Awaken to The Illumination of Our Love

It is in this little speck of dust I hold on my finger that I remember your name, as you used to be called, and as you are now called, the energies meshing and merging into one, because all that exists through the center of the soul is now. I know you by all names and no names…it is from the dust that you and I were formed, from the same pieces of vibration, etched into the fiber of our essence…do you feel me when you look at your body in the mirror? Do you see me when you wrap your arms around yourself? I am there, resting my head upon your chest, listening to your heartbeat as it sings the song of all eternity, the song of our union throughout all time and no time, we are dancing there right now in this moment, and you can join me if you awaken sweet love. If you are looking through the brown eyes that you have as your shape was molded, then you may miss the knowing that we are limitless, we are moving within these bodies, but we are free to move through our hearts, our souls, traveling to grow, co-create, love and be together. It takes this awareness to know that when our full eyes are open, we can also embrace one another in the physical form as well.

From the moment my soul breathed in this body, I loved you, and I have known this, certain that one day I would gaze upon your being and recognize you. I am blessed now with the total consciousness of knowing your energy as well as the molding you inhabit to densely move about this planet Earth. My soul longs to embrace you and merge all that I have created within me throughout these 33 years with all that you have created within your 30 years. 3 is a master number, a powerful number between you and I, still revealing its depth as we continue along this journey of reunion, of union, of love manifested between us, through us and with us.

The two children that we have chosen to bring forth into being, into energy within this world eagerly await our long anticipated merging, as this mission of love we have agreed upon before physical incarnation is so much larger than our romantic love vibration. It is to aid the collective in awakening deeper into the truth of the play we are acting in right now, where we promised to remember each other, we said we would recognize the roles we agreed to take on, to notice the crumbs we left beforehand on our path to guide us easily into the next step. Sweet love, closer we are to walking hand in hand, co-creating with one another in such powerful capacities, awake your memory, let my love illuminate your path so you can clearly see how to come to me. Truly, you are home as you choose our love and release fear, let it fall away, let it float away to the ethers of the fire that we have tended to all of these lifetimes. This, here and now, is the culmination of all of our experiences, which has led us to the power of the mission and the love here for us, right now, if we both choose each other.

I have chosen before I took on the name you know and the form you have seen, and I choose again, consciously to move forward together, co-creating deeper than we already have, because it feels as though my whole being has existed merely to merge with you in all ways possible. This merging will burst into a million different colors that shoot out in love waves to the rest of humanity and other energy forms, connecting us all in bigger rainbows than our physical eyes have ever seen or the mind could even conceive. It is limitless sweet one, the creations we can bask in and share together.

How long can we run before we lose each other…I know that you know that we need each other…and I also know that you can’t live without me, that you have chosen me, you have chosen us, you have chosen our mission before time in no time…let all else go and let us be.

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