Written on a Napkin on a Plane to LA

Within the calm presence of you I have found
that heaven here in your voice, is the sweetest sound.
We have created a masterpiece of dreams
unfolding now as we journey towards home.
Our eyes are open as we awaken to discover
layer upon layer of beauty that hovers
above our awareness, grasping onto the truth.
Our connection is eternal, existing here and now.
In releasing the external we realize the how
of our being is within, infinity defined.
No set course for our reunion is outlined
except what we create in each moment
though I know you know what we meant
when we said watch for me, a sign sent
from above, inside, as we continue forth this ride
of life as we know it, as we breathe it in,
beyond time, release distance, and here we are
residing in the flow, the glow of the light internal.

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