decides to go into a relationship, I just hope that he choses the right person, because be married just not to be alone it is not right.

  26. Joana says:

    Our dog was with us almost the same years I’m married, 15 years. He became a member of our family. We miss her a lot, the day she died she stared on us, it was funny she looked at me, then my son, then my husband, and kept doing this over and over again. I think, she was worry about us. She behaved like a boss, that was her aptitud. We knew she will die, a dog can not live more than 12, 13, or 14 years. She was healthy until the end when she got sick. So she was a healthy dog. She use to bark as soon as she heard a strange noise. Now, our parrot became like a dog, she quack as soon as some knock the door. Now, I believe that our pets that died they really don’t let us, maybe they come to visit us.

  27. sunshine says:

    Every time when i hear your story i know this is all happening for a reason. Changes became so necessary, we just can`t avoid them, i feel that in every part of my life and it`s scary sometimes. I want to be with him to, but i can`t disconnect from that thought that he is with someone else, i don`t want him to hurt that girl, or she hurts him and i fill guilty sometime to want him and trying to talk to him in my mind or feel him, like i don`t have a right…i know this is my mind talking this is not from my higher self. Yesterday i felt so scared it`s so hard sometimes to believe, when reality pops onto your head. Yes the worst thing you can do to yourself or to that other person to be with her just because you are lonely, this is a nowaday problem of humanity and when i think about this i can see how much this true, real (TF) love is needed, people have to see that love exist. My friends are so disappointed i love, i was to, very much, beacuse i always knew how love should look like, and i was always searching that, in every partner i was looking that. Now when i met my TF that`s just stopped, i don`t feel that need anymore, i look other boys but just for fun, i don`t look HIM anymore in others and that`s scare me sometimes when i have bed day like yesterday, but most of the time i feel relief beacuse of that.
    About the pets, i think the same, some people find that funny but it really have sense, animals are also part of this planet, us, God

  28. Joana says:

    Believe me, my search for a special person stop for me too. It is weird to think this way because I’m in a relationship. But if someday my husband and I broke up. I will be not ancious to go into another relationship. You never know what will happen in the future and I believe God guides us and put infront of us friends and partners. I have been all my life searchig for this special person. Now, I think that I got married for my loneliness and for the family and friends presure, it is silly but this was the way. It is not healthy to go into a relationship and even get married with such of low expectations, as in my case.

  29. sunshine says:

    It`s not silly at all, i know a lot of people who did that and live very unhappy, just beacuse “it was the time” to find someone, or they were in a really long relationships so they considered that is the right thing to do. Yes i also really believe that God guides us…when i look my family and all that wonderful friends that i have and people who always get me on tha right path, i see his work in that, a gift, so it`s almost ungrateful to think that i will not be with my love. I know that i want the real thing and nothing less, even for the cost of being alone, which would be apparent loneliness…i don`t feel it anymore like before, i don`t feel it at all, just longing…i think there`s a difference.

  30. Joana says:

    I think that is the miracle to meet our TFs. I don’t feel loneliness anymore, and yes I feel that longing but it is not loneliness.

  31. sunshine says:

    I think that too. I would love soo much to be in that stage of gratefulness all the time, it`s amazing, but i guess that “low consciouness” days have their purpose to, in some way in these days i realise what was happening in tha past time, in wich way i changed

  32. Carly says:

    Joana, we are in very similar situations i can relate to most of what you have been through. My TF is my daughter’s school teacher so I get too see him a lot at school too. But were very rarely alone. At her school they have the same teacher for 7 years. So I met him the first day of class one now she is in class three. After we had the mystical spiritual merge i was left in amazement and not understanding our connection for quite some time. So as you know being around him was very intense and so uncomfortable that it was hard for me to think and speak, so I moved away most of the time. so others wouldn’t notice us and I could talk to other people. He kept trying to connect with me and I was the one that kept running away. Me being the married one and him having a committed relationship. I would have to say that he was the more awakened TF at that time, but I’ve been doing a lot of catch up in the past 2 years. Just as I accept who I am and who he is and was ready to talk to him. He announces in front of me and the class that he is going to be a dad again. I was really hurt and angry. I left without saying goodbye. I did a lot of crying i didn’t want to feel this way anymore and I wanted to forget about him, but I couldn’t the next day I prayed so hard that he would call me, so I could say I was sorry for the way I reacted. he did call me the next day and a few times in the holidays, but always hanged up without speaking. I just know it was him. I just love him more each day regardless. I have already disconnected from my husband and I can’t help that, I realize that we were never really in love. He too has started to accept that our marriage is over. I can’t tell him everything because he wouldn’t understand. We will seperate as friends peacefully. I don’t know if i will end up with my TF or we will just be loving friends but as long as he is in my life and we can talk openly I will be happy.

  33. Teo says:

    I have never felt any kind of love with a person that is natural without them lingering on my mind. Also, I am gay, and I worry that my mate may be a woman. Is it possible I was a female in my past life, and that has affected my preferences in this life? Also, I have had an experience where I was seduced by a boy in a OBE where he sat on top of me and I was paralyzed but we looked into each others eyes and he told me he loved me and he always would and that we were meant to be, and I felt so in love and I never wanted him to let go. We just layed there, and soon he began to fade away and I kept looking for him by self inducing OBE, but I haven’t found him…..

  34. -Patience says:

    I have never been in a better place in my life. I am open, loving, centered, serene. I feel powerful but in such a true and gentle way. Then all of a sudden I’m getting shunned by a Soul Mate and now my TF. I am being honest and open. I’m offering frienship and asking for nothing. But I’m being treated like something is wrong with me or I’m some kind of stalker. The better place I get to…the more my TF is seeming to pull away…and he’s not the only one. What is THIS all about? It’s kind of funny. I started a relationship/friendship recently with an ex whom hurt me deeply in the past. I forgave him and we were building a great friendship based of forgiveness. I felt great about this! I felt beautiful, strong, happy, giving. Never felt more confident. Then all of a sudden he dumps me and tells me I’m not “enough” for him. Thank God I have grown and it only took me a few days to get over the disappointment, but what in the world is this all about?? I’m confused!(still happy and stable within though)

  35. Joana says:

    Dear Gabriella: Wow! Did you look at the time of this last post? Here there are the numbers 111. I have a simple question, what is all about the this serie number 111, 1111 or the fibonaci serie numbers and what they have to do with our TFs. I wish I could find more information about this.

  36. Isabella says:

    Dear Gabriela good afternoon. I wanted to ask you a question: I was born in the 11th month and my Twin Flame born in the year 56 (5 6 = 11). Has this something to do with Fegonacci Number

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