Unconditional Love is Where Soul Mate Love Thrives

You may have heard the term unconditional love and acceptance of another soul, but what does that truly mean? It is absolutely necessary to have unconditional love and acceptance of your self as well as the person you choose to have a relationship with, if you want to remain at a soul mate level. Unconditional love means that you are not placing any conditions on another, that you accept and love them for exactly who they are. If there are disagreements that come up in your interactions with each other, you will communicate with love and respect, even if you don’t understand or agree. You will not take anything that this person says or does personally, because you know that what they are choosing to experience at any given moment is what they desire to for whatever reason. Perhaps it is a soul contract that they have with themselves or with another soul, and that it is not personal against you in any way. Many of us have grown up in a world where we were thought to believe that when someone does something, and we are in a relationship with that person, that if we don’t agree with it, it is wrong and then as a result, we take it personally. There is a misconception here, that when we choose to be in a relationship with someone, they have to see eye to eye on everything with us. No, they don’t, but the things that do need to be the same are how you react and interact with each other, such as your communication style. When you communicate with each other, listen openly, even if you don’t agree, and let your heart feel love, even if there is resistance. Allow yourself to understand the other person especially if you don’t agree. Sort through why you disagree and let judgments or opinions go if they are no longer serving who you are, but by no means jeapordize who you are and what you feel in the process.

Bit of advice for you along your journey to soul mate love: allow yourself to be in the moment every day of your life. Do not get trapped in thinking about the future that you don’t listen to your heart right now. Your heart is always speaking to you and giving you signs of where you need to be right now. What you are experiencing right now will lead you into the future you desire, and no decision that you make will ever be wrong or take you away from where you want to be. Trust in this fact, and know that your heart will always guide you. Let it guide you dear ones. Listen to the rhythm of its song. It will not steer you wrong.

2 comments on “Unconditional Love is Where Soul Mate Love Thrives
  1. hannah says:

    If I have to be jealous of someone that is not the right person for me.

  2. Gabriella says:

    Remember, that part of what we are meant to learn within relationships, is unconditional love, for ourselves as well as for those we choose to be in a relationship with, and that nothing that one ever does is personal against us. The emotion of jealousy stems from believing in lack and comparing our worth with another. We are absolutely worthy of all the love we can imagine. We are also all connected with each other. That being said, I agree that you should never compromise your values for another person, and if you feel strong in being monogomous in a relationship and another doesn’t feel that way, you have a choice to make. But remember, that those we have relationships with help us to overcome limitations in loving unconditionally as well as letting go of any fears, uncomfortable emotions, old beliefs that no longer serve us, etc. and we have chosen all these relationships for reasons.

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