The Secret Yoga Method To Attract Your SoleMate

When Vishwanath Iyer, a yoga-based relationship coach, motivational speaker and author – explains the process, one starts to ponder the seemingly limitless possibilities of yoga and its benefits in the areas of relationships, love, marriage and life. He says it is highly unlikely for someone to attract their soul-mate without first knowing themselves at the “core” or at least making serious attempts in that direction. His mantra and motto is: “Fix the inside, and as night follows day , the out-side will take care of itself. ” He explains that finding your SoleMate is not about love at first sight, it is the universal science of the law of attraction. A SoleMate relationship is the ultimate relationship on earth, it is a sacred bond between two kindred souls with deep affinity. You have chosen each other because of the harmony, friendship your souls share from the past. The SoleMate is the greatest help you can have in expressing your soul potential.

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