Dancing in Love

It is within your eyes that I lose myself to find myself being, naturally as the woman I am, the spirit I am, the essence of me
It is within your arms that home is experienced, home is remembered and embraced
When we are moving together as one, physically, spiritually and intuitively, I am at peace
I am in tune with my soul as the pieces of life move through my body and vibrations of what is become part of me
I am in the moment, living right now, breathing right now, feeling right now
And it is because of you that I am alive, and it is because of me that I am alive
I have allowed myself to take you fully within me
You have always been there my love
I appreciate you, respect you, and love you so deeply for loving me as I meandered through the alleyways of the future
When the truth was that I was here, right now, with you, as my soul, my heart, the beauty that is me has been realized by your side
I am at home with you, fully as I am soundlessly sleeping next to you,
We travel together in our dreams, holding hands, dancing and being ourselves completely together
Yes, I want to create a profound dream with you, a foundation of our desires and travel along the road as it winds, turns and changes shape to follow our intentions
I want to laugh with you and play with you,
Make love and breathe love between us, as our energy transforms into the breath of life
For you know, my love, that we are life as we are love, as we are together
Everything has been in divine order, all of our experiences up until this very moment, have prepared us to receive each other, right here, right now, in this moment
I love you for the love you have extended to me by giving me time to let go of the perception of time
Thank you for many opportunities of growth you have given me, offered to me, and participated in with me.
Our love, our connection is so profoundly deep that I enjoy swimming in the innocence of our divine presence.
You are a beautiful man my love, with a heart that feels so much emotion for being in love, as love is and has always been our truth.
My dearest love, I am ready for all that basking within you and us requires, in the moment, right here, right now,
To bathe you in the light of my heart,
To soothe your pains in the warmth of my arms,
To ease your worries if and when they arise, with the reassurance of my love
You are the blanket that feels so right around me, molding your being within my own
I am ready to be awake in the dream we have intended to dance in together
Yes, my love, we are dancers
I am embracing us, as we dance with each other,
Right here, right now, in the moment, with you.

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  1. Joana says:

    Gabriella, beautiful…

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