Choice is Never Personal and Evolution is Always Mutually Occurring

Q I wanted to post this question to you, as I feel it’s a worry or concern I need to release and let go of. My fear… and I feel that our paths are heading this way… that in this lifetime, my twin will not have evolved in the way necessary in order for us to be together (as I have continued to do so)…. I have started feeling the presence of another wonderful soul moving in for me, and have been getting this same feedback from others

One– I think I need understanding that any choice my twin makes is not a personal one… and that if he chooses to be in relationship with others, it does not reflect our love or our connection. That perhaps it is just an easier path? And that if I choose to be in relationship with another, I can fully embrace that relationship and not feel as the absence of my twin.

And Two– What happens when one twin evolves at a greater rate than the other? How are they to come together?

A Absolutely, I always say to people that if your twin decides to be in other relationships, it is never personal against you. If you take the idea of soul contracts in here, knowing that you have made contracts with souls for your lifetime, then no one can take away the connection and specific contract you have with a soul. They can only fulfill their own. By no means, does a relationship with another take away from yours, because it simply is not your connection. Why would your twin choose to be in another relationship instead of being with you? There are many reasons but perhaps he is not ready to be in the relationship for twin flame partnerships are very strong. They offer profound opportunities for us to see ourselves in the other, our weaknesses and our strengths. We have to be ready and able to release the ego when it comes up without relating and interacting in the old way of being or there will be a tendency to run, to be in a relationship that is familiar, but not necessarily the highest opportunity for growth and evolution. This choice is not made, it is merely a choice and through every choice we still can learn, heal, grow and love.

Know that you and your twin are never separated even though it may seem that you are. When he is in another relationship and when you are, you are both still together going through the experiences of the relationships together. Therefore, the best thing you can do is allow yourself to love, allow yourself to have more and more opportunities to heal, to grow and to elevate yourself on the ladder of unconditional love. These only benefits both of you…and it is in doing this, that you become more and more in alignment with your twin. However, there is always a choice and a choice on both ends…can you come back together in this lifetime? Yes, if it is what you feel was part of your contract before physical incarnation and if you choose it too. Since you mentioned that you feel another man is coming through, pay attention to your feelings, as they are signs from your higher self, your internal guidance system to help you to remember what you intended to experience.

