Love Comes to Those who Believe It

Last night was Halloween, and I went to watch a dear friend of mine perform a burlesque dance in a show which was performed at the Alexandria Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. This hotel was built in 1906, and is now made into an apartment building but there are performances occasionally and other events in the ballroom. After the show, my friend and I went upstairs into the bathroom and also did some exploring in the areas that are no longer used. I absolutely LOVE exploring antique, older places because I love immersing myself into the energies of other times…I do believe in reincarnation, but that is a topic for another time…

We went into another area where there were some doors that have been closed for who knows how long and I tried to open them to no avail. At this point, my friend asked me, “how come you aren’t afraid?” I replied, “There isn’t any reason to be afraid. It is amazing what we can experience when we rid ourselves of any fear so we can have an experience.” Truly, it is the fear that blocks us from allowing ourselves the chance to experience anything, in love, in life, or any area within. Why am I relating this to you? Because I want you to know that the only thing that is coming in between having the experiences that you desire, like being in a love that will never end that gets stronger with the years, having a job that you truly enjoy, experiencing life the way that you want: in a liberating, free state of being who you are, is FEAR. Fear is what is stopping you…why are you letting this emotion that does not benefit you to cause you to feel the way that you are trying not to feel?

If you are afraid of getting hurt in love and then you push away the person that can join with you to bring both of you to a deeper, more intimate level with yourselves individually and together, how can you say that you want to experience love? If you did, you would. How can you complain when you are creating the experience of that which you are complaining about? Stop complaining and allow yourself to experience what you say you want to experience. If you are afraid of rejection in a job that you want to do, and then you deny the experience of taking it on because they may not like you in the long run or you feel you may not be able to do it in the long run, how can you say that you want to do that particular job? If you did, you would do it, even if it is uncomfortable at first. You would actually get into the deep end of the pool, even if you had to hold onto the side at first…imagine how it would be if you were to trust that eventually, you would actually be able to fully swim…or watch the water go away completely because you aren’t even focusing on the doubt anymore. If you are afraid of new experiences but you are tired of your mundane routine of robotically taking actions throughout your days, and you stay at home because of the fear of the unknown, how can you complain about not having or living the life you want? If you want that life, you can have it. It is only your fear that is stopping you…and if you let fear control your experience of all that is within life, then it is only you that is stopping yourself from experiencing all that you want and instead, receiving all that you are complaining about. Keep complaining, keep pushing away, keep creating the emotions you no longer want to feel, and you will continue to have the same experiences with the same emotions that you say you no longer want to have.

I came across this song on the radio yesterday…and have a newfound appreciation and respect for it. How true it is that if we believe, then it will be revealed within our lives… “don’t give up on your faith…love comes to those who believe it…and that’s the way it is…you CAN win in this thing called love.” AMEN ~ that’s all I have to say…

That’s the Way It Is ~ Celine Dion

3 comments on “Love Comes to Those who Believe It
  1. Proficient blog! I’ll probably be citing some of this information in my next speech.

  2. peace says:

    All this time, I had a question that does love really come to those who believe it.
    But how to believe love?
    Does it mean to be faithful to my love??

  3. Gabriella says:

    I answered your question in detail here: There you can post another question if you’d like or any comment. Thank you!

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