The Vibration of Our Love

The journey moves onward
I know that I don’t need anything to tell me that you love me.
Can love ever be fully explained or proven rather?
I love you – isn’t that all the reassurance my heart requires?
Is it merely the mind that wants the knowing to reveal itself in tangible form?
Yet my soul is anticipating something, a sign, a slap-me-in-the face, I-can’t-deny-it symbol of our love.

Yes, I can’t deny it.

I do crave the fairytale journey leading up to you arriving here in some extensively creative way only YOU can create…
You know this, I know
and surprises on this path,
well those are fun
I know you know I know.

I shall humbly walk each step,
moving through each moment as spirit guides me
surrendering to the insatiable, unquenchable clarity that the mind expects. After all, there are no expectations in the vibration of our love.