Similar Experiences as My Twin Flame

Q I know he is my twin, I just want to know if our experiences are the same, telepathy still the same, and if I think of him, does he then feel it and think of me? And of course if we are developing at a similar rate, so that we will both be ready at the right time?

A Twin flames are connected very deeply at the core of who you both are. Therefore, when you are experiencing something, your twin is also experiencing the same. This can be very literal in that you are actually having the same physical experience at the same time or shortly thereafter one another, OR it could be that you and/or your twin are growing through the experiences of the other. For example, let’s say that you are in a relationship and your twin is not. Your twin is still experiencing the emotions, the growth, the healing that you are going through. When you think of him, and feel love for him, know that he is receiving that love and those thoughts even if you do not have direct evidence of it. The connection that twins have go beyond human understanding and logical explanations of communication. You are always communicating and sharing with your twin even if he/she is not directly in your life experience.

You are correct believing that you are both developing at a similar rate, since as I mentioned, when one of you is going through an experience, the other is receiving similar growth, emotions, etc. It is important to note that reuniting and being with your twin in a relationship, is a process of remembering and choosing. You have both planned to come together for certain reasons when you planned to come together. However, you are both given free choice through the journey, therefore, both of you have the chance to actually choose to be together on the physical plane we call Earth.

Always remember that underlying any experience you have with your twin in this lifetime, that underneath there is only the deepest love. It is only the ego that would try to have you think and feel otherwise.

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  1. WOW, awesome Gabriella. Even though I know these things just from the point of a deep inner knowing, it is always wonderful to be able to discuss it, nd of course have confirmation. At times its as if we are playing a game, and then I just know that he knows without telling what goes on with me. I also noticed that each time he came back to me, he had become more spiritual. The one thing that does have me puzzled though is many times during the day, I have strange experiences, like memory flashes, maybe of a dream, but it fades quickly, these are not like my visions or other memories that are his, but almost flashbacks of time we had together and things I am suppose to remember but just can’t. This is definately the most beatiful and most intense experiences of my life, and no matter how long it takes or what the outcome, I am grateful and excited about it. Thank you very much for this beautiful site and your help…love and blessings, Joanna

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