Jealousy is a Means of Deepening Unconditional Love

You don’t need anyone to feel loved, nor do you need anyone to do or say anything specific for you to feel loved…your love comes from within you, your happiness comes from within you.

If you ever feel that you need someone to act a certain way or do a certain thing to feel loved, that is your clue to see where that desire is coming from and why it is there.
The new relationship that we are entering into now is a soul mate relationship…

What do I mean by that?

There is no “owning” in this type of relationship…you do not possess each other…you are simply two whole beings choosing to come together to be together while not losing your own identity…and therefore, you both are able to be who you are but just be with each other. By BE I mean more than just physically beside each other but able to exist as you are…the desire to control the other person is fading away…when you enter into this type of relationship…

You will understand that when you are feeling the desire to try to control someone and something that they are doing or not doing is bringing up emotions for you, that is an opportunity for you to work through any wounds that may have been created in your past that you have kept inside…and letting go of the false need to tell this person what to do or say because of how you are feeling.

We have made contracts with souls that we meet along our journey of life so that we have many opportunities for spiritual growth, which we can experience through our relationships with these souls. We want to further our progress in the area of unconditional love, but unconditional love starts first with our selves, and then it can be extended outwards towards someone else.

SO, if you are feeling the emotion of jealousy with someone, then you can be sure that there is something there for you to heal, for you to work through your own feelings of unworthiness in love. You are absolutely worthy to receive love, and when you fully allow yourself to experience this truth, then you will not feel jealousy. You will not be threatened by someone you love extending love to another person. We cannot know what soul contracts have been made between those we love and others along their journey. It is not fair to judge or compare those contracts with your own because they are different and they serve a different purpose.

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