Twin Flame Renewal

Ah, my love, aloha, it is me,
have you guessed, that the voice that you hear whispering reassurances in your ear at night, is me?
have you felt the soft, loving touch of my hand as I lightly caress your eyelids closed,
do you know that it is within these arms that you sleep every evening, relaxed and at peace,
as we are one together.
Yes, remember how you so naturally drape your arm around me when you turn on your left side,
and in this simple gesture tell me just how much you deeply care, how your heart sings the vibration of me as it creates a beautiful rythym I know so well.

Yes, my love, it is me
waiting here so patiently, as your physical form makes its way in front of me,
to smile that special smile,
to laugh that vibrant laugh I recognize so profoundly,
to hold me the way I know my soul has been since before this incarnation
and it is home, with you, that I am returning, though we have never, ever left from this place,
we have never left from this space,
we have never been away from our embrace.

My love, it is me, remember,
let us be, together,
let us shine our light, forever
we are here, now, and the ties of time cannot sever
our connection,
the ties of time cannot hinder our contract,
the tides of the hourglass cannot weather our promise.

We are strong against the voices of those that do not understand how powerful our mission is,
for it is those voices that we are healing as we be who we are, you, me, and us.
There are three, yet there is only one,
I find solace in your essence, because I am walking on the path I expressed I would,
so that I could be here when you stand before me.
I am standing, even though sometimes I falter, I get back up and I remind myself of the smile you give this world, the beauty which you walk in, and the strength that you walk your path.
How could I not walk mine with that same strength, since your strength is my own?

I love you, Gosh, I love you, and those three words cannot even begin to attempt to capture how deep my love is for you, how deep my love is of you, how deep my love is with you.
Remembering you, remembering me, remembering us, has truly made me feel the difference between loving and being in love.
When I looked into your eyes, I saw myself residing there, smiling back at me, winking playfully, an invitation to be the highest form of me that I could imagine.
I accepted in that moment, what you helped me to visualize in my memory, because the vision already was, as everything is.

I do, my love, I do, absolutely take you within me, the purest form of who I am and the
sweetest form of who you are,
as our spirits merge and seep into the other.
Our identity has been formed before we took on these bodies and these bodies are not us,
our flames burn so light, so bright, so right,
that we burn as one.


4 Comments on “Twin Flame Renewal

  1. I have recntly found my one what a joyous time it is for creation, there is some work and effort it is of the greatest and sweetest work tho. The love we are resignates and illuminates does not blind us. How does one even define such an event how? advice I could give, always creations best intrest at heart all of love none of this world in ME! Always mindful of the fact that this is a sacred moment in creation, and what thoughts you have will be manifest, you are responsible for what you create. Go with the flow, it is already divinely put together. To be a light unto a dieing world to shine so bright it exposes the darkness and the veil is lifted. What you struggle with the other half stuggles with, where you are in darkness so is your other half, in order for holy sacred union you must clear the way, I dont care or loosing hope is not the way you are responsible for your destiny, tread lightly but persistantly and with intent…..Not out of your will/ego. But out of the revelation of the creators purpose to send waves of unconditional love to recreate heaven and earth.

  2. Thank you Rhonda for your words as they echo truth and love. Finding your twin flame and the soul mates within your life that prepare you for your reunion with your twin flame offer so much opportunities for creation, and it is beautiful, isn’t it? I absolutely agree with you, to go with the flow, that everything is divinely in order and has already been planned, which will happen at the perfect time for all involved. We just need to know that all we are experiencing right now is essential for our growth along the way. Twin flames come together to grow in the area of unconditional love with each other, our selves and then to share that love with the world, to be an example of its existence and power. May you always be in the place of love! Spread the messages!

  3. So enthralling to read such testimonials..
    I am always wondrously happy knowing that so many have reunited with their Twin Flame. Perhaps, in one of my future lives, I will able to claim such a reunion..until then..much love to you all..

    Vesna ( Croatia)

  4. Vesna,

    I can guarantee that if you open up your heart as you release and cleanse any energies/emotions that you may have been holding onto from past relationships and experiences that you have had, your twin flame will come your way. As a matter of fact, he is going through many opportunities right now in his life to heal and be ready to receive you. Open your mind and heart to truly believe that you deserve this love and that it is on the way to you. You will then set in motion and emotion the energy to bring that love into your life. If you ever want to share or need support, you may contact me. Sending love your way!


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