A little inkling of a thought seeped into my being
There you sprung, so full of essence and purity
Naturally the you that I know, cherish and remember who I am
You are an intense display of light within the masses of energy balls of delight
Ah, delightful for sure, you are
You are breathing, right now, beside me
I lay silent and still, as I concentrate on the movements of your chest,
The melody of your breath as it embraces the air
There are things that some may take for granted
Those are the things and more that I continuously thank myself for, since I agreed to be alive in this form to experience them
The smell of your skin,
The warmth of your being,
The feel of your hair between my fingers,
The taste of your lips on mine,
The rhythm and beats of your heart
The melding of energies as your touch ignites the passion of love within me so easily
You are breathing, right now, beside me
And in knowing that, I am at peace
Sleep has found me, as I awake within my dream.

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  1. great stuff on out here

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