Synecdoche, New York

Wait Around for Fate, and It Will be Too Late

I highly recommend watching the movie Synecdoche, New York directed by Charlie Kauffman. This is a movie that may move you to take action in your life, if you have been idly waiting for something spectacular to happen. This is a movie that may move you to love like you have never been hurt before, instead of waiting for something spectacular to happen while you do just that, wait. Your destiny is created while you are taking the actions towards what you want to experience. If you wait around for fate, you may wait around forever, making it too late to live the life that you wish, to feel the love that you desire, to be the person you know you are.

In this movie, Caden is afraid of dying. He lives each day in the fear that he is dying, expecting to see the evidence that he is dying, and it isn’t surprising that the symptoms start showing up, for his powerful thoughts of believing that he is dying produces the results of those emotions in his physical reality and experience. Since his thoughts and emotions are starting to intensify his physical experience of his body creating symptoms of death, he wants to create something that he can give to the world. He attempts to put together a play about his life…and the rest of this movie goes into the long drawn out, extensive years of trying to get this life and all the characters within it “just right.”

I will let you have the suspense of what happens…however, this movie brings out some key points. If you sit around, waiting for fate to happen, it may be too late, for you to experience anything you want to…your fate is what you create…and if you spend your life waiting instead of going out to live what you want to create, then you may never actually “live” life. Living life and creating our dreams into reality is what we have intended to do when transforming into physical form from spirit. Go out and enjoy your life…create your dreams into reality within your physical experience. Watch this movie…for it will motivate you to think positive thoughts, to open your heart to love right now, to realize that the moment is NOW for everything you want to experience. Your thoughts are powerful, every moment is powerful, YOU are powerful!

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