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  1. Hi Gabriella, I am so happy to have found this site, and I have read many twinsoul sites already, but for some reason I seem to click with yours. I KNOW that I have found my twinsoul/flame/ray or however it is called. I am sure that he knows this too, but that he is in denial. I met him in January 2007, but NOT in person, and this is the part that puzzles me, I did not know that these things can happen on the internet. The connection is the MOST powerful I have ever felt in my entire life, and at the time of meeting him I was already 48 years old and he 54. I was already on my spiritual path, but with him everything just started happening so fast, and I started experiencing many other things as a result, like hearing voices and seeing things. Our relationship only lasted 6 weeks and he dropped me, but I already knew then that this was different and had a special purpose. No matter how sad I felt, or how hard he was on me, I felt no anger or jealousy, I just knew deep within that we are bonded in such a way that nothing else matters. I saw gold and silver threads of light flashing from my eyes, but mostly it was just the inner knowing. I even saw shadows for 3 days and then his son sent a message to say he had been in a serious car crash ( Aug 2007). for 18 months he ignored me, and suddenly I heard from him again. But then too it only lasted about 5 weeks. I asked him in a round about way if he has ever heard of people getting flashes of light…he could have said yes or no, but instead he said, I live in a dream world and he lives in a real world, and was quite upset by my question, to me it indicated that he probably has the same experience, and in anycase I already was wondering if he was really not interested or not feeling a connection, why bother letting me know about the car accident. I use facebook to connect with family and friends livibg in Canada and Australia, but hardly ever visited the site, and he had already blocked me there anyway, but in April 2008, I went to sign in, and the strangest thing happened, the page automatically opend to his profile and said if I wanted to connect with him that I must sign on, and since he blocked me, it should not have happened, so I signed on, and wanted to connect, but yes I was still blocked, now to me that was some sign, and I connected with one of the friends he had, the only name I could remember, (and we are still friends). I then decided to drop it and just leave things alone, and try just forget him. I have my own spiritual site on ning, and have many friends, but ning was talking about charging high rates and suggested we find other sites if we don’t want to pay premium rates, so a few friend opened Facebook profiles for their spiritual sites and asked me to do the same, but I put it off for a while to see the final outcome of ning. In October I had the most amazing visions, these are not visions that I observe, but I am actually part of them and all my senses come involved. The first one I found myself walking in a beautiful garden, and I saw this gorgeous tree with lovely blossoms, and on the ground saw a clump of these blossoms so I picked them up and brought them to my face to smell, and the smell was beautiful and soft and fresh, my eyes I closed and I felt a weight on the flowers, i opened my eyes and saw a beautiful little bird, I looked exactly like a dove, but not the usual doves because its colouring was caramel brown with white specks, I looked into the eyes of the bird and felt warmth, love and peace, I just knew this was good and beautiful. later the same day, again I had a vision, this time it actually happened as I was walking down my passage, and as I reached the end suddenly there he was standing, and I said his name, and he just smiled at me, and I smiled and reached out to touch him, but I couldn’t, there was a transparent film seperating us, so I reached up and took hold of the film, he was still looking me in my eyes and smiling, I pulled this film down and then I touched him, he smiled more and I actually felt his warm skin and hear his breathing, as he was smiling with absolut love and tenderness, the vision ended. It was such a beautiful day for me. Not that it was the first, because I have had many visits from him where it has been difficult to know if it was a dream, or an astral visit…he always said he will fetch me when the time is right ) Yes, we have even made love in the astral, that too I never thought could happen, but it has.The day came when I wanted to open my facebook for my site, but FB would not accept my site name saying it does not recognise it as a name, so after some frustration I decided to use the name I use when I write my poetry and blogs etc…of course he dod not know I use this name. The page is open and I start inviting my friends, and there I see he is a friend of one of my own friends…but I decided to just leave him alone, and just observed him from a distance. I noticed that he never kept friend for long, and never added anything to his wall, just an odd comment here and there, in fact he was not very active on FB at all. On my page all my details were acurate except the different name. After 3 weeks, I had the absolute shock of my life, he changed his profile pic and it was the exact same flowers, I was shaking and my head was spinning, I started crying and again to me it was obvious, a sign…still I waited a few days not sure what to do, eventually I could stand it no longer and did something stupid. I changed my date of birth on my page and invited him as a friend. I thought that since his friends never last longer than a week its okay, as long as I can just message him and find out how he is, any little contact is okay, I thought he will be my friend at most a week and he need not know it is me…that was end of Nov 2009. He accepted and immediately felt a connection and said so…we started a new relationship and I decided to end it as I was not feeling so good about deceiving him, that was not why I invited him, but he would not let go. Oddly enough within a week I noticed that he posted all MY favourite songs, and he said things that made me wonder if he knew it was me…I was sure he knew. He told me that he will never hurt me again..and I wondered why AGAIN…but ofcourse he did. He wanted to come to South Africa to meet me in April, told me he loved me, but suddenly he changed again, and I told him who I was…it was easy for him to know it was me, because I never changed my ways, it was just my name. He told me that I will always be his greatest passion, and I am his soulmate, and his dream woman, but he does not want who I am…I don’t understand. It ended again end January, but we still had some contact until March, when he said he hated me with all his heart. I then decided well its best to never contact him again, because I do not want to be the cause of him having a heart full of hate. Still deep down inside I do not believe that he hates me. We have powerful telepathy between us, and have the same likes and dislikes when it comes to food, we both love mountains and forests and lakes more than the beach. There is so much that is the same…his wife had an intrauterine death when she was pregnant in 1975, it was a girl, I had an intrauterine death in 2000, it was a girl. He is a widower, and I am divorced but in a not so good relationship. Now I would love to know…can he pick up on my energies, and is he developing spiritualy at the same rate as I am, would he have similar experiences as I do, I mean the lights flashing in the eyes. Does he think of me due to telepathy, I mean when I think of him, will he pick it up…I even have some of his memories, and by accident without him even telling me, I signed ibto his site…now how could that be possible if I was not closely connected. He lives in central Europe, and I in South Africa, the flowers are apple blossoms growing in his garden, the bird was a diamond dove that is found in Europe and New Zealand, not in SA. There is so much I want to know still, and I wonder when will we finally meet, because I have always known in my heart that we will meet, but also felt that it will not be an arranged meeting. Please if you can just give me your opinion on this…there is so much more, but far too much to go into detail here. I know he is my twin, I just want to know if our experiences are the same, telepathy still the same, and if I think of him, does he then feel it and think of me, because those lights flashes wildly at times, and its a daily thing. And of course if we are developing at a similar rate, so that we will both be ready at the right time?

    Thank you so much for reading this
    Love, light and Blessings

  2. Dear Gabriella,
    Reading all this makes me long for this relationship, however I’m pretty sure my twin flame has not incarnated…Why do we chose to be seperate? Any advice on how to spark a connection, and get to know this energy? Thank you.

  3. It is important to understand that you are never separated from your twin flame, as you are always connected to each other through the heart, through the soul. If you are not physically by each other’s side in this moment, you can still feel each other, and you are always communicating. How to connect with the energy of your twin if he/she is not in physical form on this earth plane now, I would recommend getting quiet, allow yourself to listen for the communication. Most of the time it does come through in the way of thoughts that come to you, it seems like thoughts, but it is actually the voice, the energy of your twin. The more that you are open to this communication, the more that you will hear, and the more familiar you will be with the energy. I am assuming that since you are aware that your twin is not incarnated in physical form right now, that you are receiving messages from him, so it is a matter of really knowing that you are receiving them correctly and believing that you are…don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. Stay connected to the inner guidance that is always there…;-)

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