We are Communicating Always, in All Ways

The silhouette of your form slowly inching its way to my body has me transfixed here in the bed, as I watch the memory of you taking physical shape before my eyes.

Your sincere, loving smile emerges and your eyes shine in the light of profound desire to express your love to me. When your hand reaches my leg, I close my eyes and breathe out the intensity of the gratitude I feel for our decision to take on physical form, to experience the depth of our love together in this way.

I remember the way you look, so angelic as the glow of the moon embraces your skin as we sit on this bench, outside, appreciating the natural beauty before us, of the mountain, the moon, the stars, the absolute purity, simplicity and calmness of nature surrounding us. As our bodies become one, I am here, with you, within my body, but I am also there, outside of me, watching our connection. I am comforted by the passion of our love and the easiness of its flow. I love you, this much is true. I desire you, in all ways, and know that our union has been part of our plan since before we came into human contact with each other. I need you, for you remind me of what home feels like, what home looks like, and how home can transform all that are within its presence. You are the water that helps the seed of my intentions to become clear, to take shape, and to continue along the process of manifestation.

I remember you in so many incarnations previously, as we loved each other over, again and again and again, so that we could spiritually evolve, as we further our capacity for unconditional love. We have had and will have countless upon countless opportunities for growth, to release that which does not help us to stay in the place of love with ourselves and those that we touch.

Thank you for showing me the beauty of myself, the truth of my divinity, and the power that can be created as a result of sharing in love. My body is consistently renewed and energized with the juices of our love as my heart is continuously creating a melody with the sweetness of our creations together.

I love you, this much I absolutely know. I crave you, in all ways, as your presence defines my own and peace settles so perfectly within my soul, as I lay here within your arms. I am found within the recesses of your eyes as you embrace me like the angels do, with a love so deep that no words need be spoken.

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